Which VPN extension should we use for our Chrome browser?

A quick search on the Chrome Web Store can give us hundreds of results. A few services that we will find seems to be likely to be scamming us and stealing our data. It is hard to know which VPN extensions are safe, secure, and easy to use.

To help you choose, discover the Top 3 Google Chrome-compatible providers that you can trust. The list is based on security, reliability, and performance of each service. Let’s start with a little bit more information about Google Chrome.

What is Google Chrome?

Chrome is a web browser developed by Google, although it emanates from open-source projects. This browser can be obtained free of charge for all the platforms on which it is available and has more than 750 million users worldwide, making it the most used application in its category.


Each new version of Chrome comes from Chromium, the free software project that also serves as the basis for the Chrome OS operating system. Chromium is released under a free copyright license, which makes the Chromium code freely distributable, modifiable, and improvable. These changes are then reflected in stable versions of the browser.

Why use a VPN on Google Chrome?

If you already have a VPN subscription, you are quite right to ask yourself why is it worth using an additional extension of your VPN on Google Chrome? Well, the VPN application that you initially download on Windows, macOS, iOS or Android allows you to secure all your internet traffic without exception.

By using a VPN extension on Google Chrome, you will be able to better control your VPN connection and activate it directly from your browser in a much faster way. Security is maximized and so is privacy thanks to the WebRTC protocol blocking, among other things.


The way Chrome VPN works is the same except that you can activate it from the browser extension or from the app installed on your computer. You will also be able to choose your server and its location, your real IP address will be hidden, and you will benefit from online data encryption.

The 3 best VPN extensions for Chrome

Now that you know what a VPN extension is and what Chrome is used for, you can install one. Faced with a wide range of choices and to help you, we have made a ranking of the 3 best VPN extensions for Google Chrome.


ExpressVPN is one of the best VPNs for Google Chrome. It has thousands of servers that make it easy to secure your connections all over the world. You can instantly connect to the VPN servers from the Chrome browser extension.


You can also install the extension for Chrome in seconds. It is available from the Chrome Web Store or from the ExpressVPN website. Once downloaded, the interface is simple and easy to use. You can click the connect button to connect to the fastest server or to search for a particular country. Hence, ExpressVPN has advanced encryption to ensure that your personal data is protected online.



NordVPN is a Virtual Private Network that is popular with Internet users. In addition to its easy-to-use application, NordVPN offers enhanced protection thanks to its 5800 secure servers located in 59 countries. Even if NordVPN is a bit slower than ExpressVPN, its Chrome extension is light and very well designed.

With this extension, you will enjoy all of its benefits. In addition to encrypting data passing through Google Chrome, you will have access to websites blocked due to geo-restriction or network-related filtering. And most importantly, your security will go up a notch. Indeed, the NordVPN Chrome VPN extension and its automatic blocking of the


WebRTC module guarantee you zero leakage of your IP address. Your identity will be assured no matter what and your ISP will not be able to trace you.

If this extension is part of this ranking of the best Chrome VPN extensions, it is also because it offers the CyberSec option. This feature allows you to block invasive advertisements and sites that may be dangerous. You will be able to enjoy the internet fully and without any fear!


Surfshark is relatively new compared to ExpressVPN and NordVPN. Even if the service has not yet seen a decade, this has not prevented it from achieving feats. It offers a complete and quality service, all from a very simple application to handle. Surfshark has everything to please.


Which vpn is secure for web browsing

Just like the Surfshark app, its paid extension for Google Chrome is very easy to use, even for beginners. With just two clicks, you can browse with complete anonymity, change your IP address, and unblock content that is not accessible by connecting to one of its servers. With more than 1000 servers in about 60 countries and has excellent speed performance as well as ability to unblock Netflix.

The Surfshark extension on Chrome guarantees flawless privacy thanks to the provider’s no-logs policy, an essential element among all Virtual Private Network providers. From the extension, you can also activate the CleanWeb function, which takes care of getting rid of unwanted ads, blocking trackers and malware. Combined with Kill Switch emergency blocking, you will be safe on Google Chrome, provided that Surfshark is enabled.

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TechieTechTech Team