iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Should you upgrade?

Apple is all set to announce its next-generation operating system for iPhone at the WWDC 2023, which is all set to be held from 5th to 9th June. We all know iOS 16 brought several new features to the iPhone, but this year, it could be even more exciting with iOS 17. From revamped control center to the new voice command for Siri to a new look for iMessage, iOS 17 could be a giant leap for iPhone users around the globe. Honestly speaking, we have a lot of expectations with the new iOS 17, but time will tell whether Apple will actually deliver. 

Right now, we will be comparing iOS 17 and iOS 16. By the end of this article, you’ll be able to understand how iOS 17 is different from iOS 16. That’s not all, we will be answering the most searched queries i.e. is it worth upgrading to iOS 17 or not? 


So, without wasting further time, let’s jump right into the head-to-head comparison of iOS 17 to iOS 16. 

iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Major Differences to Look Out For

iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Apple could drop support for iPhone 8 series and iPhone X 

When we talk about iOS 17 vs iOS 16, it is worth talking about the compatibility of the new OS version with the iPhone models out there. While iOS 16 was compatible with iPhone 8 and newer models, it is almost certain that iOS 17 will drop support for iPhone 8 series and iPhone X this time. Whereas, the iPhone XR, XS and newer models will be featured on the iOS 17 compatible devices list.

To give you an idea, you can check the list of iOS 17-supported devices as under:

That said, it is worth mentioning that the iPhone 15 series which is rumored to come out this September, will come with iOS 17 pre-installed. 

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iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Lock screen with additional widgets

Everyone, including us, was pleased to see the new avatar of the iPhone Lock Screen with the iOS 16. To be honest, it was among some major improvements we saw in iOS 16 coming from the prior iOS version’s boring Lock Screen experience. Many elements of the Lock Screen were made customizable for a more personalized look. As soon as your device boots up, you are greeted by the revamped design of the iOS 16 Lock Screen. That’s not all, users were able to create multiple Lock Screens as per their choice, and can easily swipe through to change it as per their liking. Plus, you could add widgets to the lock screen to glance at important information at times. Even though we saw changes in Lock Screen, there’s still much space that Apple can play with. So, Apple might add some additional widgets for users to elevate the functionality of the Lock Screen on iPhones running on iOS 17.


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iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Just say ‘Siri’ 

Apple didn’t bother changing anything that has to do with Siri on iOS 16. However, we have come across a few reports that claim Apple is trying to change the trigger phrase for Siri. Yes, you read that right. Apple might drop ‘Hey’ from the iconic ‘Hey Siri’ voice trigger familiar to every iOS user out there. Rather, users can trigger Siri on iPhones running on iOS 17 by just saying ‘Siri’ and (the command). 

FYI, the experience could be similar to using Alexa-compatible devices where users trigger the virtual assistant just by saying ‘Alexa’ and (the command).

iOS 17 vs iOS 16: iMessage gets a much-required tune-up 

In 2022, with iOS 16, Apple introduced some useful features to the iMessage app. We got to see the ‘edit a sent message’ feature as well as the ‘undo the sent message’ feature. These features gained a lot of praise from users as they saved them from typing blunders. 

However, if we compare iMessage on iOS 17 vs 16, the revamped look has become the talk of the town. The new rumored image doing rounds on the web suggests a new home screen design on the


iMessage app, chat rooms, and new AR chat features, which could be a hint that Apple might extend AR headset support for iPhones as well. 

iOS 17 vs iOS 16: AR Headset support will be out-of-the-box

We have been hearing a lot about Apple’s rumored Mixed Reality Headset for several months now. But, with the new rumors about AR chat features in the iMessage app, it is sensible enough to think that Apple might offer AR headset support for iPhones running on iOS 17. 

iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Sideloading and alternate app store – a forced change?

Talking of the iOS 17 vs iOS 16 comparison, Sideloading of apps and support for alternate app stores could be a major change. That said, this feature could be exclusive for users in the European region and not for users worldwide. 


You could wonder how Apple ended up doing that. Well, the Cupertino giant has been directed by EU lawmakers to introduce side loading of apps as well as support for alternate app stores on iPhone. FYI, the USB-C charging ports that we could finally see on the upcoming iPhone 15 series is also a response to the orders given to Apple by EU senators. 

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iOS 17 vs iOS 16: CarPlay could go to the next level 

With iOS 16, Apple introduced the new generation of CarPlay, promising deeper integration with the vehicle functions including AC and FM radio, support for multiple displays, and much more. Furthermore, CarPlay now supports widgets to give you at-a-glance information from Music and Weather right on your car’s dashboard.


However, if we have to compare iOS 17 vs iOS 16 in terms of CarPlay experience, there are a few features that will offer an all-new CarPlay experience on the latest iOS. The new version of CarPlay will be able to appear across all displays in a vehicle offering a consistent experience. In addition to that, you’ll be able to adjust the A/C, fan speed, and much more. 

Moreover, widgets will also be a vital aspect of the iOS 17 CarPlay experience as they will offer at-a-glance information like the trip duration, distance traveled, fuel economy, etc. Furthermore, a new FM radio app could be integrated into the new version of CarPlay allowing you to switch to your favorite station during a long road trip

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iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Split Screen Mode could be a game changer

Taking accessibility into consideration to compare iOS 17 vs iOS 16, Split screen could be a ground-breaking feature that can give iOS 17 an edge over last year’s iOS. Yes, the popular split-screen viewing feature that lets you browse at least two apps in a single screen is here to improve accessibility. 


iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Call Recording, a welcome feature

The call recording feature has never been an option for iPhone users, even after Apple announced iOS 16 at the WWDC 2022. But, iOS 17 could bring in the native call recording feature for iPhone users out there. Now, you don’t have to find an alternative way to record important calls, rather you can use the in-built call recording feature for the same. 

iOS 17 vs iOS 16: Elevated capabilities of Dynamic Island 

The unveiling of Dynamic Island for iPhone 14 Pro models was probably the best iOS 16 feature announcement made by Apple last year. It is a pill-shaped notch that takes up the old notch space. However, Apple has added some creativity to it by sprinkling some software gimmicks to make it more interactive and useful for users. For example, the pill-shaped notch aka


Dynamic Island expands and contracts when you receive notifications, calls, and music, or when you unlock the device. 

But when talking about iOS 17 vs iOS 16 in terms of improvements made on Dynamic Island, the placement of Siri and how it interacts could be a major improvement. Why? At present, on iOS 16, Siri takes up screen space when you voice trigger it, but with its placement on the Dynamic Island, users will have the pre-occupied screen area to use as well. 

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iOS 17 vs iOS 16: App cloning is here

The much anticipated dual app support that we thought would be introduced with iOS 16 is on the cards with iOS 17. It is one of the most sought features by iOS users and finally, it could be the time when Apple starts listening to its customers. For the uninitiated, app cloning or dual app feature lets you use two accounts of the same app on the same phone. Meaning, with iOS 17 you’ll finally be able to use WhatsApp or Telegram with two different phone numbers. To remind you, it is one of the top Android 14 features that we might see in Google’s next major OS update. 


That’s not all there are a bunch of new features that could be exclusively announced as a part of iOS 17, we have covered all of them in a separate article, make sure to check it out

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Should you update your iPhone to iOS 17?

I can understand what it could mean to you to try out new features on your iPhone when it is out there. Especially, if we compare iOS 17 vs iOS 16, it has more to offer than the previous generation OS. But, you should know that testing out new iOS 17 features by installing next-gen OS on your iPhone can take some dramatic turns and that too negative. It’s because the initial iOS 17 beta versions can be buggy and it would be difficult for you to tackle them especially if you are using your primary device or are not familiar with the technology. Even though Apple tries to mitigate bugs and glitches by pushing regular updates even after the stable release of iOS versions, brace yourself to deal with overheating problems, battery drain issues, and some coming bugs that we have reported earlier on iOS 16 as well as iOS 15 as soon as they were released. This is seen more commonly with older versions of iPhones like the iPhone XS or the iPhone 11.   

It is always a wise choice to stay on the previous iOS version until the new OS is polished enough to be used as a daily driver. 


If you plan to stay on iOS 16 after the iOS 17 release, make sure to turn off Automatic Updates from the Software Update page in iPhone Settings. And, when you think you’re ready to enjoy iOS 17, just update your device and you’re done. 

Note: Always check useful threads about the latest iOS versions on Twitter, Apple Forum, or Reddit, before you make up your mind to make a transition from older iOS versions to the new ones. Also, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel and Instagram page to stay updated about Apple news. 

So, what have you decided? Is iOS 17 worth upgrading? Are you planning to update to iOS 17 this fall? Or, will you stay on iOS 16? Well, there could be a lot of questions, but one thing that remains constant is that we at TechieTechTech are always here to answer your queries. 

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