Apple’s “Scary Fast” Online Only Event Announced for October 30th

After an interesting Techtember, full of Apple product launches, iPhone 15 Pro bugs, and a roller coaster ride of iOS 17 bugs & updates, Techtober is also coming to an end with Apple’s Scary Fast online-only event.

In accordance with a report by Mark Gurman published two days ago, the Cupertino tech giant has a surprise Mac-centered event planned for 30th October 2023.

What to expect at Halloween’s Scary Fast Apple Event?

Apple Event for October 2023 announced

24-inch iMac gets an upgrade

Apple M1 iMac Colors

Based on leaks from insiders and reliable sources, we can confirm that we’ll be getting new Macs. More specifically, the 24-inch iMac will get a refresh along with the new MacBook Pro powered by the M3 chipset.

We can expect new colors for the 24-inch iMac while the overall design will remain the same.

All thanks to TSMC’s 3nm process used for the fabrication of the M3 chipset, we are expecting the computational and graphical performance to get a significant boost.

MacBooks with M3

M1-powered MacBook Pro

The 13-inch MacBook Pro as well as the 13-inch MacBook Air are due for an upgrade as well. In fact, the former device still sports the eight-year-old touch bar. We can expect a design overhaul for the budget-friendly MacBook Pro at the October Apple Event.

New iPads?

Are we getting new a iPad Mini 7 or an iPad Air 7th Generation or the iPad 11th Generation anytime soon? We are somewhat positive that Apple could announce the iPads over a press release with just a new chipset and some minor upgrades right after the event. Do note that some rumors point to a 2024 release of the new iPads.

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