Top 18 iOS 17 features coming this WWDC

Every year, Apple rolls out a major OS update for iPhones, i.e. iOS update, with an aim to offer something new and exciting for its millions of users worldwide. And, as expected, Apple has planned to preview the new iOS version, iOS 17, on June 5 at the WWDC 2023 event. While the public release of iOS 16 was a sweet and sour experience for iPhone users, Apple did its best to cope with initial bugs and glitches by pushing regular updates. 

Frankly speaking, Apple is still pushing updates to introduce new features to the months-old iOS 16. Recently, with iOS 16.4.1, Apple introduced the


voice isolation feature which aims at improving call quality. But all that said, iPhone users are eagerly waiting for the next major OS update i.e. iOS 17. 

Since we have covered Apple events in the past, we know how things go. Usually, Apple previews the new iOS updates with a couple of new features, and improvements to the existing features, and sometimes comes with an app or two, but that’s on their mood. As we write, iOS 17 is still unannounced. However, we have got hints and leaks from reliable sources of what to expect from the next major iOS update. 

What to expect from the iOS 17 update?

Mark Gurman, a prominent Apple insider, suggested that with iOS 17 Apple might bring in some ‘most requested features’ to the iPhones. Gone are the days Apple used to be utterly ignorant about what its users asked for. For example, with


iPhone 14 Pro series, Apple finally introduced the Always-ON display for the very first time. And, also improved it with iOS 16.2 update allowing users to have more control over the AOD screen. Therefore, we hope for something good this year around, too. 

While researching, we came across a few iOS 17 rumored features which include control center updates, revamped Dynamic Island, active widgets, redesigned iMessage, etc. Honestly, Apple could announce a bunch of new iOS 17 features this year, much more than what we mentioned earlier. 


So, if you are keen enough to know what feature iOS 17 will have, we have listed a bunch of rumored iOS 17 features in the next section, keep reading. 

List of the top iOS 17 features (rumored and expected)

1. Revamped Control Center

The first iOS 17 rumored feature that we come across while researching is the revamped Control Center on iPhones. As per Macrumors’ source, we could see major changes to the in-built Control Center with iOS 17. However, there are no details on what exactly we can expect from it other than changes in UI and customization.

To remind you, Apple hasn’t made any remarkable changes to the Control Center since the time it announced iOS 11 in 2017. Therefore, there are good chances that a revamped Control Center is on the cards. 


2. Dynamic Island with more capabilities

When Apple announced Dynamic Island, it said that with new updates it will be able to ‘do a lot more.’ As per rumors, all iPhone 15 models could come with Dynamic Island. So, the news about the Apple development team being pressurized to add more functionality to this feature could be true. It is also possible that we could see the on-screen Siri interface moved to Dynamic Island. The current circular Siri interface overlays the screen and hides the content. Therefore, relocating it to Dynamic Island makes sense. 


3. Native Call Recording

A native call recording feature is one of the most requested features by iOS users. While there are ways to record a call on an iPhone, there’s no native support for it as we find on Android devices. Since Apple is aiming to roll out a plate full of user-requested features with the next major OS update, the Cupertino giant might introduce call recording as one of the top iOS 17 features at WWDC 2023. 

4. Dual Apps Support

We all have a fascination with being able to use multiple WhatsApp, Amazon and social media accounts. Well, that could be true for iPhone users as the Dual Apps feature is one of the iOS 17 rumored features that we have heard a lot about. FYI, app cloning will come with Android 14, and we have covered it in our Android 14 vs Android 13 comparison article. If you’re into Android, we suggest you give it a read. 

5. Lockscreen Widgets

Apple heard its users and finally rolled out Lock Screen customization features with the iOS 16 update. At this point, you can add up to two large and up to four small widgets on the iPhones running on iOS 16. That said, there’s still much space left in the Lock Screen for users to add additional widgets on the Lock Screen. Users all across social media have been showing off their iPhone lock screens in the past year. 


6. Active Widgets for Home Screen and Today View

Other than the Lock Screen part, we came across rumors about the inclusion of active widgets for the Today View and Home Screen of an iPhone. As per the claims, the active widgets might feature sliders or one-top buttons, to make widgets more interactive. Though there are possibilities, we are not confirming in any way that it will a part of iOS 17 features.  

7. Split Screen Mode

Split Screen lets you browse two different apps at the same time, imagine chatting with your friends on WhatsApp while watching our YouTube reviews, crazy right? Well, it’s not exactly a new feature as it is available on


iPad and Macs. To remind you, Android already had these features for years, and using an Android phone as a daily driver, I absolutely love it. So the big question is – will Apple join the party? Possibly, yes, Apple might roll out Split Screen as a new iOS 17 feature that you can relish.

8. ‘Hey Siri’ might get changed to just ‘Siri’

According to Mark Gurman, Apple is working on some ways to drop the word ‘Hey’ from the popular phrase ‘Hey Siri.’ We are hopeful that Apple will introduce it as a new iOS 17 feature. If it happens, you will be able to make Apple’s voice assistant do things by just saying ‘Siri,’ just like you do to trigger Amazon devices by saying ‘Alexa.’ 

9. New look incoming for iMessage?

Taking Twitter leaker Majin Bu’s post from October last year as a reference, Apple could be working on the revamped design of iMessage that could look like this:



By the looks of it, you can tell that it might come with an improved iMessage Home Screen, all-new AR chat features, chat rooms, stickers, and more. Logically thinking, if the revamped iMessage is rolled out AR chat features, it is most likely that Apple will offer support for its Mixed Reality Headset on iPhones as well. My imagination could be wild, but it could be true. Let’s wait and watch!

10. Improved Performance and Stability

Taking past WWDC events as evidence, we have seen Apple talking about improvements it brings on board with the new update. This year will be no different, we expect the tech giant to talk more about the performance and efficiency iOS 17 updates will bring to the iPhone. Besides, Apple might talk about long-term security support for its old-generation iPhones. 

11. Improved Search and Spotlight 

Apple will also make noticeable improvements to the system-wide search and Spotlight features. That said, we are not aware of what exactly will Apple put forward with iOS 17. 


12. Support for Side Loading and Alternate App Stores

Apple and its debate about the side loading of apps have been a topic in itself. But, in 2022, the Cupertino Giant was directed by EU lawmakers to allow third-party app stores on iOS, and iPadOS. When we reported this news last year, Apple was planning to implement those changes. Therefore, those changes may reflect in the new iOS 17 update. As per the proposed law, Apple will have to also allow app sideloading where users can download any apps from the web. If you are unaware, sideloading is a practice of downloading apps from any source on the web, other than the approved app store. 

13. EU directs Apple to allow third-party browsers without WebKit

Talking of EU enforcements, Apple has been directed to allow third-party web browsers to use their engine by removing the Webkit requirement. As we write, popular third-party


browsers such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox must be built with Apple’s open-source browser engine Webkit. But, with iOS 17 and EU orders, things might change for all the app creators out there. 

All that said, the company is forced to make changes in the European legislation only, and not worldwide.  

Other iOS 17 Rumored Features:

14. Additional Always-ON display settings and customization options

15. Improved Notifications on the Lock Screen

16. Health App UI changes

17. CarKey improvements and CarPlay Updates

18. Improvement in camera app features exclusively built-in for iPhone 15 models.

Which devices will support the iOS 17 update?

Here is the list of iPhones that will be compatible with iOS 17:

That’s all for now in this roundup of the top rumored iOS 17 features that we expect Apple to announce at WWDC 2023. Also, make sure to read our expectations with the WWDC 2023.

Banner Image Source: Reddit/u/AppleXOS

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