Common iPhone 15 series problems and how to fix them

iPhone 15 series quickly became the talk of the town after the September 12 launch, not just for good reasons, but some bad reasons, as well. After the retail units were shipped to users, the internet was flooded with reports and complaints coming from all over the world regarding some major iPhone 15 problems. Lots of users were claiming that their iPhone 15 Pro Max is overheating, while some said their iPhone 15 is not charging with a USB-C charger. That said, some users are reporting common problems on iPhone 15 Pro models like excessive battery drain, 5G issues, Wi-Fi issues, and much more. 

At the time of writing this, there are tons of reports, complaints, and dissatisfaction shown by iPhone 15 series users on popular forums like Reddit, Twitter (now X), Apple Community, etc. 


This guide is more of a common iPhone 15 and 15 Pro series problem tracker where we will be talking about any new bugs, issues, and problems that are haunting users along with their respective solutions. Therefore, if you own any of the iPhone 15 models, make sure to check this article as we will be continuously updating it soon after we come across any new problems in the iPhone 15 series. 

List of common problems on iPhone 15 series and their solutions

Here we will address common iPhone 15 series problems reported by users and mention feasible solutions to fix them, if any. Let’s get started. 

Problem #1: Overheating issues on iPhone 15 series

iPhone 15 series overheating
Image credit: 9to5Mac

No doubt, the iPhone 15 garnered a lot of praise in the initial days for some of its best features, design, and whatnot. But, the happiness didn’t last long. After retail units were shipped to users, complaints relating to overheating issues on iPhone 15 Pro models started making headlines. Many users took to Twitter, Reddit, and the Apple community to report this iPhone 15 series problem. 


iPhone 15 overheating reports, with temperatures as high as 116F
byu/juniperandoak inapple

First, there were speculations about the revamped design and compromises made to the thermal design. However, looking at the severity of the issues, Apple issued a statement saying that the iPhone 15 series overheating issue is caused by an iOS 17 bug and nothing more.

Solution – What can you do to fix the overheating issues on the iPhone 15 series?

As we write Apple has already rolled out the iOS 17.0.3 update to address the infamous overheating problems on iPhone 15 series. And, the good news is that the majority of users aren’t facing the heating problem after the new iOS update. That’s not all, a week ago Forbes reported that there were many complaints from iPhone users who claimed that overheating issues on the iPhone 15 series were caused by the


Instagram app. To address the overheating problems on iPhone 15 Pro, Instagram rolled out an update (version 302) on September 27. Therefore, if you are dealing with a toasted iPhone 15 model, we urge you to update the Instagram app too. 

Remember, the overheating issue is one of the most common problems faced by smartphone users. However, facing it on a flagship device like the iPhone 15 Pro model is not a pleasing experience. Therefore, we recommend our readers try out a few things before they start panicking about the $1000 handwarmer. 

Tips to prevent or fix iPhone 15 overheating issues:

  1. Always use a reliable case with a better heat dissipation design
  2. Try to use official charging accessories 
  3. Avoid using your iPhone 15 series in direct sunlight
  4. Don’t overuse your iPhone 15 while it is charging 
  5. Check misbehaving/battery-draining apps
  6. Update your iPhone to iOS 17.0.3 or above
  7. Turn off connectivity services when your iPhone is overheating

Well, we can talk about solutions all day long. If you are looking for a comprehensive guide on how to fix overheating problems on the iPhone 15 series, read here. 

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Problem #2: Excessive battery drain on iPhone 15 Pro models

Another common problem on the iPhone 15 series that has been troubling users is the excessive battery drain. This problem has mostly affected iPhone 15 Pro model users. Honestly, it is quite understandable to come across battery drain problems on older smartphones. However, facing it on brand-new flagship devices like the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max is a bothersome experience. We have reported battery drain issues on


iPhone 14, iPhone 13, iPhone 12, and other older models too. As far as the battery drain problem on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max is concerned, many users have complained that using mobile data is the main reason why their iPhone 15 battery is dying so fast. Some even complained that there’s an excessive battery drain problem on the iPhone 15 Pro Max with minimal usage too. 

As we write, there is no word from Apple regarding this common iPhone 15 series problem. But, users around the globe are trying and testing different things, so we did the same to see what exactly helps fix the excessive iPhone 15 Pro Max battery drain problem. We have recommended a few things to resolve the infamous battery drain problem in the section below. 

Solution – What can you do to fix the excessive battery drain on the iPhone 15 series?

If you are frustrated with those low battery popups on your iPhone 15 Pro, we urge you to check out a few methods that can fix the battery drain problem.


  1. Sometimes software bugs or glitches can also cause your iPhone 15 battery to drain overnight. Therefore, we recommend rebooting your device for a quick fix. 
  2. If you use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok for a long time, then there are higher chances of abnormal battery drain problems on the iPhone 15 Pro series. Therefore, to avoid performance or battery drain problems, we suggest limiting the use of such apps. Also, we strongly recommend you stay away from unnecessary get-rich-quick apps.  
  3. You may not pay attention, but higher screen brightness is another cause of concern. So, we advise you to use lower screen brightness, and if feasible you can also turn on the Dark Mode or switch to low-power mode to save battery overnight. 

For detailed solutions, head to our troubleshooting guide on how to fix battery drain problems on any iPhone.

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Problem #3: Bluetooth issues on the iPhone 15 series

iPhone 15 Bluetooth issue
byu/Deanowolves iniphone

Although it isn’t a widespread issue, a few users have complained about Bluetooth being horrendous, especially after the iOS 17 update. As per the user, the alleged iPhone is disconnecting and reconnecting to the Bluetooth devices intermittently. 

Well, experiencing such issues on a flagship Apple device is quite frustrating and time-consuming. But, the good news is these issues are fixable with a few tweaks here and there. We have discussed possible solutions to resolve Bluetooth problems on the iPhone 15 series, and we think you should try them out. 

Solution – How to fix Bluetooth problems on the iPhone 15 series?

In the past, we have tried and tested a few methods that came in handy for us in fixing Bluetooth problems on the iPhone 15 Pro series. We have listed all of them below, make sure to try them. 


  1. One method that works effectively is to toggle Bluetooth on your iPhone
  2. You can also try toggling Airplane mode on your iPhone 15
  3. Forget the Bluetooth device and connect it again
  4. Reboot your iPhone
  5. Update your iPhone 15 series with the latest iOS update
  6. Reset network settings

For a detailed solution, we urge you to check our guide where we discuss the top ways to fix iPhone’s Bluetooth issues

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Problem #4: Cellular data / 5G not working issue on iPhone 15 lineup

Honestly, there haven’t been any widespread complaints regarding 5G. Since it is one of the common problems on iPhones that has been reported in the past, we are covering it here too. Although, it is a frustrating problem for iPhone users, the good news is that it is very much fixable. 

But before we jump right into the solutions, let’s see what are some of the common 5G problems that you might encounter on the iPhone 15 series.

  • The 5G signal keeps dropping on iPhone 15 series
  • Unable to see the 5G icon on the iPhone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max
  • 5G not working at all  

Solution – Here’s what you can do if you face 5G problems on iPhone 15 series 

  1. Talk to your network carrier provider and check whether your SIM supports 5G or not.
  2. If you think there is an issue with your iPhone, we urge you to double-check the SIM by inserting it in any other 5G-compatible smartphone.
  3. You can’t use 5G, make calls, or text your loved ones if your 5G plan has expired. To restore the 5G connection, you should recharge your SIM with a 5G-compatible plan. You need to confirm this with the network service provider.
  4. Don’t forget to check the network coverage map in your area to ensure whether the 5G is available or not.
  5. Once you’ve ensured everything mentioned above, try resetting network settings and all the settings on your iPhone. 

If you are looking for other methods that can help fix common network problems on the iPhone 15 series, check out our dedicated guide. 

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Problem #5: Wi-Fi not working on iPhone 15 series

New iPhone 15 Pro Connected to But Not Using Wi-Fi
byu/PrincessSoupSnake inapplehelp

Not many, but we did come across a post on Reddit where a user claimed that they were having issues with Wi-Fi on their iPhone 15 Pro. As per the user, the iPhone 15 Pro gets connected to the Wi-Fi without any problem but the device indicates that it is using cellular data (5G) rather than showing a Wi-Fi symbol. 


The user further mentioned that he tried resetting network settings and reconnecting to his Wi-Fi manually, but the issue was unresolved. At the end of the post, we casually mentioned that his iPhone 15 Pro was running on iOS 17.0.2 at the time of reporting. While the cause of this Wi-Fi issue on the iPhone 15 Pro series is unknown, we are confident that it is one of many iOS bugs that can be fixed with a simple update. 

Solution – How to fix Wi-Fi problems on the iPhone 15 series? 

If you come across similar or other Wi-Fi-related problems on the iPhone 15 series, we strongly recommend you update your device to the latest iOS version. As we write, Apple has already released iOS 17.0.3 update to address overheating problems on iPhone 15. But, we are pretty sure minor bugs that have been causing iPhone 15 Pro Wi-Fi problems will keep bugging even after the update. 

If you are among some unlucky users, you can try a few other methods of resolving the Wi-Fi issues on the iPhone 15 series. 


  1. Reboot your iPhone
  2. Forget the Wi-Fi network and connect again
  3. Disable VPN, if any
  4. Turn OFF Wi-Fi Assist
  5. Reset all Network settings

If these methods don’t come in handy to fix common Wi-Fi problems on the iPhone 15 series, we recommend you to read our extensive guide.

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Problem #6: CarPlay is not connecting to the iPhone 15 Pro series

How to fix iPhone 15 pro not working with Apple CarPlay
byu/I_play_high420 iniphone

CarPlay issues are not a new thing, especially for Apple users. There was a massive surge in complaints about the CarPlay problems at the time of the iOS 16 and iPhone 14 series. And, now the CarPlay problem is back to haunt iPhone 15 users. 

A Redditor recently posted that he is having issues connecting the new iPhone 15 Pro to the Apple CarPlay. Explaining the issue, he further mentioned that he tried everything to fix it and even called Apple regarding this common iPhone 15 problem. He wrote Apple communicated that the issue is known to them and is working on a fix. According to him, the CarPlay problem on his iPhone 15 Pro was caused by a VPN. 

Solution – What to do if you face CarPlay problems on iPhone 15 Pro models

The Redditor who reported the CarPlay problem also posted that Resetting the network settings helped him. If you don’t know how to perform it on your iPhone 15 series, we have got your back.


Here’s how to reset network settings on iPhone 15 series 

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Tap General
  3. Tap Transfer or reset the iPhone 
  4. Tap Reset
  5. Lastly, tap on Reset Network Settings 

Once you are done, try reconnecting your iPhone to Apple CarPlay, hopefully, everything should be fine. 

Note: Resetting network settings will remove all your Wi-Fi passwords, VPN settings, APN, etc. But, don’t worry doing this will not erase any personal data from your iPhone.

If resetting network settings didn’t help you, you can try out a few things we’ve listed below:

  1. Reboot your iPhone
  2. Keep your iPhone updated to the latest iOS version
  3. Toggle Wi-Fi and Bluetooth
  4. Disable low-power mode 

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Problem #7: iPhone 15 series charging issues

USB C charging issues on IPhone 15 pro
byu/Gromit74 iniphone


The list of problems hasn’t stopped growing ever since the iPhone 15 Pro has been launched. In a recent Reddit post, one iPhone 15 Pro user claimed Anker’s power bank is getting charged by his iPhone rather than charging the iPhone battery. A pure role reversal! 

Talking about the matter, Anker responded and suggested users charge the iPhone via the USB-A port on the power bank. We are still unsure what exactly is causing this weird charging problem on the iPhone 15 series. 

That’s not all, we have also come across a few reports where an iPhone tries to charge an iPad Pro connected via USB-C cable. But the issue was fixed just by swapping the cable around. 

Like these, you might come across different charging problems on your iPhone 15 series. Some of the major charging issues that have been reported in the past are listed below:


Honestly, charging problems on the iPhone 15 series can be triggered for many reasons. We have listed a few common reasons below, take a look:

  • Incompatible/cheap third-party chargers or charging cables
  • Clogged charging port due to dust, lint, or debris
  • Damaged charging cables/ports
  • Using a faulty or damaged power source
  • Software issues
  • Insufficient charging power

Now that you are aware of one of the most common problems on the iPhone 15 series, it’s time to fix them. Read on to learn more. 

Solution – How to fix charging problems on iPhone 15 Pro series

Apple says that to charge your iPhone 15 series efficiently, make sure to use the USB-C cables that come in the box. If that didn’t help fix the charging issue on the iPhone 15 Pro, check whether dust and debris are clogging the charging port. In such a situation, try cleaning the USB-C charging port. 


If you are still facing charging problems on the iPhone 15 series, we suggest you try out the different methods mentioned below:

  1. Check whether you’re using the right charger to revive your iPhone 15 series. By ‘right’ we mean to use a charger that delivers sufficient power to your beloved iPhone. You can check our best pick of chargers for iPhone 15, 15 Plus, 15 Pro, and 15 Pro Max.
  2. If you feel your iPhone 15 Pro is charging way too slowly, you need to stop the habit of using your device when it is charging. We may not pay attention but this habit of yours may decrease the battery life as well as affect the iPhone 15 battery health over time. 
  3. Once you rule out all the above situations, it’s time to check the power outlet. If the wall outlet is faulty, it can’t deliver power to the charger as a result iPhone 15 won’t charge at all. It is as simple as that. Therefore, you must ensure that the wall outlet is working fine for you to charge your iPhone 15 Pro series efficiently. 

Caution: If you don’t know how electricity and wires work, do not involve yourself as it could be potentially life-threatening.

If these methods are not enough to fix iPhone 15 charging problems, you can check our dedicated guide to try out other methods too.  

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Problem #8: iPhone 15 Pro series freezes during setup

Can someone clarify what’s going on with the iPhone 15 setup bug?
byu/aham93 iniphone

Are you experiencing a problem where the iPhone 15 series gets stuck during the initial setup? Yes? Don’t worry you are not alone! Many users have reported this issue and Apple has already responded to this. As per Cupertino giant, the new issue that has been haunting users triggers when they try to transfer their old iPhone data to the new iPhone 15 Pro series running on the latest iOS version. Some users complained that during the transferring process, their iPhone 15 froze and showed the Apple logo only. But don’t worry, there’s a fix that we have discussed in the next section. 

Solution – What to do when the iPhone 15 Pro series stucks or freezes while transferring data?

If you have just bought your iPhone and reading this before setting up your device, hold on. You need to go through the normal setup process without opting for the data transfer option. Then, download and install the latest iOS 17.0.3 update released on 5th October. 


Once you have installed the latest iOS version on your iPhone 15, you need to reset your device to factory settings and try setting up your iPhone again. But, this time around you’ll have to choose the “From Another iPhone” data transfer option, and you should be fine. 

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Problem #9: iPhone 15 users facing display issues

Touch screen issues on 15 pro
byu/PhilWillChil iniphone


While writing this piece, we came across a major display problem on the iPhone 15 series. As per the reports, the iPhone 15 display freezes momentarily while using certain apps and remains unresponsive when a user tries to go back, close the app, or press buttons. Some users even complained about touch detection problems on the iPhone 15 series as well. Reporting further, users claimed that the touch is inconsistent around the edges, and while typing.

Some users do suspect that this display issue on the iPhone 15 series is the result of some thick screen protector installed, while some argue that this is beyond that. So, what is it? From our experience, we can tell that it could be some bug or software glitch that is bothering users consistently. If not, the display issue on the iPhone 15 Pro series could be the result of some unknown hardware problem too. It would be unfair to judge until we hear officially from Apple. At this point, we haven’t heard anything from the company so it is all speculation.


Solution – How to fix the display problem on iPhone 15 Pro 

If the iPhone 15 display issue is caused by software bugs or glitches, we recommend updating your iPhone to the latest version available (i.e. iOS 17.0.3). And, if you’ve already updated the device, it’s best to wait for another update after Apple acknowledges the problem. If you don’t want to wait further, you can head to the nearest Apple store and get your iPhone replaced before the replacement period expires. Also if you come across an iPhone 15 Pro green display problem like the one here, a replacement option is a viable solution for you. 

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Other quality control issues on iPhone 15 series

Color-changing chassis

Holding your iPhone 15 series without a case installed may temporarily change its color. Yes, you heard it right. In a supporting company statement, Apple mentioned and we quote:

“The oil from your skin might temporarily alter the color of the outside band. Wiping your iPhone with a soft, slightly damp, lint-free cloth will restore the original look”

Durability problems

Broken back panel on the iPhone 15 Pro Max
Image credit: YouTube/@JerryRigEverything

Who can forget the famous iPhone 15 Pro back-snapping video from the JerryRigEverything YouTube channel? Not only that, we have come across many videos on the web that question the durability of the latest iPhone 15 Pro series. Why is it happening though? Is the iPhone 15 series less durable than the iPhone 14 series? Technically, Yes!


Many critics believe that the durability issues have to do with the design flaw related to the back glass which is now removable. The additional aluminum panel attached to the other side of the back panel of the iPhone 14 series is now absent in the iPhone 15 Pro series, which is why they aren’t that durable anymore.

To prevent snapping of the back panel, we strongly recommend you install a reliable protective case.  

Let’s not forget that the swollen battery of the iPhone 15 Pro is the new addition to an already long list of problems that have been making headlines lately.

That’s all for now, if we come across new issues, bugs, and problems on the iPhone 15 series, we’ll update it here. So, don’t forget to bookmark our blog and follow us on Instagram.

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