30 Super-cool Valentine’s Day Tech Gifts for him & her in 2023

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner and if you’re on a hunt for tech gift ideas to please your special one, you’ve landed at the right place. Gone are the days when flowers or a box of cupcakes would make a perfect Valentine’s Day gifting idea. It’s 2023, and you must go beyond roses and chocolates, and look for something that’s unique. Moreover, if you have a tech-savvy partner or dating a techie, your Valentine’s day gift should have a touch of tech. That said, it can be an uphill battle to decide what to buy this Valentine’s day for him or her. But, you need not worry as we’re here to sort your gifting decisions. 

To help you impress the techie of your life, we’ve curated a list of the best Valentine’s day tech gifts idea for him & her. Right from


premium smartphones and tech-laden laptops to soundbars and smart wearables, we’ve summed up the best thoughtful tech gifts for Valentine’s day that will surely win you a lot of love. Also, if your sweetheart is a deadly combo of tech lover and DIY person, we’ve found some hidden gems that will make them go Aww!

Without any delay, let’s get started with our list of the best Valentine’s day gifts for a tech lover. 

30 Awesome Valentines Gift Ideas for your tech-savvy partner

1. A smartphone

If your husband always complains about his years-old phone but never agrees to get rid of it, a brand-new smartphone is one of the best Valentine’s tech gifts for him in 2023. Right from the recently launched Galaxy S23 series to Google Pixel 7 to the Apple flagship, you have plenty of smartphone options to gift to your special one. Also, if you’re wife is tech-savvy and loves shooting Reels for her


Instagram or makeup tutorials or health tips for her YouTube channel, a high-end smartphone would make the best Valentine’s day tech gift for her. When we’re talking about the best smartphones available today, Galaxy S23, Google Pixel 7, and iPhone 14 series are worth your consideration. If you need a premium smartphone, you can opt for their maxed-out variants. On the flip side, if you don’t want to spend too much, the entry-level options of these series are also fantastic. 

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2. Nespresso Vertuo Next Smart Coffee Maker 

A smart coffee maker is an excellent addition to your smart home. It’s a more convenient and easier way to brew a hot cup of aromatic coffee when you’re heading back to home after a tiring day. So, if you want to give your partner a caffeine fix in the morning, evening, and any time of the day, the Nespresso Vertuo Next Smart Coffee Maker is the most thoughtful Valentine’s day tech gift for him or her. It features a compact & good-looking design that should easily blend into your kitchen’s countertop. Thanks to the simple-to-use Aerocinno3 milk frother, you can create cappuccinos, lattes, or iced coffees. Therefore, this 2023 Valentine’s day tech gift will surely impress your coffeeholic partner. 


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3. Aura Mason Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame 

A digital photo frame is one of the most useful tech gifts you can gift this Valentine’s day. It offers a great way to display your favorite vacation photo, your newborn’s first photograph, or other pictures that you take with your smartphone or camera. You just need to connect it to Wi-Fi and start uploading pictures & videos from your phone to the Aura app. Impressively, Aura uses curation tools to remove duplicate & blurry images and find the best pictures for you. Not to forget, there’s support for Google Photos library sync so you can add your favorite pictures directly to the Aura app. Moreover, there’s no storage limit or subscription fee so your partner can enjoy this Valentine’s day tech gift right out of the box. Not to forget, you can also invite your family & friends to upload photos to the Aura app. 

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4. iRobot Roomba

If your significant other often gets mad at you for not helping them in cleaning the house, this robot vacuum is gonna be the most useful and best Valentine’s day tech gift for her and him.


iRobot Roomba is one of the best smart home devices that can make your lives easier. Your germophobic SO will love this hi-tech gadget for its ability to clean carpets, tiles, and other surfaces. Also, the three-stage cleaning system and iRobot vSLAM technology will clean your home in neat rows. Moreover, you can use the Smart Mapping feature to tell the robot vacuum which areas to clean and which ones to avoid. That’s not all. You don’t have to worry about the pet hair tangles in the carpets as this electronic gadget as it picks up the hair and removes it from the brush rolls. So, if you’ve got pets at home, your wife will thank you a ton for this amazing Valentine’s gift day idea.

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5. Ninja Airfryer  

Is your partner trying to get healthy but just can’t give up on those friend wings or fries? The Ninja Airfryer is the best Valentine’s gift for the special one in your life. Also, if you’re wondering what could be the best Valentine’s day tech gift you can get for your gym-going or fitness-freak partner, this Airfryer is gonna be your best pick. Don’t take our word for it, but over 42,000 ratings and thousands of reviews do mean something. Undoubtedly, it is one of the best gifts for any food lover that lets him indulge in guilt-free snacking with little or no added oil. In addition to air frying, this


smart kitchen appliance can crisp, roast, reheat, and dehydrate food as well.

Apart from Ninja, you can also check out air fryers from Philips, Cosori, and Instant.

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6. A smartwatch 

If your special one is a fitness fanatic, a smartwatch is the safest and greatest tech gifting option on Valentine’s Day 2023. When we talk about a smartwatch, two options come to everyone’s mind- Apple Watch & Galaxy Smartwatch. Both of them are superb in their own aspects. If your special one is an Apple fan and a fitness lover, trust me, they’ll love the Apple Watch Series 8 that’s loaded with an array of fresh features and a stylish design. On the flip side, Android superfans will never say no to the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5. It features a nice design and offers you a host of features that helps you with health and wellness monitoring. Apart from these smartwatches, Pixel Watch is also an amazing Android smartwatch powered by Fitbit Activity Tracking. 

If you’re looking for affordable options, you can pick the previous models of these smartwatches. You’ll get access to all the essential features while saving a few bucks. 


Check Apple Watch Series 8

Check Apple Watch Ultra

Check Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

Check Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 Pro

Check Google Pixel Watch

7. Amazon Kindle and Kindle Scribe

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is the best Valentine’s day tech gift idea for any book lover in your life. This e-reader is so thin & lightweight that you can comfortably carry it while traveling in a metro or a bus. This tech gadget features a 6.8” 300 PPI glare-free display to give you a feeling that you’re reading from a book itself. You can store thousands of titles and also adjust the shade of the display for the best reading experience. Talking about the battery, your e-reader will last you up to weeks on a single charge. Not to forget, Amazon Kindle is waterproof so this Valentine’s day tech gift will go with you from the bath to the beach. Amazon also offers Kindle Scribe, a new E-Ink tablet that lets you read and write too. Paired with a battery-free pen, Kindle Scribe is one of the useful Valentine’s day gifts for your partner who loves reading & writing. 

All in all, if your partner spends a lot of time reading e-books from his smartphone, Amazon Kindle and Kindle Scribe are the best gadgets you can gift this Valentine’s day to your girlfriend or boyfriend. 

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8. Amazon Fire TV Stick

Fire TV Stick 4K

This Valentine’s, turn your bae’s regular TV or your good old gaming monitor into a Smart TV. It would make an amazing Valentine’s day tech gadget for her that lets you experience the features of a smart TV without actually buying one. Just plug the Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K into the HDMI port of your TV, and boom! Your regular TV has become smart. This streaming device comes with an Alexa voice remote, and lets you experience Smart TV features without actually buying one. The TV Stick 4K also


supports HDR10, HDR10+, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos on compatible displays. All in all, if your partner is an entertainment lover, this is gonna be the best Valentine’s day tech gift for her. 

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9. Bose QC 45 headphones

Is your boyfriend a melophile? Does your girlfriend loves listening to songs? We’ve handpicked a cool tech gift for Valentine’s day under $500 to impress your partner. Bose QC 45 are amongst the most premium and comfortable pair of noise-canceling headphones that you can buy in 2023. These good-looking, over-ear headphones are lashed with excellent noise-cancellation capabilities and work seamlessly with phones, tablets, laptops, and other devices. Thanks to the 24-hour battery life, this tech gift for Valentine’s day is a great pick for a long solo journey. 

If your loved one prefers wireless earbuds instead of headphones, the Bose QC Earbuds would be the best Valentine’s day gift for your music-lover partner. 


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10. PS5 or Xbox Series X

If you’re dating a gamer, a gaming console is the best Valentine’s day tech gift for him in 2023. Does your partner always talk about how he enjoys PS5 gaming sessions with his boys’ gang at a friend’s house and wishes he also owned that high-end gaming console? All thanks to scalpers and chip shortage. But this Valentine’s, you have all the reasons to spoil him with his own PlayStation 5. This gaming console fully supports 3D audio and 4K graphics at a 120Hz refresh rate for the best-in-class gaming experience. 

Competing the PlayStation 5 is the Xbox Series X, the most powerful & fastest Xbox ever that supports 4K@120Hz with HDR gameplay. It’s quite challenging to find these consoles but if you manage to get one, it would be the most premium Valentine’s day tech gift to surprise him in 2023. 

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11. Apple HomePod 2nd Gen 

A smart speaker makes a superb Valentine’s day gift for your high-tech partner who’s super crazy for music. Apple HomePod 2nd Gen is amongst the latest and most feature-packed smart speakers that you can buy in 2023. It sports a beautiful, transparent mesh design finished with a backlit touch surface that illuminates from edge to edge. Right from the bedside table to your living room’s center table, this smart speaker can easily blend into any space. Apple HomePod is packed with a 4-inch high-excursion woofer and 5 beamforming tweeters to deliver power-packed acoustics. Also, the new HomePod automatically adjusts the sound depending on whether it is placed on a table, up against a wall, or somewhere in the middle of the space.


That’s not all. The speaker is embedded with humidity and temperature sensors which work as triggers for smart home automation. For example, you can create automation to turn on the fan when the room temperature exceeds a certain point. 

Moreover, Siri can recognize up to six different voices and offer personalized responses. Lastly, you can also use HomePod as a Matter smart home controller to control Matter-compatible devices in your smart home. 

In short, Apple HomePod 2nd Gen is one of the best tech gifts for her on Valentine’s day 2023. 

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12. Ring Video Doorbell 

Recently bought a home or you spend most of your time traveling for work and your wife lives alone at home? The Ring Video Doorbell is the most useful piece of tech that you can buy this Valentine’s day for her. It will show your love and concern, and will surely make her super happy. It’s a 1080p HD video doorbell that sends mobile notifications when the built-in motion sensors are triggered or someone presses your doorbell. It means your wife can keep an eye on the front door without having to rush to it all the time. That’s not all. This smart home device also offers Two-way Talk and Quick reply features to answer the door when you’re busy. Moreover, your partner will surely appreciate this video doorbell for ease of installation. If you’re already using Amazon Smart products in your home, you can interact with the doorbell via Alexa and stream its footage onto an Echo Show.

All in all, a video doorbell is the best tech Valentine’s day gift for your wife that will make her feel loved & secured. 


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13. MacBook 


If your wife is always talking about her plans to ditch your years-old MacBook or any other laptop, a MacBook would make the best gift for your tech-savvy valentine. You can either pick a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro depending on usage and your budget. You can choose from the M1 MacBook Air or M1 MacBook Pro which is a lot more powerful & faster than the previous Intel-based MacBooks & some of the best-selling Windows laptops. You can also buy a more advanced M2 MacBook Air or M2 Macbook Pro that performs even better. If there are no budget constraints are you’re looking for the most expensive gift for your high-tech Valentine, an M2 Pro or M2 Max MacBook Pro is a no-brainer. 

Check M1 MacBook Air on Amazon

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14. Gigabyte M28U Gaming Monitor 

If your partner is a gaming enthusiast, a good gaming monitor would surely be on his want list! A good monitor lets you unleash the true power of your gaming console. If you’re looking for a future-proof gaming monitor for your techie guy, the


Gigabyte M28U is worth your investment. It packs HDMI 2.1 support to handle 4K resolution at 120Hz and also offers additional features like ALLM, HDR support, essential I/O ports, AMD FreeSync Premium Pro, audio connectivity options, and more. Therefore, if you’re looking for a worthy Valentine’s day tech gift for the gamer in your life, this one is an excellent option. 

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15. Soundbar 

If your partner loves binge-watching the latest Netflix series or state-of-the-art movies but doesn’t get a vibe with the built-in TV speakers, a soundbar is the best tech Valentine’s day gift for him in 2023. A soundbar will add more bells & whistles to your movie-watching or gaming experience. You can find hundreds of soundbars today. Right from affordable to high-end options, the market is flooded with a variety of choices. If you’re looking for a


feature-rich soundbar for your bedroom, we recommend checking out the Sonos Beam 2. It features a sleek design that looks good with any modern TV and you can easily expand the soundbar to create a surround sound system for multi-room listening.  The 3D sound effects, vibrant bass, and panoramic soundstage will add perfect vibes during your cozy movie date night at home or when your partner is enjoying PS5 gaming sessions with his boy’s club.

In short, a soundbar is one of the best Valentine’s day tech gifts for a movie buff or entertainment lover. 

Honorable mentions for the best soundbars in 2023:

16. iPad 10th gen 

Got an Apple superfan in your life? Looking for the best Valentine’s day gift to impress a techie in your life? An iPad would make an excellent option. The 10th gen iPad is the latest offering in the entry-level iPad lineup. This Valentine’s day tech gadget for her is just perfect for reading, work-related tasks, and light gaming. The iPad 10 is packed with a larger 10.9-inch Liquid Retina display with flatter edges, the A12 Bionic chip, all-day battery life, and


iPadOS 16 features. Also, it comes with an updated 12MP ultrawide front camera and USB-C port for faster charging,

All in all, an iPad is one of the best tech gifts for your Valentine. 

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17. Mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station 

Got someone in your life who can’t get through the day without his tech essentials? The Mophie 4-in-1 Wireless Charging Station is a useful tech gadget that you can gift him this Valentine’s day. This charging pad can charge four devices wirelessly and an additional device via the USB-A port at the back. Therefore, your special one can power up his smartphones, wireless earbuds, smartwatches, and even tablets. Impressively, the charging station works well with iOS and Android devices so he can charge his iPhone 14 Pro and Galaxy S22 in one go. If your loved one travels a lot for work, this Valentine’s day tech gadget is gonna be his favorite travel partner. 

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18. Novation LaunchPad Mini 

Got someone in your life who loves creating original beats or groovy mashups? The Novation LaunchPad Mini is the best tech gadget you can give to a music maker this Valentine’s day. It features 64 fully customizable pads for sampling sound clips, instruments, or beats to create the next sensational TikTok audio or a viral Instagram Reel sound. Thanks to the compact design, your loved one can carry this electronic gadget while he’s collaborating with other artists or content creators. If your partner is taking his first step toward the music-making journey, there’s a library of step-by-step tutorials that will help him experiment with sounds and move forwards with ease. 


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19. Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera

For working couples or partners who love traveling, an outdoor security camera is a must-have smart home device that gives you peace of mind while you’re at your office or enjoying the holidays. We’ve handpicked the Blink Outdoor Wireless Camera that requires no wiring or professional installation and runs up for two years on two AA batteries. You can always ask Alexa to show you the front, and see and talk to visitors. Also, this outdoor camera is rated to withstand rain and shine as well. You can also get motion alerts on your smartphone by using the Blink Home Monitor app. So, if you’re looking for a useful Valentine’s day gift that can give you & your spouse complete peace of mind, this outdoor wireless camera should be on your radar. 

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20. Misby Mug Warmer

Mixby Coffee Warmer

If you live somewhere in cold & your partner loves a hot cup of tea or coffee while working or getting ready in the morning but doesn’t have time to drink it before it gets cold, we’ve got a perfect Valentine’s day tech gift for him. Misby Mug Warmer is a compact hotplate that keeps your cocoa, tea, or coffee at an optimal temperature. It not only slows down the cooling speed of your coffee but can also heat up the coffee at up to 120℉-140℉. The warmer keeps your coffee at this temperature the whole day so you can sip it leisurely, anytime.


Thanks to the automatic shut-off feature, you never have to worry about overheating or causing damage to your table/desk. The hotplate has a 3.5″ diameter heating area that can fit most cups, including that XL mug on days when you want to get high on caffeine. Also, this mug warmer is spill-proof so you can easily clean it. 

Check Price on Amazon

21. Lovebox Note Messenger 

How about surprising your loved one with cute messages, reminders, or a photograph that you took a long time back? If you’re looking for a romantic Valentine’s day gift for a tech lover in your life, nothing can be as cute as the Lovebox Note Messenger. Consider it as a box that can be filled with messages, photos, emojis, and stickers that appear inside the box. When a message arrives, the heart outside the box starts to turn. In short, it’s a super-cute and nostalgic Valentine’s day tech gift for your loved ones in 2023. If your girl calls you unromantic, trust me, this tech gift will change her opinion. So, what more you could ask for this Valentine’s?


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22. Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler 

Dyson AirWrap Complete Styler

For someone like me who loves styling her tresses for any big & small event, the Dyson Airwrap Styler is the best thing you can own. Honestly speaking, it would be on the bucket list of every girl. So, if you really want to spoil your better half and see her dancing in joy, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler is the best Valentine’s day tech gift for her that you can buy in 2023. It’s a much-popular and loved hair styling that will help your girl look like a diva for the most important events of her life. Right from bouncy blow drys to soft curls to beachy waves, this hair styler can help you pull off any look without damaging your tresses with extreme heat or leaving them frizzy. Putting it simply, if you’re planning to give your beauty-influencer wife, the tech gift of her dreams, the Dyson Airwrap Complete Styler is the best thing you can buy this Valentine’s day. 

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23.  Shure MV88+ Video Kit

Nothing can be as romantic as supporting your partner to fulfill his dreams. Even better, be an active participant in his journey. If your partner is an aspiring content creator, the Shure MV88+ Video Kit is the best tech gadget that you can gift your special one this Valentine’s Day. It’s a mobile microphone that can be plugged into iOS, Android, or desktop devices so you get professional-quality audio for your YouTube channel, TikTok, or personal vlogs. You can use the Shure MOTIV app to create custom equalizer settings so your audience can clearly hear you and not those disturbing background noises. This video ring kit also includes a windscreen, miniature tripod, and phone clamp so you can shoot crisp & professional videos in minutes.


Check Price on Amazon

24. Fujifilm Instax Mini 

If your girl is always after capturing little moments but gets upset when she can’t put them on a bedside table or walls, welcome her back into the world of physical photographs with Fujifilm Instax Mini. It is one of the best instant cameras that lets you freeze your everyday moments in a film format, which can be cherished for a long time. This retro-inspired camera that an LCD display and a MicroSD slot which makes it more advanced than regular instant cameras. You can choose which photos to print so you don’t waste the previous film. In short, this super-cool Valentine’s day tech gift will let her capture portraits of kids, pets, friends, and other beauties of life.

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25. Lego Flower Bouquet

Ditch those real flowers, and give your sweetie the Lego Flower Bouquet that she will cherish forever. Like your love, this sustainable flower bouquet will never die. The bunch has 15 stems with a mix of flower & leaf varieties like roses, poppies, grasses, & more. With a total of 756 pieces, your special one can customize and enjoy realistic petal shapes & colors in plant-based plastic. You can build this flower bouquet together and spend a really nice time with each other. Also, it’s supremely useful for people who’re allergic to flowers & pollens but love decorating their homes with colorful flowers.


All in all, a flower bouquet is the best thoughtful Valentine’s day gifting idea for the flower enthusiast in your life. 

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26. Heart Shape Right Light

Heart Shaped Ring Light

If your spouse loves making TikToks or Instagram Reels, a ring light would make a supremely useful tech gift for her this Valentine’s day. This love season, ditch those circular right lights and send your loved one a heart-shaped ring light that reminds them of you, even when she’s working or making video calls. With over 11 color & effect modes and 3 light modes, you can create the perfect lighting conditions for those studio-like effects. That’s not all. The heart-shaped ring light will also create an interesting reflection in photo frames or glasses.

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27. Eero Pro Wi-Fi 6 System 

Are you looking for the most useful and thoughtful Valentine’s day tech gifts for your man or woman who’s working from home? The Eero Pro Wi-Fi 6 System is a perfect gift for anyone who’s annoyed with


bad Wi-Fi networks and can’t take important team discussion calls or can’t play his favorite games. The Wi-Fi 6 router supports up to 1Gbps speeds, handles up to 75 devices, covers up to 6,000 sq ft of area, and has Ethernet ports at each access point. Therefore, your partner will never have to worry about buffering and dead spot problems while he’s working from home. That’s not all. You can always expand the network coverage by adding multiple routers across the house. 

In short, if you’re eyeing the best Valentine’s day tech gift for your workaholic partner who needs nothing, the Eero Pro Wi-Fi 6 System is sure to win you many compliments. 

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28. Renpho Heated Eye Massager 

The Renpho Massager might look like a VR set. Well, it is not the case. Instead, Renpho Eye Massager is a strain-reducing machine that doubles up as a Bluetooth music player. If your partner works till late at night, this is the most thoughtful tech gadget you can buy for your valentine. This eye massager does kneading & trigger point massage while the built-in heating pads apply the right amount of warmth and pressure. It will relieve puffiness, dry eyes, and dark circles. Therefore, if your special one spends most of his/her day glued to a working monitor, the gift of relaxation is the best thing you can give him this Valentine’s day.


Check Price on Amazon

29. Amazon Echo Show 10 

Make your partner’s life easier with this little tech gadget that brings a lot of conveniences. Amazon Echo Show 10 is one of the best Valentine’s day gifts for a techie guy who likes to control his smart home most conveniently. Right from outdoor cameras to video doorbells, Echo Show 10 offers a centralized way of controlling multiple Alexa devices that you’ve got at your home. If your spouse is a homemaker or a DIY person, this tech gadget is gonna be his best friend.  Impressively, Echo Show has been one of the hot-selling smart kitchen gadgets for the past few years. Not to forget, whether you want to set an alarm, check the news, make a video call, or try out your fried chicken recipe, Alexa will always be at your service.

Check Price on Amazon

30. Nanoleaf Lines

What’s a better Valentine’s day tech gift for your sweetie than good-looking colorful smart lights? Nanoleaf makes the most striking smart lights that can amp up a boring room into a super-stylish space. These simple light panels can be attached to a wall or ceiling in the most pleasing way that instantly brightens up the space and lifts up your mood. With a drill-free setup, you can mount these lights to any flat surface and in any shape using the mounting tape (included). The Nanoleaf Lines gives you the best lighting when you’re in the mood for Netflix & Chill or a romantic dinner date with your loved one. It makes Nanoleaf a bright gifting idea for 2023 Valentine’s day. 


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That was all from our side on the best Valentine’s Day tech gifts for him & her in 2023. We hope you enjoyed this roundup and it has helped you pick the best Valentine’s gift for your tech-savvy partner. 

What have you planned for your high-tech Valentine? We’ll love to hear from you in the comments below.

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