16 Best Protective Cases for Galaxy S22 Ultra to buy in 2022

Samsung finally unveiled its much-awaited S22 series on 9th February at the Galaxy Unpacked event. The flagship series includes the compact Galaxy S22, the S22+ and the Galaxy Note inspired S22 Ultra. The Galaxy S22 Ultra features a 6.8-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 or Exynos 2200 processor, all-new cameras, and a premium design. However, like all phones, the S22 Ultra requires protection against nasty falls, the occasional dog attacks and play fights in the house or maybe your incidental clumsiness! 

Apart from these reasons, it is always practical and economical to protect your phone from such external calamities as soon as you can to ensure that you won’t have to spend hundreds of dollars in getting your beloved Galaxy S22 Ultra repaired, and what better way to do this than to purchase a protective case for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra!

Not only does a protective case protect your phone from scratches and dents, but it also changes the way it looks and feels. So stick around and stay with us for some of the best protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra you can buy in 2022. Let’s begin!

Note: We update our article from time to time to cover the latest products available in the market.

Top 16 Protective Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra You Could Buy in 2022

1. Otterbox Defender Pro (Best Overall)

Do you have a habit of dropping your phone from time to time, or do you work in an area where your phone is at risk? Well then, the Otterbox Defender Pro is the perfect choice for you. Otterbox has a reputation for providing some of the most protective cases in the world. Their Defender Pro case is one of the best protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra available right now. The durable polycarbonate inner shell is made up of two pieces; simply set your phone on the back piece and snap on the front. The outer layer of synthetic rubber is softer and wraps around the other two components. It has a pleasant gripping texture. The inner shell cannot be used without the outer shell, and vice versa. Finally, a hard plastic holster with a belt clip is included, which you choose to use or not. The swivelling holster also functions as a kickstand, which is useful for watching TikToks and for video calling on your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. OtterBox further says that the case provides microbiological protection against common pathogens or germs, which means you can be totally assured that not only will your case be protected from falls but germs as well! As long as the phone isn’t in the holster, wireless charging works perfectly. On both sides of the casing, there are little divots. The divots keep the case in place in the holster, and there are two of them, so you can put your phone in either direction. 

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2. Samsung Protective Standing Cover (Premium build)

This is Samsung’s official phone cover, so there’s no chance of going wrong with this protective case for Galaxy S22 Ultra. This protective standing case offers a trendy textured back that adds more grip to your phone and is available in navy, white, pink, or lavender colors. It offers military-grade drop protection from a height of 1.5 meters or 4 feet which is provided by this slim, light case, which keeps your phone safe if it slips through your fingers or suffers a nasty fall during a busy subway ride. It also supports wireless charging, but the built-in kickstand that folds out for hands-free video conversations or Netflix binges is possibly its finest feature. The casing is hard and non-slip; and does not slide on tabs or off the hand, and it feels snug when held. However, Samsung recommends that you take off your cover if you wish to use wireless PowerShare. In short, you can’t go wrong with this if you’re looking for the best protective cover for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022.

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3. Spigen Rugged Armor Case (Lightweight protection)

The design of the Spigen Rugged Armor case strikes the ideal balance between thin and light design and robust protection. It employs Air Cushion technology on the corners and a spider web pattern on the inside to protect the phone from damage after a few feet fall. This Samsung S22 Ultra protective case also includes a raised lip around the curved display to avoid it from getting scratched, and it covers the phone’s buttons with protective and tactile TPU layers. The Spigen Tough Armor case is one of the most durable smartphone cases ever created. It is made up of two layers (a flexible TPU inner and a rigid PC outer shell), as well as additional foam inserts. When the phone falls to the ground, they are placed inside the TPU interior for added shock absorption. As a result, the case fulfills one of the most stringent fall protection military standards. The Tough Armor is the case to choose if you want one of the best lightweight protective cases for your Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra.

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4. Poetic Guardian Case (360 Degree protection)

The two-layer design of the Poetic Guardian case is flawless. The AMOLED display of the S22 Ultra is protected by the in-built screen protector, which features cutouts for all of the S22’s sensors along the top, while the back cover is made up of a clear layer and a ruggedized plastic bumper. It boasts military-grade drop protection, as one would anticipate, but it goes a step beyond. It also comes with a built-in screen protector, an anti-scratch transparent back, and an extra front frame in case you don’t want to use the screen protector. The bottom-mounted charging port and headphone jack are covered by the case, but your S Pen is still accessible. Overall, the case looks and feels good in the hand—just make sure the screen protector is clean before applying it, as it’s not easy to remove. The Poetic Guardian case may be bulky, but it provides excellent security especially if you work in workshops or warehouses. The case’s extra raised lips and corners make it extremely secure, at the expense of its bulk. It also supports wireless charging but it can be affected by interference between the charger and the phone.

Moreover, please ensure that you remove any bubbles that may exist between the fingerprint scanner and the fingerprint stamp. Also the fingerprint scanner may not work if you haven’t installed the screen guard or scanned properly after installing it.

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5. Gear4 Denali (Suitable for Adventurers)

Gear4 Denali by ZAGG is perfect for you if you’re looking for style, comfort and protection in the same case. This Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra case is loaded with features. Firstly it helps prevent bacteria from growing on your phone, the case is treated with RepelFlex antimicrobial treatment. Your phone’s rear, including the huge camera rings, is well-protected. The D3O material features a distinctive design on the back inside that helps absorb the shock of a fall. D3O is the same material that is used in construction and adventure gear to protect the wearers. The S22 Ultra’s glass back will be scratch-free, all thanks to the soft interior material, so you won’t have to worry about marks or scratches when using this protective Galaxy S22 Ultra case. The back of the phone has the same interior pattern as the front, and the soft-touch material greatly improves your ability to grip onto your phone in any situation. Wireless payments, charging, and reverse charging are all supported by this protective cover for the Samsung S22 Ultra. Since it has a slim fit, you won’t have to bend your fingers or hands awkwardly in order to coax your phone out. In fact, users have constantly praised it for how easy it is to hold it in your hands. Moreover, this case supports wireless charging and does not interfere with the S-Pen which makes it one of the top protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra on our list.

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6. Spigen Tough Armor Case (Reliable protection)

With a name like Tough Armor, you’d expect a case that protects your S22 Ultra from any potential damage. This Galaxy S22 Ultra protective case ensures your Android flagship is housed in a flexible TPU layer, with a rigid outer plastic shell helping to divert incoming shocks and keep the phone safe. This gives the Tough Armor a military-grade durability rating. The Tough Armor, like many of Spigen’s other cases, includes the company’s tried-and-true Air Cushion Technology, which helps to absorb the impact of particularly bad falls. Despite its extensive protection, the Tough Armor isn’t unduly bulky or huge. It’s a little thicker and heavier than the Rugged Armor, but that hasn’t been a problem for its users. And hey! On the back of the case, there is a kickstand. It only opens to one position, but it will securely hold your phone and is a useful accessory to have on hand. Oh, and even with the Tough Armor on, wireless charging on the Galaxy S22 is still possible. This includes using the Wireless PowerShare feature or charging the S22 Ultra with a wireless charger.

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7. Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro (Rugged Protection)

Supcase has built a reputation as a reliable manufacturer of phone cases, namely flagships like the OnePlus 9 series, iPhone 13 series, over the years. Its protective cases, such as the Unicorn Beetle Pro, have proven to be a popular and reliable choice because they can withstand practically everything you throw at them. The UB Pro from Supcase is the clear leader of the pack, and it’s also the most widely accessible. It’s a monster with all four limbs. To keep your Galaxy S22 Ultra secure, this rugged case uses a multi-piece hybrid construction. Drops and shocks are deflected by the thick TPU bumper around the edges, while scratches are brushed away harmlessly by the polycarbonate casing. In terms of universal features, each UB Pro case comes with a rotating belt holster to keep all of that heft out of your pocket. You can also use the built-in kickstand to watch your favourite shows from one of three different positions while streaming them hands-free, however, it doesn’t come with an in-built screen protector. But, the UB Pro is also the most colourful case in the collection, with up to a dozen different colours to choose from.

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8. i-Blason Ares

The i-Blason Ares is a slim, protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra that comes in a variety of colours. It’s the best and most functionally packed case you can buy. It has TPU bumpers that act as shock absorbers so even if you drop it around your house or workplace, you can be assured that your phone won’t suffer any unnecessary damages. You’ll also appreciate the all-around protection from dirt, bumps, dust, and other phone-related hazards. The phone is protected from dust, dirt, and unintended falls thanks to this protective cover’s resilience. And its full-body design offers 360 degrees safeguard from dampness, dust, mishap, and filth. These features come in handy if you work in construction zones or near heavy-duty equipment. Because the casing is scratch-resistant, it will not discolour or fade when your pets scratch it. It is perfectly compatible with wireless chargers, so you won’t need to bring any wired chargers with you. i-Blason Ares case is also vital for parents with young children who need to safeguard their phones from falling. If the phone is not secured when the child accidentally drops it, there is a chance that it will crack that curved display. Therefore, Samsung Galaxy S22 owners should check out this rugged case from i-Blason to protect their phones from accidents, dust, and other debris. As a result, the phone will last longer than planned, and you’ll spend less money on phone maintenance. When it comes to a sleek clear case with solid protection, the Ares case for Galaxy S22 epitomizes the best of both worlds. Furthermore, it has a shock-absorbent bumper with special air cushions and multiple layers of TPU for protection, so you can rest assured that your phone will survive any accidental drops from the kitchen countertops. The case has a translucent back that provides undetectable scratch protection, keeping the phone blemish-free does not hide the premium glass back. This rugged S22 Ultra case also has easy-grasp textured rubber that is comfortable to clasp while still providing a free-gripping surface. As a result, the case’s dependability provides consistent protection without increasing bulk. It has higher bezels to protect your AMOLED display and quad-camera setup from damage caused by uneven surfaces.

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9. i-Blason Cosmo Series (Good looks with decent protection)

If you’re looking to make a statement, then this case series is your best bet. i- Blason’s goal is to make your day beautiful with its incredibly bold designs, strong and trendy accessories. Their cases, which feature beautiful designs and colours, will make you stand out anywhere you go. The Cosmo Case series from i-Blason features their signature glossy marble print and gold accents throughout the entire design of this S22 Ultra case. It is certain to catch everyone’s attention thanks to the bold and bright graphics. With this case, your S22 Ultra can withstand a drop of up to ten feet, all thanks to the in-built screen protector, back cover, impact-resistant TPU bumper, and raised bezels. Plus, there’s more. The casing is scratch and scrape resistant, and it will not fade or discolour over time. As a result, both the device and the case will look new for a long time. All in all, this S22 Ultra protective case has a glossy finish and is extremely soft to the touch. Furthermore, the cutouts for buttons, S-Pen and ports are also extremely accessible. You may feel it’s a little bulky, but it manages to keep a slim profile, nonetheless. You also get three enchanting colour options in Marble, Ameth and Ocean.

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10. UAG- Monarch Galaxy

This rugged case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra by UAG offers five layers of security. Most of the regular cases contain two or more layers, which are to be attached individually, which can be quite time-consuming. This is where Monarch Galaxy comes in. The Monarch case is made of one piece, so all you have to do is snap it on your phone and go. Because of its double military-level drop protection (MIL-STD 810G 516.6) and incorporation of leather and metal components in the case, the UAG Monarch series is one of the best protective cases for Galaxy S22 Ultra you can buy in 2022. The honeycomb traction grip on the side of the Galaxy S22 Ultra looks beautiful and makes it easy to hang on to. The power and other buttons have ridges and a good tactile feel to them, making them easy to push every time. The volume control is likewise elevated and easy to use. The USB Type-C port, speaker, headset jack, S-Pen and microphone all have openings on the bottom. A robust frame piece, top grain leather, a polycarbonate shear plate, alloy metal hardware torx screws holding the layers firm, and impact-resistant rubber make up the Monarch series, which offers five levels of protection. There is lots of rubber material in the corners to protect your aluminium phone against bumps, and there is also material inside to protect your phone’s glass back when it suffers a drop. The triple camera and flash are housed in a wide hole on the back. With a dark red matte plastic material inserted black leather material and corner alloy screws, the back of the case is stunning. Wireless charging and Samsung Pay are both compatible with the cover. It is available in the following colours to match your vibe: Crimson, Black, Carbon Fiber, Kevlar Black and Mellard.

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11. Spigen Liquid Air case (Protection with a slim design)

The Spigen Liquid Air Armor is equally thin and light, but it sports a geometric pattern on the rear that helps users grip better. With covered buttons and sides, it also provides better protection than the Spigen Thin Fit case. It’s light and doesn’t feel flimsy, while maintaining the phone’s thin aluminium chassis. The case is small enough to put in a pocket and does not attract fingerprints. The design is understated, with patterned rows of triangles that are pleasingly symmetrical replacing the Spigen emblem. The Spigen Liquid Air case will fit your Galaxy Note inspired flagship like a glove, so you won’t have to adjust any sides or corners of your phone. So, you should definitely buy this slim protective case if you want to protect your phone without bulking it out like a tank. In fact, some users have also said that this case is one of the best cases available for Samsung Galaxy phones due to their lightweight design and durability. Moreover, users have also claimed that the buttons are very firm, so you can feel and hear the click sounds and the case is also very durable. Please note it will provide less protection than other S22 Ultra rugged cases mentioned in this roundup. 

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12. Spidercase Waterproof cover (Best Waterproof Case)

Spidercase is one of the lesser-known brands on our roundup of the best rugged cases for Galaxy S22 Ultra but it definitely packs a punch with its waterproof case. This waterproof protective case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is one of the best finds on our list. Compared to other protective covers, the SpiderCase is a lot less complicated than most, featuring a simple black and translucent cover that comes with a screen protector and a camera lens protector. It’s a small case that promises to protect your phone from drops, dust, and snow. If you’re worried about wireless charging, don’t be, since this case supports wireless charging. It also harbours extremely accurate cutouts for all your sensors, buttons and cameras. Users have commended this product for its efficiency, sturdiness and value for money. The case is sealed and there is no room for movement once the top is pressed against the back. The screen and camera functions are not harmed in any way even when you drop your device. The buttons are stiff but raised for easier use, and the sides are easy to grasp without being sticky. Replacements for the handy lanyard, are included. If you’re looking for a case that can protect your case from falls and is suitable for a trip to the beach, then this waterproof case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra should be a fair choice.

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13. Ringke Onyx (Protective case with a Minimal Design)

The Ringke Onyx cases are more protective than the Air series of Ringke, and they still provide some stylish options for smartphone users. They’re composed of flexible TPU material that makes them easy to put on and take off. They come in a range of hues as well. Despite this, they have military-grade protection against serious falls. This Galaxy S22 Ultra case includes screen protection lips, which lifts the back of the phone somewhat on a level surface, and, most importantly, has pleasant flat grippy side rails that make this very large phone feel excellent in the hand. The back is textured, which also gives you a very solid feel in hand. Moreover, if you’re someone who tends to keep their phones on the tables quite carelessly (you know who you are), then this protective case for Galaxy S22 Ultra is a perfect choice for you since it has raised edges for your camera which protects it from getting scratched when not in use. It also supports wireless charging and PowerShare.

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14. Ringke Fusion X (Best Value for Money)

The Ringke Fusion X was introduced in 2017 and has since become the company’s flagship case. The Fusion X is an expansion of the original Fusion case, featuring a dual-layer construction that provides a lot of protection to devices. The strong polycarbonate back is translucent, allowing you to show off the phone’s colour and design. The display and rear camera are protected by a raised lip, while the sides and corners are reinforced with a TPU bumper for further drop protection. A lanyard hole is also included for connecting wrist and neck straps. This S22 Ultra rugged  case is tough and offers fantastic protection and moreover, fits very snugly on your phone. Users have constantly commended the case for its slim fit, excellent grip and fantastic material quality. Furthermore, the buttons are also easily accessible and all the details are perfect when it comes to this protective case for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra. It comes in the colours Black and Camo Black. To make things easier, this phone case also supports wireless charging, so you won’t have to remove it if you’re looking to charge your phone wirelessly.

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15. Zizo Bolt Blue (Budget-friendly) 

This affordable S22 Ultra rugged case has a cool military-style perforated rear panel and exposed screws, giving it a futuristic appearance, but it’s more than that. Its multilayered design provides tough protection from bumps, drops, and scrapes. It’s small enough to fit in a pocket yet has a built-in kickstand for hands-free viewing and video conversations, as well as a heavy-duty 360-degree rotating belt clip, making it ideal for individuals who lead active lives. It’s a terrific investment to keep your new phone secure, whatever you do, and it’s available in red, black, or blue for under $30.  However, users have reported that the screen protector has a tendency to block the fingerprint scanner. Users can try rescanning their fingerprints and changing their sensitivity. But rest assured, this is one of the best protective cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra which also supports wireless charging

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 16. Nillkin CamShield Armor

For a low-cost protective cover, the Nillkin CamShield Pro case for Samsung S22 Ultra has several impressive features. The TPU bumper and strong PC (Polycarbonate) rear provide protection in a thin package. Extra protection is provided by reinforced corners. But what sets it apart from the rest is the simple sliding camera cover that protects your camera lenses from scratches and dust build-up while not in use. While the case has a soft feel to it, the bumper is made of TPU, and the back is made of a hard PC for more protection. Impact-resistant “airbags,” provide even more durability around the susceptible Galaxy Note inspired phone corners. The case’s corners are noticeably thicker than the remainder of the bumper. Moreover, it also has a very reliable camera protector which covers your camera as you slide it across, for better tightness and privacy. It even has a ring kickstand at the back, so if you’re looking to binge-watch a movie, this case is perfect for that as well. Moreover, the flexible TPU silica gel frame which makes your phone survive the fall from dropping from a high vantage point.

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This marks the end of our list for the best protective cases for the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra in 2022. We hope that you now have a clear idea about which case is perfect for you. And while you’re here, check out our article on the Best Cases for Samsung Galaxy S22 in 2022