Top 7 Smart Coffee Machines to buy in 2022 (Wi-Fi, Alexa & More)

If you’re a coffee lover like me, you just can’t start your mornings without a steaming cup of Java. However, sometimes I just don’t want to go to the kitchen, turn on the coffee maker, and brew a cup of coffee for myself. Moreover, sometimes I crave perfectly frothed coffee ready in my kitchen while I’m on my way home after a hectic day. This is where a smart coffee machine comes into play. Gone are the days when you had to go to the kitchen, turn on the machine, and wait there until the coffee machine is done brewing. It’s 2022, and the tables have completely turned around. Now, the coffee awaits you! How convenient is that?

You can control your smart coffee maker right from your smartphone while you’re still in bed so your morning coffee is ready before you enter the kitchen. Perfect for those busy mornings or when you’re already running behind. 

While the regular coffee machines are still popular, a smart coffee maker gives you a lot of conveniences and lets you control everything remotely. Therefore, if you want to make your morning routine simpler and always have your coffee ready when you need it, a smart coffee machine is a must-have.

In this article, we’ve summed up the best smart coffee machines you can buy in 2022. Right from the best single-serve smart coffee makers to the best smart espresso machine with a grinder, we’ve covered everything in this article. Also, we’ve mentioned some important factors that you must consider before buying a smart coffee machine for your home. It will help you make better decisions.

Don’t forget to check out our FAQs section. It will answer all your questions to help you know everything about smart coffee makers. So. let’s get going.

What makes a coffee maker smart? 

This question might come into the minds of many users- what makes a coffee machine smart?

Many people might think that a coffee machine with touch controls and a dedicated one-push start button is a smart coffee maker. However, that’s not the case. 

A smart coffee maker is a coffee machine that can connect to your phone via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Once the machine is connected, you can control it via a companion app that is available for iOS as well as Android devices. It means you can turn ON the coffee machine, select grind size, adjust settings, and start brewing right from the companion app on your smartphone. You can also customize brew settings to control how strong your coffee should be. Also, many smart coffee machines in 2022 support popular voice assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant so you can use a compatible smart speaker to start the brew. It gives you a convenient, hands-free coffee-brewing experience.  

That’s not all. A smart coffee machine also lets you set brew schedules. For instance, you can add grinds before you go to bed and schedule the automatic coffee machine to brew a hot cup of super-strong Java when you wake up. Moreover, you can also control a smart coffee maker remotely. It means you can schedule the machine to brew a hot pot of coffee when you’re heading back home with your family after a tiring day. 

While a regular coffee maker might also come with several similar features, it won’t connect to the internet or let you control it from your smartphone via an app.

How to pick the best smart coffee maker?

1. Ease of installation and use

First things first. A smart coffee maker should make your life easier and not complicate it. Therefore, the machine should be easy to install, use, and maintain. Moreover, when you’re new to handling coffee makers, it makes more sense to go for simple, budget-friendly, no-fuss machines that are easy to set up and have integrations with smart systems like Alexa, Google Assistant, or HomeKit. So, you can issue voice commands and also connect your smart coffee machine with other smart appliances. It will make your smart home even smarter. We really like the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker that’s easy to set up, offers customizable brewing options, works with Alexa, and comes with an affordable price tag. 

Moving on, if you’ve been around automatic coffee machines for quite a time now, you can go for high-end coffee makers that are quite complex and require a careful operation. 

2. Capacity

When you’re looking for the best automatic coffee maker for your home, capacity is among the top most factors that you need to consider. If you live alone and prefer one cup of coffee at a time, a single-serve coffee maker is your go-to option. You can also go for smart coffee makers with larger capacities that can brew up to 5-6 cups at a time. Additionally, if you live with your family or share an apartment with your friends and are looking for a common coffee maker that can handle such requirements, it makes sense to go for smart coffee machines with a 12 or 14-cup capacity. Therefore, based on the number of users, you can choose the ideal capacity.

However, you should make sure that the machine doesn’t have a minimum brewing requirement of 10 cups or more. You should have the freedom to select a quantity. Otherwise, the machine will make extra cups when you need only 4 or 5.

3. Features offered 

Smart coffee makers come with an array of features that brings a lot of conveniences and makes the machine even smarter. Now, it’s up to you how smart you want your coffee machine to be. Therefore, when you’re planning to buy a smart coffee maker for your home or office, you must have a look at the features you’re interested in. For example, you might want to go for a smart coffee machine that brews through commands so you can always ask Alexa (or any other supported voice assistant) to turn ON the maker and prepare a perfect cup of coffee while you’re working on your MacBook. 

On the flip side, you can also go for an automatic coffee maker which starts brewing when a motion sensor senses that you’ve got out of your bed. Moving on, you can also invest in a versatile coffee machine that can make hot as well as cold brews. You can also go for pod-based smart coffee machines that automatically scan the barcode on each pod to give you a strong cup of Java. Lastly, if you believe in saving energy, go for a smart coffee maker that shuts off automatically when it’s not in use. 

4. Additional accessories 

If you’re a die-heart coffee lover, you would definitely appreciate smart coffee makers that let you use additional accessories so you can enjoy cafe-style beverages right at your home. For example, some smart coffee machines have an integrated foam dispenser for cappuccinos. Also, some machines that make lattes might have an included milk frother. Lastly, if you prefer your taste & aroma of coffee with freshly ground beans, you must look for a smart coffee maker with a grinder.

5. Don’t forget the basics

While it’s extremely important to look out for smart features, you should never forget to run through the basics. After all, a coffee machine is gonna be on display in your kitchen so it should look good and complement your kitchen countertop. Appliances with a brushed steel finish and a matte-black design look classy and go well with most kitchen decors. Next, you must also check the overall size, cup capacity, and customization options offered by a smart coffee maker. If you’re looking for a smart coffee maker for a family, go for the one that serves a full pot. On the flip side, if you live alone, a single-serve coffee maker will do the trick. Also, make sure you’ve got ample space in your kitchen to accommodate the coffee maker. 

6. Price

Smart coffee makers start around $100 and can go as high as $5000 or even more. The price of the machine depends upon the size, capacity, and features offered. Therefore, you must first figure out how smart you want your coffee maker to be and then look for the options that suit your requirements and fits the bill. You need not worry as there’s a smart coffee machine for every need and budget. 

List of the Best Smart Coffee Makers in 2022

1. Hamilton Beach Programmable Smart Coffee Maker

Best Alexa-compatible Smart Coffee Machine

Cup Capacity: 12-cups

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Voice controls: Alexa

Programmable: Yes

Hamilton Beach Smart Coffee maker


If you’ve already got multiple Alexa-compatible devices in your smart home, the Hamilton Beach Coffee Maker is gonna be an excellent add-on for your kitchen. While it’s quite hard to find a smart coffee machine that works well with a voice assistant, this one is a Certified for Humans device which means it’s reliable and easy to use. It’s a superb smart home device that’s packed with a plethora of advanced features. You can connect with your smartphone via an app and set brewing schedules. Moreover, it delivers seamless voice control via an Alexa app or a compatible smart speaker. It offers a nice, hands-free coffee-making experience. So, when you’re busy with other work, you can always ask Alexa to turn ON the machine and start brewing. 

This Alexa 12-cup smart coffee maker is just perfect for most uses, including those unplanned tea parties with your ladies. You can control this automatic coffee maker remotely via the companion app on your smartphone so you always have the coffee ready when you’re on your way home. One of the most loved and handiest features of this Alexa-compatible smart coffee maker is the Wake-up ready coffee. It means your brewed cup of Java stays warm for up to two hours, and the power is turned OFF automatically.

You can also control how strong you want your coffee to be by choosing from regular and strong brewing options for that perfect morning kick. Therefore, you always have that fresh & hot cup of caffeine, when you need it. Moving on, this Alexa smart coffee maker is easy to clean and maintain. Just remove the filter and rinse it under the tap water. 

To sum up, if you need an app-controlled smart coffee maker that also works with Alexa, this one is a great option. 

Reasons to buy

  • Built-in support for Alexa
  • Compact and minimal design 
  • Auto shut-off feature
  • You can program wake-up-ready coffee
  • Once it’s set up, it’s very easy to use and manage
  • The built-in clock perfectly syncs with the mobile app so you can create schedules & routines.

Reasons to avoid

  • Beginners may find the initial setup a little complicated. 

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2. Atomi Smart Wi-Fi Coffee Maker

Best Google Home Smart Coffee Maker

Cup Capacity: 12-cups

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Voice controls: Alexa and Google Assistant 

Programmable: Yes

Atomi Smart WiFi Coffee Maker

If you’re looking for a Google Home-compatible smart coffee machine, the Atomi Wi-Fi model is worth checking out. It has an extra large glass carafe which makes it a perfect smart home coffee maker for families. This smart coffee maker features a classic, evergreen design with a stainless steel finish that easily blends in with most kitchen designs & color schemes. With built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, the coffee machine seamlessly blends in with your smart home systems and you can use the Atomi app to operate the machine remotely from your smartphone. Additionally, you can control this smart coffee machine with voice commands. It works with Google Assistant and Alexa so you can use voice commands to turn the coffee maker ON/OFF right from the comfort of your bed or living room. Moreover, you can also check & adjust brew strengths to Regular or Strong.

Moving on, the Atomi smart coffee maker lets you create daily and weekly schedules so you have your daily coffee shot ready right when you need it the most. Even better, the appliance sends push notifications on your phone and it also has audible alarms to alert you when your coffee is ready. You can also customize the amount of coffee you need, ranging from 2 to 12 cups at maximum. Therefore, whether you want to make coffee for your mom or a group of friends, you can prepare the exact amount that’s needed. Not to forget, there’s a pause & serve feature that lets you temporarily halt brewing during serving. 

Reasons to buy 

  • Evergreen design that stays in style
  • Large glass jar
  • Push notifications
  • You can create daily or weekly schedules 
  • Works with Alexa and Google Assistant 

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited coffee-warming abilities

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3. Cafe Speciality Wi-Fi enabled Coffee Maker

Cup Capacity: 10-cups

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Voice controls: Alexa and Google Home

Programmable: Yes

Best Drip Coffee Maker for smart homes

Café Specialty Smart Coffee Machine

The first thing you would definitely admire about this automatic coffee maker is its sleek and attractive matte-black design that’s sure to grab everyone’s attention. While you can choose any smart coffee maker for home use, some people fancy buying a more professional machine that can make barista-style beverages. If you also want to make your kitchen more stylish and smarter, this Wi-Fi-enabled drip coffee maker has your name on it. The Cafe Speciality smart coffee machine is Gold certified by SCA so you can expect super-delicious, award-winning coffee right from your kitchen counter. With Wi-Fi technology, you can control this smart home coffee maker via the SmartHQ app, Alexa, or Google Assistant. You can use the app to set up a daily schedule for your morning coffee. It’s particularly useful for people who wake up at different times during the week. 

This 10-cup smart coffee maker lets you brew a whole pot or one cup at a time. While most coffee machines offer two brewing modes (regular and strong), this one comes with Gold, Light, Medium, and Bold options. Also, the machine makes coffee at temperatures ranging from 185° to 205°F and the carafe is designed to keep your coffee warm for hours. So, you always get that perfectly balanced cup of hot coffee to relax your mind and taste buds. Also, you can store your favorite settings like the number of cups, temperature, and brew strength. You can then use the app to direct the coffee machine to pour a cup for you without selecting the same settings all over again. 

All in all, if great-tasting coffee is your priority, this drip coffee maker is gonna be your best pick.

Reasons to buy 

  • Stylish and attractive design
  • SCA certified
  • It offers four unique brewing modes
  • A programmable 24-hour timer
  • You can control the strength and temperature of your brew from anywhere.

Reasons to avoid

  • The water reservoir isn’t removable 
  • Premium price tag

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4. Smarter iCoffee Remote Brew

Best IFTTT Smart Coffee Maker with Grinder

Cup Capacity: 12-cups

Connectivity: Blink-up technology

Voice controls: Alexa and Google Home

Programmable: Yes

Smarter iCoffee Remote Brew

I absolutely love fresh ground coffee. It’s hard to beat that freshness and aroma. Hi-five if you also feel the same! To satisfy those cravings for freshly ground and brewed coffee, we’ve handpicked the iCoffee smart coffee maker with a grinder. We like the overall design, especially those interchangeable panels that give you the freedom to match the coffee maker to your kitchen decor. Impressively, Smarter iCoffee is one of those rare smart coffee machines for home use that comes with an adjustable built-in grinder. It grinds the coffee really well and there’s a seal on the top that keeps the coffee fresh. 

This smart home coffee machine works with your smartphone and responds to Alexa and Google Assistant voice commands. So, you can turn on the coffee maker and prepare a cup while you’re in the bed. Don’t worry if you need that extra-comforting last 10-minute sleep, the hotplate keeps the beverage warm for up to 40 minutes. Additionally, the IFTTT (If This Then That) service lets you create Applets to link the coffee maker to other smart devices and create a more interconnected & expansive smart home. For example, you can create a button widget on your smartphone to turn ON the coffee machine.  

That’s not all. Smarter iCoffee is one of the best smart coffee machines in 2022 that can also be programmed to start using geofencing technology. You can use the Home mode to program the machine to automatically start when you get close to home. It’s done by using the location technology in the app.

Reasons to buy 

  • Built-in grinder
  • You can use your own coffee grounds
  • The IFTTT lets you link to other smart home devices
  • Works with Google Home and Alexa devices
  • It comes with three interchangeable faceplates you can switch between white, silver, and black
  • Simple and secure setup with Blink up technology.

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive 
  • The water tank is somewhat smaller and hard to fill

Check Price on Amazon 

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5. Keurig K-Cafe Smart Coffee Machine

Best Single-serve Smart Coffee Maker

Cup Capacity: 1-cup

Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Voice controls: No

Programmable: Yes

Keurig K-Cafe Smart Coffee Machine

If you love making lattes, cappuccinos, and iced coffees, this is gonna be the best smart coffee maker that you can buy in 2022. The Keurig K-Cafe Smart Coffee Machine comes with a relatively expensive price tag but it can turn your kitchen into a full-on coffeehouse. This single-serve smart coffee maker uses a K-cup pod to brew full-flavored barista-style coffees right from your kitchen counter. Impressively, the machine recognizes individual K-cup pod and recommend signature brew settings created by the coffee experts to prepare a perfect cup every time. Also, with the multiple froth settings, you can use fresh milk or any dairy alternative like oats or almonds to prepare healthy, coffee-bar drinks at home. 

You can connect the coffee machine to the Wi-Fi and then control it via the Keurig app on your smartphone. The app also lets you unlock the Barista mode that offers step-by-step instructions to prepare lattes, cafe mocha, and other coffeehouse beverages. Additionally, this single-serve smart coffee maker offers some really nice customization options. There are five brewing strengths so you can choose from the mildest and the most intense coffee. Moreover, with six temperature settings, you can have that perfectly hot Java ready for you. 

If you’re a casual drinker or someone who wants a no-fuss smart espresso maker, you may find this option a little overwhelming. That said if you’re a coffee lover like me who loves lattes and iced coffees, this smart coffee maker can help you make your beverages as fancy as you want them to be. 

Reasons to buy 

  • Great for making hot as well as iced coffees
  • It recognizes your specific K-cup pod and customizes settings accordingly
  • Built-in frother
  • Offers six different temperature settings
  • Five strength settings to get the mildest and the most intense coffee. 

Reasons to avoid

  • Price can be overkill for casual drinkers
  • No support for voice assistants 

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6. Goat Story GINA

One stylish coffee maker. Multiple brewing methods.

Capacity: 750 ml

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Voice controls: No

Programmable: No

Goat Story GINA Coffee Maker

Want to take home the most stylish coffee maker? Grab the Goat Story GINA Smart Coffee Maker. The instrument boasts a super-sleek and modern design that can instantly notch up the aesthetics of any space. It would make a nice addition to your home or a small kitchenette in your master bedroom. Apart from that gorgeous design, this smart coffee maker stands out from the competition because of its multiple brewing methods. Yes, this smart coffee machine for home use can make pour-over, immersion brew, and cold brew. So, whether you love freshly poured coffee or crave a cafe-style balanced cup of Java, this smart coffee machine always has your back.

That’s not all. This smart home kitchen appliance can even make tea. Therefore, it’s sure to please coffee as well as tea lovers. So, if you’re a coffee connoisseur and your sister is a tea lover, this smart coffee maker is an ideal choice. 

This pour-over smart coffee machine has a precision valve and a built-in scale so you can carefully track what gets into the carafe. Coming to the connectivity option, this smart coffee maker connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth. You can download the Gina app to browse through the coffee brewing mechanism. Moreover, the app lets you connect to an extended community of coffee lovers. So, you can access and share the most-loved brewing recipes. 

While this coffee maker rocks an eye-catching design with multiple brewing methods, it isn’t the best option for everyone. First, its price is relatively higher than the competition. Next, even if you’re ready to pay a premium price, you won’t have access to smart features like you can’t program or control the machine from your smartphone. That said if you love meticulously crafted appliances and want to enjoy pour-over and immersive brew coffees, this one a really nice option. 

Reasons to buy 

  • Most stylish design
  • Multiple brewing techniques
  • It can even make tea
  • You can even weigh your ingredients 
  • The Gina app offers you to access and share brewing recipes 

Reasons to avoid

  • Lack of smart features
  • Expensive for what it offers
  • You have to remember to charge the machine to use it

Check Price on Amazon

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7. De’ Longhi Nespresso Expert Original 

Best Smart Espresso Machine

Capacity: 1 litre

Connectivity: Bluetooth

Voice controls: No

Programmable: No

Nespresso Expert Original Smart Coffee Maker

Love Americano in the morning and need a lighter shot where you’re heading back home? This smart espresso maker keeps you fueled with its ability to brew in four convenient sizes- Americano, Espresso, Ristretto, and Lungo. It gives you the ultimate coffee experience with just a 30-second heat-up. The Nespresso “Thermoblock heating” adds 19 bars of pressure and three temperature levels to prepare a perfectly extracted and aromatic coffee. You can adjust all the settings and start brews by downloading the companion app on your smartphone. That’s not all. The app lets you do so much more, and that too with a few taps. You can create personalized coffees, manage the capsule stock, set cup size, schedule brewing time, order Nespresso capsules, and prepare your coffee remotely. 

Moving on, we absolutely love its refined, cutting-edge design inspired by the world of baristas. The flat-to-the-wall design lets you conveniently place this smart coffee maker against the wall for a neat & clean look. Additionally, the intuitive LED indicators add to the overall look and show important alerts like when the water tank is empty or descaling is needed. 

All in all, if you prefer premium coffee, this smart espresso maker is made just for you.

Reasons to buy 

  • Cutting-edge design
  • Lets you create personalized coffee
  • Temperature selection feature
  • Auto energy saving function
  • LED indicators to show up important alerts

Reasons to avoid 

  • Huge price tag
  • No support for voice assistant 
  • Requires Nespresso capsules 

Check Price on Amazon

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1. How to connect a smart coffee machine?

There are two ways to connect a smart coffee machine- Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, Bluetooth coffee makers offer a reliable connection within a range while Wi-Fi coffee machine gives you the freedom to connect from anywhere and brew coffee even when you’re not around. We’ve summed up the pros and cons of each of them. Let’s have a look. 

Bluetooth Coffee Machines 


  • It offers a reliable connection.
  • It works well with home automation systems
  • You aren’t dependent on an internet connection. 


  • You can control the smart coffee maker only within a short range.

Wi-Fi Coffee Machines


  • You can control the coffee maker from anywhere.
  • Brews coffee even when you’re not at home.
  • Works great when you’ve got a stable internet connection.


  • You’ll always need stable internet to use the coffee maker.
  • Sometimes, it’s more difficult to set up than the Bluetooth models. 

2. Do you need a smart coffee maker? 

If you want the convenience of controlling your coffee machine right from the comfort of your smartphone, a smart coffee maker is definitely a valuable addition to your home. You don’t have to head to the kitchen and start your coffee maker. You can do anything & everything on your smartphone. Therefore, if you want to escape the hassle of setting up the brewer every day or you often get late for work in the morning but can’t do without a coffee, a smart coffee maker would give you a perfect dose of energy without wasting your time. 

Not to forget, you can always schedule your smart coffee maker to automatically brew a cup of hot coffee at a specific time of day. For example, when you’re getting ready for the office on a busy morning or coming back from work. Moreover, you can sync the automatic coffee machine with other smart home devices so it can prepare coffee as per your everyday schedule.

3. Which is the best automatic coffee maker for home use?

Well, there’s no best or recommended smart coffee maker for home use. That’s because every coffee lover has his own taste and preferences. Coffee makers are mainly distinguished from each other based on the brewing technique that they follow. The main techniques are drip coffee, pour-over, and immersion. Each one of them serves a different purpose and flavor.

For example, if you have really hectic schedule and prefer a smart coffee maker that offers faster brewing & serving to give you a hot cup of Java as soon as possible, Drip Coffee Brew is your go-to option. Most smart coffee makers (especially the budget options) that you see in households follow this method. Next, if you crave a cup of freshly poured and more flavorful coffee every morning, Pour-over brew is gonna be the best automatic coffee maker for your home. Also, this is an ideal brewing method and many people prefer these types of smart coffee makers. 

Lastly, if you need the perfectly extracted coffee flavor with the richest aroma, Immersion brew coffee makers are the best for you. This technique is used in barista-style coffee makers to give you a strong cup of caffeine with an unmatched taste. Whatever your preferences are, we’ve mentioned smart coffee makers based on every brewing technique. 

4. How to install a smart coffee maker?

Just like regular coffee machines, it’s easy to install a smart coffee maker. You have to plug in the machine to a power outlet and then you can start using it. That said, you also have to connect a smart coffee machine to the internet and sync it with the companion mobile app. Once you’ve done this, you need need to tap one or two buttons on a smartphone and the coffee maker will start brewing. Just make sure you’ve placed a cup or pot to pour in the coffee. 

5. How to clean a smart coffee maker? 

To maintain the quality and enjoy the fresh taste & aroma in your brews, you must regularly clean your smart coffee maker as you would do with a regular model. Additionally, you must know how to clean a smart coffee machine so it can last you a good time. It’s important to regularly clean all parts of the coffee maker that come in contact with the coffee grinds. First, you must unplug and detach the removable parts of the machine like the brew basket, carafe, and water tank (if applicable). Then, you need to submerge them into warm water and gently clean them with a mild dish soap and sponge.

You must also descale (remove the mineral buildup) the coffee machine by running a mixture of equal parts of water & vinegar through the reservoir. Since mineral deposits can clog the machine and slow down the brewing time, you must descale your smart coffee maker. You can do it once in 2-3 months or even earlier if you use the machine more frequently. Remember, if your smart coffee maker is taking more than usual to prepare your favorite coffee, it’s time to descale it.

You can also check out YouTube videos and learn how to deep clean and maintain your automatic coffee maker. 

6. Can I turn my regular coffee maker into a smart coffee maker?

Don’t want to get rid of your regular coffee machine because it reminds you of someone but badly wish that it had some smart functionality? You can simply add a smart plug to turn things in your favor. Yes, you can easily find a smart plug that lets you plug in your regular device and then program the plug to control the connected device. In short, it can turn a regular, dumb device into a smart device. Therefore, you can connect your regular coffee machine to a smart plug and turn it into a smart coffee maker. You can then interact with your regular coffee machine from your smartphone while you’re away. Not just coffee machines, you can plug in a good old air purifier, table lamp, or your favorite hair straightener and make them smart. 

Also, many smart plugs work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Apple HomeKit ecosystems. You can always use a compatible smart speaker and ask the machine to keep your coffee ready while you’re getting ready for an important meeting. While it’s an affordable and smart workaround, it isn’t as seamless and comprehensive as having a smart coffee maker with everything built-in. 

Here are our picks for the best smart plug:

  1. Amazon Smart Plug
  2. Kasa Smart Plug
  3. Wemo Smart Plug
  4. BN-LINK Wi-Fi Smart Plug

7. Which is the best coffee maker to use with a smart plug?

If you’re looking for the best coffee maker to use with a smart plug, we recommend checking out the Proctor Silex 10-cup Coffee Maker. It’s compatible with any plug and allows you to use Siri, Alexa, or Google Assistant to control your machine or add routines. 

That’s all for now from our side! We hope you had a great read and that it helped you pick the best smart coffee machine for that perfect caffeine fix.