Top 10 Protective Cases for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

Top 10 Protective Cases for iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus

The iPhone 14 is an investment that you would want to protect so it looks good for a long time. One harsh drop might leave you with a broken display or ruin the beauty of your iPhone with those ugly dents on the edges. Then, you could do nothing other than pay those fat repair bills and regret why didn’t you put a protective case. Even the thought of this is damn scary, right? That said, mishappenings don’t give you alarms, you have to stay prepared. We truly understand what it feels like to accidentally drop your just-bought iPhone. Trust me, I’ve been there. 

I once dropped my iPhone while capturing a group selfie with my friends outside a cafe when a stranger bumped into me & the phone left my hand to hug the ground. I guess I just had a lucky day that the display remained intact but I could see awful dents on the edges. It just ruined my iPhone. Then, I had to hide them with a case that I wish I had put on earlier. Anyways! I know that feeling and just don’t want you to go through the same pain. Also, why take any risk? You can avoid such situations with a good case. So, just grab the most protective case for iPhone 14 and stay worry-free.

After thorough research and testing multiple iPhone cases over a period of time, we’ve come up with our picks on the best protective cases for iPhone 14 & 14 Plus. Right from the clear and minimal to rugged and heavy-duty iPhone 14 cases, we’ve included everything in this article. Additionally, if you’re eyeing the best protective clear case for iPhone 14, you’ll find a suitable option here. 

So, let’s dig in!

Note: We update our article from time to time to cover the latest products available in the market.

List of the Best Protective Cases for iPhone 14 & iPhone 14 Plus

1. Otterbox Defender XT

Best Overall

Otterbox Defender XT for iPhone 14

When it comes to the best protective iPhone cases, Otterbox is a top player. The brand offers an array of rugged & heavy-duty cases that can keep your beloved smartphone new-looking for a long time. And, here we’ve handpicked the Otterbox Defender XT Series that’s a top choice for anyone who’s looking for the best protective case for iPhone 14 Plus that can save your device from fatal damages. Thanks to Drop+ protection and its ability to survive 5x as many drops as military standards, this iPhone 14 case adds a tough layer of protection to your phone. So, no matter if you accidentally drop your iPhone from several stairs or someone bumps into you while you’re chatting with your friend waiting at a subway station, you can be assured that your darling phone is safe. 

Moving further, this iPhone 14 Plus case has port covers that offer dust protection around the ports. It means, you never have to worry about build-up clogging the lightning port and throwing charging issues on your iPhone 14. So, if you work in a factory, textile plant, warehouse, garage, or mill, this is the best protective iPhone 14 case that you can get for yourself. Best of all, the case is fully compatible with MagSafe chargers and other accessories. So, you can always snap on your favorites without having to take off the case. Unarguably, the case is expensive but it can safeguard your phone even during the harshest of drops. So, you won’t regret buying it.

We’ve been fans of this protective case for iPhone 14. While it’s one of the most secure iPhone cases, it might be bulky for some users. This shouldn’t be a dealbreaker because heavy-duty and ultra-protective iPhone 14 Plus cases are built this way. So, if you’re in search of the best protective iPhone 14 MagSafe case, this is a no-brainer.

Reasons to buy

  • Backed by a Limited Lifetime warranty
  • Can survive 5x as many drops as military standards
  • Fully compatible with the Apple MagSafe system 
  • Complete port protection
  • Comfortable grip
  • It comes with a lanyard attachment and an optional holster

Reasons to avoid

  • Relatively expensive 

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2. Spigen Tough Armor

Our all-time favorite, now with MagSafe

Spigen Tough Armor

You don’t always have to pay a premium price to get a protective MagSafe case for your iPhone 14, and this Spigen case is a true example. 

Our all-time favorite iPhone case just got better with the MagSafe compatibility. If you’re looking for the best shockproof iPhone 14 case, we would urge you to get Spigen Tough Armor without any second thoughts. It’s one of the best protective cases for the iPhone 14 Plus that’s highly functional, durable, and reliable. The case is made out of polycarbonate and PC materials which makes it sturdy enough to fight off everyday damage like a true warrior. Additionally, there’s a built-in magnetic ring that perfectly aligns with MagSafe accessories and securely holds onto them. This protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 embeds Air Cushion technology to deliver excellent anti-shock protection during sudden falls, drops, and shocks. Therefore, if your work routine involves a lot of travel or you need a rough & tough case for your iPhone 14 Plus, this is gonna be your front-runner. 

The case brings more versatility with the built-in kickstand that lets you prop your iPhone on the kitchen counter while you try new recipes from YouTube for Thanksgiving dinner. Also, you can comfortably make those longer video calls or binge-watch your favorite Netflix shows without having to hold the phone in your hand all the time. The kickstand feels sturdy and does a good job of holding your phone in place. We’ve been having a great time using Spigen cases, screen protectors, chargers, and other accessories for many of our iPhone and Android smartphones. We can say that Spigen offers some of the most reliable, affordable, and durable iPhone 14 cases. 

In short, if you need the best protective shockproof case for iPhone 14 or 14 Plus, we would recommend grabbing this one in the first place. 

Reasons to buy

  • Excellent protection
  • Shatter-resistant 
  • Built-in kickstand
  • Raised bezels
  • Works well with MagSafe accessories
  • Air Cushion Technology for shock absorption 

Reasons to avoid

  • Limited colors to choose from

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3. UAG Monarch Pro

Unbeatable drop protection 

UAG Monarch Pro for iPhone 14

If you’re a road warrior, adventure lover, or someone who has an active lifestyle, you just can’t compromise on the safety of your flagship smartphone. One harsh drop can leave you with a cracked display or even shatter it completely. For such users, we’ve handpicked the best protective iPhone 14 case that offers unbeatable protection in every situation. The UAG rugged iPhone 14 protective case offers incredible defense with its ability to survive drops as high as up to 25ft. So, whether your iPhone falls off while you shoot the latest TikTok trend, travel vlog, or Action videos on your iPhone, this protective case for iPhone 14 Plus is there to take care of everything. Thanks to built-in snappy magnets, you can attach your magnetic mounts, battery pack, and other gear. Therefore, you can easily take pictures and videos on your adventure trips without having to worry about anything. 

Moreover, we strongly recommend this iPhone 14 case for anyone who heavily uses one phone for years before buying a new one. Your iPhone can literally fight off even the deadliest of drops and still manage to look new-like when you take off the case. One of the best features of this ultra-tough protective case for iPhone 14 is that it doesn’t bulk up your iPhone or make it uncomfortable to use. The case has 5-layers of protection built around a PC impact frame so you can enjoy a slim and lightweight profile. The impact-resistant rubber bumpers deliver excellent protection while the metal toppings & leather finish adds to the overall style & durability. So, if you don’t like rugged & heavy-duty protective cases for iPhone 14 Plus because they look ugly or add too much bulk, nothing can be more suitable for you than this option.

While we’ve all the good things to talk about this secure iPhone 14 case, we just can’t deny the fact that it comes with an exorbitant price tag of $80. So, it might not appeal to budget-conscious shoppers. That said, if you aren’t restricted to a budget and want to grab the most protective case for iPhone 14 that can safeguard your phone from every possible damage, this is a worthy investment. After all, it makes sense to spend $80 on a case than hundreds of dollars in repair costs.

Reasons to buy

  • Drop tested at up to 25 feet
  • Slim & lightweight 
  • Secure and snappy built-in magnets
  • Clicky oversized buttons
  • Secure in-hand feel
  • Integrated lanyard anchor for on-the-go functionality 

Reasons to avoid

  • Premium price tag

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4. Smartish iPhone 14 Protective Case

Affordable & reliable protection! 

Smartish iPhone 14 Protective Case

Looking for the best budget protective case for iPhone 14 or 14 Plus? Get yourself the Smartish iPhone 14 Protective Case without thinking twice. It’s just impressive to know that despite being decently priced at $30, this case has everything you would need to protect your $800 iPhone from any fatal damage. We really appreciate this iPhone 14 Plus protective case for grooved sides that comfortably hugs your hand like a firm handshake to deliver a super-secure in-hand feel. Therefore, the phone won’t slip off your hand while you’re enjoying your favorite movies on a bus journey or shooting Action videos on your iPhone 14. Not to forget, the raised edges work as display and camera guards while your lay your phone on your working desk, bedside table, or any other flat surface. 

Moving on, the rugged design & hard casing across the body allow this protective case for iPhone 14 to withstand sudden drops, falls, and other impacts. So, next time your kid drops the phone while watching Nursery Rhymes or your pet runs away with your device, you shouldn’t freak out. Furthermore, the MagSafe compatibility gives you the freedom to attach any magnetic accessory. Did we mention that you can also customize this rugged protective case for iPhone 14? So, you can always pick the best design that reflects your true style.

While we did not find any flaws in this iPhone 14 protective case, we would like to mention that the grooved sides are a bit harder than the usual cases. That said, it’s completely subjective. Also, they might feel comfortable as you keep using the case. 

In short, this protective iPhone 14 case is the best value-for-money lifesaver for users with butterfingers like me.  

Reasons to buy: 

  • Excellent protection 
  • Grooved sides
  • Shockproof protection 
  • MagSafe compatibility
  • Available in some amazing design options

Reasons to avoid: 

  • None

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5. Mous Protective Case for iPhone 14

When protection meets class!

Mous Protective Case for iPhone 14

Want to grab the most protective iPhone 14 case that looks as premium as your iPhone? The Mous Protective Case for iPhone 14 has your name on it. It’s specially designed for users who love meticulously crafted accessories. This protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus screams perfection & finesse with its ultra-sleek & lightweight design. The case fits like a glove and beautifully hugs every corner of your phone. Right from the classic Aramid Fiber to Speckled Black Fabric, this protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 Plus is available in some unique design options. So, you can easily pick the one that best suits your style.

Moving on, this iPhone 14 case is fully Apple MagSafe compatible so you never have to take off the case to attach a magnetic accessory. This iPhone 14 case strikes a perfect balance between good looks and top-notch protection. To showcase the level of protection offered by the case, Mous invited people to drop their iPhones, and the results were just unbelievable. Additionally, the brand recently did an iPhone 14 bungee jump test in a Mous case. 

The fact that it offers absolute maximum protection with minimal bulk, puts this case ahead of the batch. So, if you’re a fan of lightweight phone cases, this protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 is a must-have for you. The back cover is made from high-quality materials which ensure easy installation and maximum durability. Therefore, besides giving a catchy look to your phone, the case protects every curve of your 6.7” goodness. The embedded impact-absorbing AeroShock technology,  tough layers of rigid materials, and raised bezels offer excellent impact protection. So, your phone remains safe in every situation.  

Reasons to buy

  • Lifetime warranty
  • Protection against drops, shocks, and impacts
  • Sleek & thin design
  • MagSafe compatibility 
  • Durable
  • Unique and eye-catching designs

Reasons to avoid

  • Premium price tag

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6. Pelican Ranger Series

Best clear protective case for iPhone 14

Pelican Clear Protective Case for iPhone 14

Why choose between flaunting your iPhone 14 or protecting it, when you can do both? We completely understand your excitement about showing off your just-bought iPhone 14 and your concern about giving it reliable protection. Therefore, we’ve handpicked the best iPhone 14 case that rocks a crystal-clear design fused with excellent drop protection capabilities. The Pelican Clear iPhone 14 Plus Case sports a rigid back panel, shock-absorbing ridges, and cushioned corners to protect your device from any accidental drops as high as up to 15ft. So, next time you accidentally drop your phone while dodging a crowing subway or putting your phone to charge on a bedside table, your device will remain completely safe & functional. Even better, this minimal iPhone 14 case has a super-sleek design that won’t bulk up your phone or ruin its aesthetics. Impressive, right?  

Moving on, this clear protective iPhone 14 case is made from high-quality materials topped with anti-yellowing coatings so it doesn’t turn yellow so easily. Based on our experience with the Pelican clear cases, they usually last a year before turning yellow. Additionally, the scratch-resistant layer minimizes the chances of ugly scratches and marks. Therefore, you can flaunt your 6.1 inches of beauty for quite a good time. So, if you’ve been hesitating to get a clear iPhone 14 Plus case because it would turn yellow in no time, just go for this one. Also, since the case is made from certified recycled materials, you should feel good about your purchase. Besides the regular option that supports wireless charging, Pelican also offers a MagSafe variant of this case. 

Putting it simply, if you need the most protective clear case for iPhone 14 Plus, we strongly recommend going for this one. 

Reasons to buy:

  • Backed by a Lifetime Warranty
  • 15ft Military-grade drop protection 
  • 5mm raised edges
  • Anti-yellowing coating
  • Ultra-sleek and ultra-thin design
  • MagSafe options are also available 

Reasons to avoid:

  • None 

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7. SUPCASE UB Pro Case

All-round protection


Here we’ve got a full-body case for iPhone 14 that wraps your device in ultra-tough layers of protection to prepare it for even the worst damages. The SUPCASE Heavy-duty Rugged Case for iPhone 14 Plus sports a dual-layer hybrid PC back laced with impact-resistant TPU bumpers to protect your phone from heavy drops that may shatter the display or leave your phone with dents. Additionally, the TPU bumpers provide a secure in-hand feel and prevent your phone from sliding off. Therefore, you can capture your favorite moments at a packed concert or comfortably use your phone on a moving bus. Even better, this protective iPhone 14 case is drop-tested at 20ft which makes it an attractive option for daily commuters, road warriors, or someone who doesn’t want to take any chance when it comes to protection. The case also offers a protective casing on the front with its ultra-clear built-in screen protector that works well with FaceID. 

This heavy-duty protective iPhone 14 case brings more functionality with the integrated kickstand that lets you make WhatsApp calls, watch movies, or browse through long PDFs more conveniently. Additionally, you can utilize it as a little tripod stand to shoot TikTok videos with your friends. Moving on, there’s a detachable belt clip holster so you can enjoy hands-free and pocket-free carrying. It comes in handy when you’re going to a meeting, a business exhibition, or exploring a new place and you don’t want to carry that big 6.7-inches phone in your hand. 

Besides the standard model that’s priced around $25, you can grab the MagSafe models of this protective case for iPhone 14 Plus. Sadly, there’s no Magsafe option for iPhone 14. You must also know that this heavy-duty rugged case for iPhone 14 can add some bulk to your device. So, it might not be the first choice for users who prefer lightweight protection. That said, UB Pro is one of the most protective cases for iPhone 14 you can buy today. 

Reasons to buy 

  • Drop tested at up to 20ft
  • Built-in kickstand brings more functionality
  • Rugged design
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Shock-resistant
  • Detachable belt clip for hands-free carrying

Reasons to avoid

  • Some users might not find the design appealing 
  • Can make the phone bulky
  • The MagSafe option isn’t available for iPhone 14

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Check for iPhone 14 Plus

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8. Tech21 Evo Max

Made for outdoors

Tech21 Evo Max Protective Case for iPhone 14

If you spend most of your time outdoors, your phone remains at a higher risk of drops, falls, knocks, and other damage. For such users, we’ve handpicked an ultra-protective iPhone 14 case that can safeguard every inch of your phone and keep it new-looking for a long time. The Tech21 Evo Max is amongst the most secure iPhone 14 Plus cases that you can find anywhere. Thanks to the extra layers of super-strong impact-resistant materials, this iPhone 14 case can easily fit into your active lifestyle and back your outdoor adventures like a PRO. Additionally, the ultra-tough case for iPhone 14 Plus offers an impressive 20ft multi-drop protection to ensure utmost safety even if you accidentally drop your phone on a concrete floor or your phone wobbles off a desk. In short, whether you’re traveling on public transport or shooting outdoors, the case always takes care of your beloved iPhone. 

Moving on, this protective MagSafe case for iPhone 14 offers complete port protection with covers that prevents dust, dirt, lint, and other particles from reaching the charging port. That’s not all. We really like the sliding camera cover that keeps the rear camera free from scratches and smudges so you don’t have to clean the lenses every time you want to click pictures. Additionally, there’s a clip-on holster that can be doubled as a kickstand for a secure, hands-free viewing experience. So, next time you want to enjoy your favorite shows while eating or pen down some important notes from a YouTube tutorial, just pull out that kickstand and securely prop your iPhone. No more searching for a bottle, container, or anything to place your phone against. 

All in all, Tech21 offers one of the most protective phone cases for iPhone 14 & 14 Plus that money can buy.  

Reasons to buy

  • Delivers multi-drop protective at up to 20ft
  • The Clip-on holster also works as a kickstand
  • Dust covers for charging port
  • Sliding camera cover
  • Nice colors
  • Offers seamless connection with MagSafe accessories

Reasons to avoid

  • The case looks and feels thick
  • Relatively expensive 

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9. i-Blason Ares Case

Best Protective Bumper Case for iPhone 14

i-Blason Ares Protective Case for iPhone 14

Don’t want to get a boring clear case or an over-embellished case for your iPhone 14? Have a look at this protective case for iPhone 14 Plus that brings the apt drama to a normal clear case with colorful bumpers that make your iPhone more stylish and protective. The i-Blason Ares Rugged Clear Case for iPhone 14 is loved for its durability and top-notch protection capabilities. This ultra-strong case for iPhone 14 Plus sports a clear, scratch-resistant back merged with shock-resistant TPU bumpers to offer 360-degree protection even in the most challenging situations. 

The back phone cover is paired with a built-in screen protector to prevent the gorgeous display from shattering. Moreover, the case can survive drops as high up to 20ft. It means your just-bought iPhone remains safe when you accidentally drop it while getting out of the car or it gets knocked off a few stairs while you rush to your office floor. Moreover, if your kids or pets are too mischievous to leave your phone alone, trust me, this iPhone 14 phone case is a lifesaver. We love this protective clear bumper case for iPhone 14 because it doesn’t bulk up or ruin the aesthetics of your sleek phone. In fact, the rugged transparent PC back will let your pretty Blue iPhone 14 shine through while giving it all the protection it deserves. 

If you want to use a magnetic car mount, wireless charger, or any other add-on, make sure to check out the MagSafe variant of this protective case for iPhone 14 Plus. Sadly, this MagSafe model isn’t available for iPhone 14. 

Reasons to buy

  • Available in an array of catchy color options
  • Built-in screen protector
  • Delivers a 360-degree protection
  • Can survive drops as high as up to 20ft
  • Watermark, fingerprint, and scratch resistant 
  • Comes with a one-year warranty

Reasons to avoid

  • The built-in screen protector isn’t that good
  • No MagSafe variant for the iPhone 14 model

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Check for iPhone 14 Plus

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10. Temdan Waterproof Case

Waterproof, dustproof, snowproof


Temdan iPhone 14 Case

Wondering which is the most protective case for iPhone 14 that can you can comfortably take to water sports like snorkeling, rafting, or water polo?  We recommend grabbing the Temdan Waterproof Protective Case for iPhone 14 Plus. It features a flexible rubber back cover fused with a hard PC inner cover and a built-in glass screen protector to deliver complete protection. Additionally, the built-in camera lens protectors prevent scratches, fingerprints, oil marks, & other smudges so you can enjoy a spotless camera all the time. Thanks to the sealed design and IP68 rating, this protective iPhone 14 case is perfect for underwater activities, outdoor sports, and other challenging environments. Just snap on this case and you can comfortably take your iPhone to a pool party or swimming classes, and capture high-quality photos & videos under the water. 

Moving on, this military-grade case is tested to survive drops as high as up to 12ft. It means this protective iPhone 14 case is ready for everything that you throw at it. Besides saving your not-so-wallet-friendly iPhone from physical & liquid damage, the case is backed by a 12-month warranty.

The only thing that we don’t like about this iPhone 14 case with a screen protector is that it’s not MagSafe compatible. Although it works well with wireless chargers, you’ll have to take off the case to click a MagSafe add-on. If you need a waterproof protective case for iPhone 14 that works well with MagSafe, make sure to check out this option from AICase. This waterproof MagSafe case is also available for iPhone 14 Plus.

Reasons to buy

  • 14ft drop protection 
  • Waterproof, snowproof, dustproof, and snowproof design
  • Comes with a built-in screen protector
  • Backed by a 12-month warranty
  • Durable
  • Anti-slip and grippy design

Reasons to avoid

  • Not compatible with MagSafe accessories

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Quick FAQs

1. What kind of case do I need for iPhone 14?

While you can grab any iPhone 14 case that suits your preferences, we recommend getting one that can protect your smartphone against everyday damage. So, it’s always a great idea to choose from rugged, heavy-duty, and protective cases for iPhone 14. It will give you peace of mind that your iPhone remains during those sudden harsh drops and falls. So, you don’t have to stress yourself with those fat repair bills. Even better, look for protective cases with MagSafe compatibility. It will give you the freedom to snap on any MagSafe accessory without having to take off the case. It’s worth mentioning that most of the protective iPhone 14 cases listed in this roundup work well with the Apple MagSafe system. So, you can make worry-free purchases. Additionally, if you want to show off your iPhone’s beauty, we’ve also handpicked the best clear protective cases for iPhone 14 & 14 Plus. 

2. What is the most protective clear case for iPhone 14? 

Here’s the list of the best clear protective case for iPhone 14 that you can buy in 2022:

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That’s all for now! We hope you enjoyed this roundup and have already picked the best protective case for your iPhone 14 or iPhone 14 Plus. We bring more options for you as soon as we spot a worthy contender. So, make sure to visit us again.

In your opinion, which case offers the best protection for the iPhone 14/14 Plus? We’ll love to hear from you in the comments below. 

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