Instagram Account Hacked? Here’s how to recover a hacked account

In the past few years, Meta-owned Instagram has emerged as one of the best and most widely used social media platforms. You can stay in touch with your family & friends across the globe, follow your favorite celebrities, and even become a top influencer or content creator. That said, we just escape the hard reality of cyberspace. With increasing cybercrimes, hackers have become more clever to barge into your accounts and steal your private info. It’s quite common to see Instagram, Facebook, and other social media accounts getting hacked. 

Losing access to an Instagram account is one of the worst nightmares for many users, especially when they’ve worked so hard to build a strong Insta family. You could lose all your photos, Reels, and months & years of hard work & memories. Moreover, hackers can mess up your private data and ruin your public image. If you suspect your Instagram account is hacked, can’t log in to your account, or come across any fraudulent activity from your account, you must take the right action ASAP. The quicker you are, the less damage a hacker can do to your account. 


Meta recently launched a new tool that makes it super easy to get back your hacked account. It’s a very useful tool for users who have been attacked by a hacker. In this article, we’ll show you the best way to recover a hacked Instagram account. So, let’s begin. 

How to recover a hacked Instagram Account?

Recovering a hacked Instagram has never been an easy task. You had to wait for months and months for Instagram to look into the matter and come up with a solid solution. That said, the newly launched hub, has turned around things in an absolutely better way. It has made it much easier to recover a hacked Instagram account. Besides hacked accounts, this one-in-all account support page offers help on various account-related issues, including loss of two-factor authentication, forgotten passwords, impersonation, or a disabled account. Well, Instagram has finally launched the long-awaited and much-needed security tool that can help users who have been a victim of hacking. 


Instagram Support options

If you feel that your Instagram has been taken over or hacked like if someone is removing or adding pictures to your feed, you can still take some steps at your end to secure your account. 

Here’s how to get your Instagram account back:

1. If someone has taken over the access and you’re unable to log into your account, you can visit on your mobile or desktop browser. 

2. You’ll see a list of reasons why you can’t access your Instagram account.

3. Select “My account was hacked” and hit the Next option. 

How to recover hacked Instagram account step 1

4. Then, you have to enter your username, phone number, or email so that Instagram can identify your account.

How to recover hacked Instagram account step 1 (2)

5. Once your account is identified, you’ll have to follow a series of steps to recover your hacked Instagram account.

6. You’ll be asked to choose a way to recover your Instagram account. You can choose your phone number or email address that you’ve got access to. Instagram will send a six-digit code to the selected phone number/email. You’ll have to enter that code in the next step.


7. When you’re following the steps, you’ll come across a section where you need to verify your identity. Until now, you were asked to provide a phone number or email address and the type of device you signed in with or upload a selfie video to confirm your identity. Now, Instagram offers a super easy way to verify your identity. It’s particularly helpful when your Instagram account is hacked and the phone number & email address were changed. 

8. You can select two of your Instagram friends to help you verify your identity. Always make sure to choose those friends who’re in frequent touch with you. If you’ve got their phone numbers, even better, just call them and tell them you need their help to recover your hacked Instagram account. 

Choose friends as recovery options

9. Instagram will send a request to your friends which they need to respond to within 24 hours.

10. Once your friends accept it, Instagram will allow you to reset your account’s password. In case the time has elapsed or your friends have declined the request, you’ll again have to choose two friends to help you with the identification process. 


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Tips to keep your Instagram account secure

If you’ve recovered your hacked Instagram account or someone has made an attempt to hack your hacked and you’re still able to log in, you must do a few important things to secure your account.

Here are some tips and tricks to make your Instagram account more secure:

  1. Change your password or send yourself a password reset email.
  2. Turn ON two-factor authentication, if you haven’t already.
  3. Go to Account Settings and make sure to check if you’ve entered the correct phone number and email address. 
  4. Revoke Instagram account access given to any third-party apps.
  5. Visit the Accounts Center and remove any linked accounts you don’t use or recognize.

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Can you get a hacked IG account back? 

Yes, you can get your hacked Instagram account back. Earlier, it was pretty difficult to recover hacked Instagram accounts, especially if the hacker changed the phone number and email address. With the launch of the tool, you can easily get back your hacked IG account. One of the easiest recovery methods is to choose two of your Instagram friends who can help you verify your identity. Your friends will receive a request which needs to be responded to within 24 hours. If they accept your request, Instagram will let you reset the password and regain access to your account. 


How long does it take to recover a hacked Instagram account?

Once you suspend that your Instagram account is hacked or you can’t log in to your account, you must act as fast as possible. Just visit hub and select “My account was hacked” and go ahead with the Next option. One of the easiest ways to recover your hacked Instagram account is to verify your identity with help of your two friends. Just select their names, get in touch with them, and ask them to accept the account recovery request (within 24 hours). Once they do it. You can reset the password and access your account. It’s one of the easiest and quickest ways that can help you recover a hacked Instagram account within a few days.

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Well, that was all from our side on how to recover a hacked Instagram account. We hope you find this guide useful. If your friend, family member, or anyone else has been a victim of hacking, make sure to share this article and help them recover their Instagram accounts.


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