The 9 Best iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Cases in 2023

Ever since Apple introduced the MagSafe technology, there has been a lot of fuss about it in the mobile protection industry. As a result, major brands like Spigen, OtterBox, ESR, and more come up with the idea of selling their cases with magnets inside them. The magnets embedded inside the case align with the magnets inside the iPhone. And, when a MagSafe charger is brought near the case, it automatically snaps to the iPhone and charges it. 

Other than MagSafe chargers, these cases also allow you to attach MagSafe accessories such as MagSafe battery packs, magnetic wallets, etc. At times when you are out traveling and forget your charger back at home, the MagSafe battery pack in your travel pouch comes in super handy. You can just attach them to the MagSafe case, and, it starts charging without any wires, easy peasy. MagSafe has undoubtedly made iPhone charging a lot easier. Gone are the days when you used to work on your desk with wires all over the place. 

Since magnetic cases enable you to utilize the MagSafe technology, it is worth exploring the option. But, the fact that there are plenty of brands offering different types of MagSafe cases for iPhone 14 Plus, it can be really tough to skim out the best. We at TechieTechTech understand this issue and curated a list of top MagSafe cases for iPhone 14 Plus that you can buy now or gift to your family/friends this holiday season. From rugged MagSafe cases to slim one, we have listed different types of cases and covers that are compatible with MagSafe accessories

Without further ado, let’s jump into the list of the best iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe cases to buy in 2023.

Note: We keep updating our list from time to time to cover the latest products available online. 

Disclaimer: All the cases listed here are MagSafe compatible.

List of top MagSafe Cases for iPhone 14 Plus you can buy in 2023

1. UAG Monarch Pro Rugged iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case 

UAG Monarch Pro Rugged iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

If you want unmatched drop protection from an iPhone 14 Plus heavy-duty MagSafe case, the UAG Monarch Pro should be on your cart. This protective case is built using premium materials and has a whooping 5-layers for ultimate protection. In addition, you’ll find a shock-resistant frame built with fiber and topped with a PC plate and alloy materials. The frame is wrapped around with impact-resistance rubber bumps for maximum protection. We truly loved the fact that this rugged MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus can survive fatal drops from a height of up to 25 feet. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about taking your iPhone on the next adventure trip. You can always capture thrilling moments without worrying about your iPhone’s safety. Also, this rugged iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case comes in handy for anyone who works in an unsafe environment like factories, mills, or construction sites. 

We also loved how this case has managed to preserve the slim and form-fitted design despite offering rugged and ultimate protection capabilities. So, if you are not a fan of thick and rugged cases for iPhone 14 Plus, we urge you to grab this one. 

No wonder, this rugged MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus is loaded with several protective features, but its expensive price tag might grab your attention. Yes, it is almost double the price of the OtterBox Defender Series. That said, it is best to go with this one rather than regret it afterward at Apple Care with a damaged iPhone. Remember, it is a must-have rugged case for all the butterfingers who are reading this, it is built for you, trust me.

All in all, if you are looking for a solid rugged protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus, the UAG Monarch Pro is the right pick for you.

Reasons to buy

  • Slim and lightweight build
  • Protects your device from a drop from 25 feet height 
  • Over-sized buttons offer the best response
  • The traction grip on the sides is best for users with butterfingers
  • Integrated lanyard anchor for hands-free carrying

Reasons to avoid

  • Hefty price tag

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2. Rokform Rugged Magnetic Case for iPhone 14 Plus

Rokform Rugged Magnetic Case for iPhone 14 Plus First, on our list of top MagSafe cases, we have for you this protection beast from Rokform. In the very first glimpse of this case, you can tell that it is made to guard your iPhone 14 Plus against every sort of accidental damage. It looks and feels chunky, and that’s not a problem, to be very honest. All rugged cases are built this way, or else they can’t withstand fatal damages. 

Talking of build, this protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus is made from durable Polycarbonate armor topped with reinforced corners for ultra-strong protection. In addition, the rugged bumper design comes in handy deflecting heavy shocks that your iPhone has to ensure during the roughest sideways drops on a concrete floor. The brand also claims that this rugged MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus comes with Military-grade certification (MIL-STD 801G-516.6) suggesting additional security from accidental damages. Besides, the raised edges around the camera and screen do a brilliant job of keeping away stubborn scratches. So, the next time you keep your iPhone upside down on your kitchen cabinet while cooking your favorite meal, don’t worry about the screen getting scratched.

If you think that’s enough features in a protective case, surprisingly, there are more. You’d be glad to hear that it offers an excellent grip, all thanks to the wraparound bumpers and the textured back design. Now, travel worry-free in a busy subway without thinking too much about dropping your iPhone. 

Did we mention that this rugged shockproof MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus sports a built-in RokLock Twist Lock System? You can use the lock system to mount your iPhone on your mountain bike, motorbike, or even a modern bicycle. Now, it’s easy for you to shoot travel vlogs for your next YouTube video or Instagram Live. Moreover, you’ll get 2 years of post-purchase warranty just in case you experience any trouble with this iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case.

Reasons to buy:

  • Grippy side bumpers offer a secure in-hand feel
  • 2-year after-sales warranty
  • Serious protection for your iPhone
  • Twist Lock System makes it easy to mount your phone on a bike or bicycle

Reasons to avoid:

  • Expensive
  • It is one of the heaviest MagSafe cases for the iPhone 14 Plus

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3. Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

Case-Mate Wallet Folio iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

If you want to gift MagSafe accessories to yourself or elderlies this holiday season, we recommend grabbing a magnetic wallet case from CaseMate. This MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus comes with a wallet design that eliminates the hassle of carrying a bulky wallet filled with paper notes, credit cards, and other documents. So, if you are someone who prefers shopping with credit cards more often, this wallet case for iPhone 14 Plus is the best pick for you. 

Talking of looks and build quality, it is worth mentioning that this MagSafe case is designed using handcrafted genuine leather. The premium leather offers a minimalist and classy look to your gorgeous iPhone. For your ease, there are four big pockets in the front flip cover to keep your money and cards secure. In addition, this MagSafe wallet iPhone 14 Plus case also acts as a screen protector and a stand that lets you watch your favorite movies on Disney Plus or make a hands-free video call. It is worth mentioning that based on where you have placed your iPhone you can expect some wobbling. Therefore, we don’t recommend you prop your iPhone using the flip cover on the edge of a table or kitchen counter. Even if you drop it, this magnetic iPhone 14 Plus case comes with 10 feet of drop protection to offer overall protection.

If you’d ask us, honestly it is somewhat expensive for a MagSafe case with just extra pockets and a flap that doubles up as a stand. With that said, you will get best-in-class handcrafted material and a lifetime warranty at a hefty price tag. Therefore, we don’t recommend this to anyone who is looking for an iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case on a limited budget. If your pocket allows, you can always grab it. For someone who is looking for a budget-friendly MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus case, we suggest you check the OtterBox Detachable Folio Wallet case right now.

Reasons to buy:

  • 10 feet drop protection
  • Pocket for cash and cards
  • The front cover offers display protection
  • Scratch resistant 

Reasons to avoid:

  • Expensive

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4. ESR Classic Hybrid Magnetic iPhone 14 Plus Case with HaloLock

ESR Classic Hybrid Magnetic iPhone 14 Plus Case with HaloLock

iPhone roundups are not complete without ESR accessories added to them. And, by our past experiences, we can say that this brand makes some of the best cases for iPhone 14 Plus. Since Apple introduced MagSafe technology to the world, ESR has been quite active and one of the first brands that embraced it in their products quickly. If you are unaware, we also reviewed some of the ESR HaloLock products, and want to tell you that they are just awesome. At present, you can find the MagSafe version for selected ESR cases, and we have one here that’s worth checking out.

Talking of this clear MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus, there are magnets inside it that are generally found in almost all magnetic cases. But, the strong attachment is something that you wouldn’t find in many of them, and that’s where ESR’s brilliance comes into play. You can attach MagSafe accessories and charge your iPhone 14 Plus hassle-free, without any charging issues. It features a super clean design and tough acrylic back with a ring around the camera setup that doubles as a kickstand. You can always prop your iPhone horizontally to watch your favorite Netflix shows, read eBooks or browse through super-long PDFs, without troubling your hand. Sadly, this case can only prop your iPhone in landscape mode. Therefore, if you are a content creator who likes to shoot exciting TikTok videos or Instagram Reels, we urge you to get yourself the traditional Metal Kickstand Case without MagSafe

Despite having a transparent design, this clear case for iPhone 14 Plus with MagSafe turns out good when it comes to yellowing. We’re not saying that it won’t turn yellow, but with our past experience with this case, we can tell that it preserves the crystal clear design for a long time. FYI, all clear cases are prone to getting yellow over time, so make sure you get the right one. 

To sum up, if you are eyeing a clear MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus, this one is worth checking out. 

Reasons to buy

  • Raised edges for display and camera protection
  • Shock-absorbing air-guarded corners
  • Built-in kickstand 

Reasons to avoid

  • The device can’t be locked in portrait mode 

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5. Spigen Tough Armor MagFit Case for iPhone 14 Plus

Spigen Tough Armor MagFit Case for iPhone 14 Plus

If you want a MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus that delivers solid protection, the Spigen Tough Armor series is the best pick for you. Despite having a heavy name, it preserves the lightweight and form-fitted design to snugly fit the iPhone. This MagSafe case is made from a combination of polycarbonate and TPU materials to ensure extra durability. Plus, you’ll get three color options to complement your look. In addition, this iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case comes with Air Cushion Technology that offers extremely good protection against sideways drops and shocks. So, next time you drop your iPhone on the kitchen floor, please be assured that this case can keep your phone in one piece. Also, users who fear their mischievous kid recklessly throwing stuff here and there shouldn’t worry much. This MagSafe case is designed to defend your iPhone 14 Plus. 

What’s more? This MagSafe protective case for iPhone 14 Plus comes with a built-in kickstand attached to the back. It comes in handy for people who like to binge-watch Netflix shows right before bedtime. You can also use it for hands-free FaceTime calls and recording TikTok videos and Insta Reels. The kickstand is indeed a superb addition to this iPhone 14 Plus heavy-duty case with MagSafe support.

In short, it is a must-have protective case for iPhone 14 Plus users who work in an unsafe environment like a mill, warehouse, construction site, etc. 

Reasons to buy:

  • Superb protection
  • Comes with an in-built kickstand 
  • Shatter and drop resistant
  • Available in three classy color choices 

Reasons to avoid:

  • Relatively expensive 
  • The hard shell at the back might get slippery at times when your iPhone is warm 

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6. Speck Products Gemshell iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

Speck Products Gemshell iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

Do you want a MagSafe case that lets you showcase the original color and aesthetics of the latest iPhone? If yes, grab this transparent MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus from Speck right now. We have covered various Speck Gemshell series cases earlier and loved them for their immaculate grip and the protection they offered. But when it comes to flaunting iPhone’s design and color, this clear case competes in line with Spigen’s Ultra Hybrid Clear MagSafe case.

It is a simple clear case that offers a good amount of protection to the iPhone 14 Plus without boasting any creative design. If you like things sorted and super functional, this transparent case is a go-to iPhone accessory for you. Aside from the looks and design, it is quite good at protecting your iPhone. This clear iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case can withstand a drop of up to 8 feet/2.4 meters. Therefore, if you fear dropping your iPhone from a cluttered workstation, make sure you have this case installed on it. Also, it can protect your iPhone from accidental drops from your bed, sideboard, and pocket. 

If you are worried about the camera and screen getting scratched from daily wear and tear, the raised lips around them can be a lifesaver. Though every clear case is claimed to stay crystal clear for a long time, you can expect a yellow tint as time passes. Other notable features are precise cutouts, pronounced buttons, and a wraparound bumper that can absorb heavy hocks and prevent screen-shattering problems. 

Overall, it is a nice case that gives you the freedom of showcasing lovely colors on your iPhone. That said, we don’t like the fact that it is priced above $29. Therefore, we suggest going with this one only if your pocket allows it. 

Reasons to buy:

  • 8-feet drop protection
  • Lightweight and minimalist design 
  • Premium build 
  • Scratch-proof protection

Reasons to avoid:

  • Relatively expensive 

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7. TORRAS Thin MagSafe Case for iPhone 14 Plus

TORRAS Thin MagSafe Case for iPhone 14 Plus

We love TORRAS cases, not just for the variety of options they offer to the users, but the protection this case offers for the price is quite amazing. You might wonder some are priced way too expensive than most brands, but it is all worth it. TORRAS has been competing with the likes of Spigen, ESR, and Ringke for years now, and users love its products. We are speaking after thoroughly using and researching their cases. When we talk about thin MagSafe cases for iPhone 14 Plus, we can’t stop ourselves from mentioning TORRAS’s slim fit series case. If you’re someone who loves slim cases, you need to check this out.

It features a sleek, minimalist, and lightweight design to preserve the original feel of your beloved iPhone. The exciting part about installing this slim MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus is that it’s so thin you don’t even feel it’s there. Other than that, the velvety touch and in-hand feel it offers are oh-so premium. Also, MagSafe compatibility allows you to easily charge your device wirelessly using a reliable MagSafe charger. Honestly, we love such cases and hope this is exactly what you’re looking for. 

That’s not all, you can also use this thin MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus case as a daily driver – it is just as good as other cases that offer decent protection. Thanks to the 1.55mm raised lips around the iPhone’s XDR display and dual-rear camera, you shouldn’t worry about your iPhone getting scratched. That said, we strongly recommend this is not for anyone who tends to drop their phone more often or have kids around the house. Also, please look for something else if you are taking your iPhone for a ride shooting adventure vlogs, etc.

Overall, it is a reliable option for users looking for a thin iPhone 14 Plus case with MagSafe. However, the only shortcoming we can think of is its expensive price tag. Therefore, if your pocket allows, then you can have a look at this case, else stick with thin cases from Spigen, ESR, etc. 

Reasons to buy:

  • Premium in-hand feel 
  • Non-slip design
  • Looks awesome 
  • Snugly fits with your iPhone 
  • 180-day replacement policy

Reasons to avoid: 

  • Relatively expensive than most of the slim MagSafe cases

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8. Smartish iPhone 14 Plus Thin MagSafe Case

Smartish iPhone 14 Plus Thin MagSafe Case

Are you looking for something very simple and affordable, but haven’t found one yet? Well, your search ends here with this slim MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus from Smartish. You might remember Smartish for its awesome Gripzilla series case which we have also lauded in our previous iPhone roundups. If you want to check it out, make sure to click here. For now, we will be talking about its slim MagSafe case. 

If you have drained your wallet buying the new iPhone 14 Plus and looking for a case that offers respectable protection at an affordable price tag, this thin MagSafe case is the best pick for you. Frankly speaking, it doesn’t look as fancy as the MagSafe cases from UAG, Ringke, or Caseology. But, it indeed is one of the best picks for users looking for something simple and sober. Despite having a relatively lower price tag than most cases here, it doesn’t compromise with the MagSafe compatibility. You can always charge your phone using MagSafe chargers and attach accessories like the MagSafe wallet at the back without any issues. 

As far as looks are concerned, this iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case comes with a non-nonsense lightweight design which makes it easier to slide into your pocket easily. There is a soft microfiber inner lining in this thin case that ensures your iPhone 14 Plus’s glass back looks flawless. Also, there is an air pocket on each corner to absorb shock and prevent the screen from shattering sideways drops from your pocket. The raised edges do their bit to protect the screen and camera setup from annoying scratches that may appear due to daily wear and tear.

If you often drop your iPhone here and there, the grippy texture on the sides can be your wallet’s lifesaver when you’re in a bustling subway or public transport. So, don’t worry about dropping your beloved iPhone. 

In short, this thin MagSafe case is a worthy affordable option for iPhone 14 Plus users looking for decent protection against minor drops and shocks. You can also check out the Smartish Volume Slayer Vol 2 if you are interested in a Magnetic wallet case. 

Reasons to buy

  • Slim and lightweight design
  • Budget-friendly 
  • Elevated textures on the sides give a good grip
  • Comes in an array of solid, clear, and trendy options
  • Air pocket corners are handy in absorbing shocks during drops

Reasons to avoid

  • Not suitable if your phone drops frequently 

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9. OtterBox Symmetry Series+ iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

OtterBox Symmetry Series+ iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case

We have been covering OtterBox cases for a long time now, and we absolutely loved it for the protection it offers. Since we are covering the latest offering from the brand, here we have for you the Otterbox Symmetry Series+ case for iPhone 14 Plus. Like all other OtterBox cases, this one also delivers maximum protection to your iPhone 14 Plus, but with a MagSafe experience as well. Talking of overall design, we really loved how this iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe case enhances the beauty of your device, thanks to the stylish and classy look. It features a dual-layer build for 360-degree protection. Honestly speaking, it is among some of the best-looking colorful heavy-duty iPhone 14 Plus cases with MagSafe that we have come across lately. 

Apart from good looks, this MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus case is best known to deliver top-notch protection against the harshest drops and falls. Yes, this protective case comes with Drop+ protection which ensures it withstands 3x as many drops as military standards. Therefore, if you ever manage to drop your phone while riding a motorbike, don’t worry, this heavy-duty case for iPhone 14 Plus will keep your $899 flagship in one piece. Even though the sides are a bit chunky, it doesn’t feel that heavy. That said, the price of this iPhone 14 Plus protective MagSafe case is something that might bother many of you. But, believe me, the protection your device gets with this case makes the investment worth it. 

In short, it is a must-have for iPhone 14 Plus users who are looking to keep their beloved smartphone in one piece for years. If you are an adventurer who likes to record thrilling moments in the wild, this protective iPhone case is supremely useful for you.

Reasons to buy

  • Installation and removal of this case is very easy
  • Drop+ protection ensures your device is safe against fatal damage
  • Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Offers a comfortable and secure in-hand feel
  • Several options of trendy designs and colors

Reasons to avoid

  • Expensive

Check Price on Amazon

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Honorary Mention to some of the best iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe cases 

  1. Mous Protective iPhone 14 Plus MagSafe Case
  2. Spigen Ultra Hybrid MagFit for iPhone 14 Plus
  3. Caseology Parallax MagSafe iPhone 14 Plus Case
  4. SUPCASE Unicorn Beetle Pro Mag Case for iPhone 14 Plus

That’s all for now in this roundup of the top MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus that you can buy in 2023. If you wanna gift something to an iPhone 14 Pro series user, make sure to check our roundup of the best MagSafe cases for iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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