Best TikTok Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2023

You all know about TikTok, don’t you? It is a vaguely popular social media platform that lets you create short videos of you dancing, singing, or maybe lip-syncing. The amount of popularity of this video-sharing app can be assumed by the fact that it has about 1 billion monthly active users across the globe. To make your videos more exciting and engaging for your followers TikTok allows editing via the in-built tool. Even though it is quite robust, there are some limitations. That’s where the hunt for the best TikTok video editing app for iPhone and iPad begins. Users are often seen searching for the best video editing apps for TikTok in the public domain. Recently, we covered a separate roundup of the best video editing apps for iPad that you can download to edit on the big display. 

But this one is for all the TikTokers out there looking to create some seriously engaging content for their followers. Well, if you are in search of a free TikTok video editing app for your iPhone, you’ve landed in the right place. 

With hours of research and skimming through hundreds of users’ app reviews, we have rounded up a list of the 15 best video editors for TikTok that you can download for iPhone and iPad in 2023. 


But before we jump into the list, we would like to talk about TikTok videos and how to crack its algorithm to go viral on the world’s biggest social platform. 

How to go viral on TikTok using videos?

As with any other social media app like Instagram, Facebook, or YouTube, there is no given thumb rule on how to go viral on TikTok. Well, first and foremost you should have a TikTok account and a genre or audience for whom you’re creating videos. Once, you’ve cracked this, you need to follow these tips and tricks to increase your following: 

  • Keep posting regularly
  • Participate in popular TikTok trends
  • Use hashtags wisely and not too much 
  • Create appealing and share-worthy content
  • Keep the TikTok videos short, engaging, and informative
  • Engage with your audience through TikTok live, or through comments.
  • Use one of the top TikTok video editing apps for iPhone and iPad to optimize your editing workflow
  • Collaborate with other creators or brands
  • Promote your TikTok videos over Instagram, Facebook, etc. 
  • Be genuine and authentic when it comes to content creation

Now that we have talked about how to go viral, let’s jump on to the list of apps that will help you make viral TikTok videos for free. 


Our Top Picks for the Best TikTok Video Editing Apps for iPhone and iPad (2023)

1. Adobe Premiere Rush

When we talk about top TikTok video editing apps for iPad and iPhone, we can’t just miss mentioning the Adobe Premiere Rush app. Created by one of the industry giants, Adobe, this video editing app is best known for quickly creating engaging video content for various social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and even YouTube. You might wonder what’s the best thing about it. Well, let me tell you that it ranks as one of the best video editing apps for TikTok. Newbies on TikTok can leverage the benefit of its simple and intuitive UI to create social-media-worthy videos that can grab the eyeballs of many. It is less complex than the Premiere Pro and anyone can use it easily. You will find exciting features within this TikTok video editing app for iPhone. For instance, you can adjust the aspect ratio of the video, apply color grading effects and use in-app motion graphics to dazzle your followers with your TikTok videos. Further, this TikTok editing app displays three to four music tracks at one time, allowing you to add music and voiceovers to your videos effortlessly. As with most iOS apps for TikTok video editing, this one also allows you to create engaging titles, edit their style, animate them, and whatnot. Even though the app is free to use, it has an in-app purchase option for some premium features and additional cloud storage. Let’s not forget, you’ll be able to export only three files in a day if you use this free TikTok video editor app for iPhone. So, if you are someone who uploads 5-10 TikTok videos in a day, the free version of this app won’t be handy enough. We would suggest you consider looking out for other TikTok video editor apps listed below. 


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2. Inshot

Well, this one is my favorite TikTok video editing app, and I think this one should be on the list. I use Inshot daily to push engaging Insta reels and TikTok videos that grab the eyeballs of many users. This TikTok editing app allows you to easily resize videos that comply with any social media platform (TikTok, Instagram, YouTube Shorts, etc.). You can add four layers of music to the video to make it more engaging. Besides, you’ll find a bunch of cool stickers and emojis that make your TikTok videos more exciting and playful. Other top features of this TikTok video editor app include different font styles to add text to your videos. On top of that filters, animation effects, and cool transitions (which are limited in the free version) add a professional touch to your TikTok videos. Further, I also loved the denoise and voice effect features available on this video editing app. Well, the denoise features can be extremely handy for creators who use their voice in the video to interact with their followers. It cuts down any background noise and gives the impression that the voice is recorded via a professional mic or audio system. Further, it smoothens your voice and allows you to alter the audio pitch so that it matches the intent of the video you’re creating. Another cool feature that I’ve come across in this iPhone TikTok video editing app is its ability to extract music from a video. You can extract music from a video song downloaded from YouTube and easily insert it into your TikTok video. Previously, you’d have to pay for removing the brand watermark, but with the recent update, it can be removed by watching an ad. Even though it is not a completely free TikTok video editor app, what’s being offered in the free version is enough to make you go viral on TikTok. Plus, the almost two million user reviews about this app speak for themselves. 

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3. Capcut

Capcut is a free all-in-one video editing app for TikTok users that launched back in 2020. Heard of Bytedance? Yes, it is the same company that owns TikTok and is also the parent company of the Capcut video editor for TikTok. If you assumed, it must be free, well you’re right. But, it has some features that might have to pay for. This TikTok editing app comes with almost every feature that you’re likely to find in any editing app for TikTok. The basic features include splitting a video, speed alteration, inserting filters, adding background music, and auto-captioning to make your TikTok video interesting and engaging. This video editing app also helps remove background colors to add a green screen effect so that you can add another video or pictures later on. Further, you’ll find templates to help you discover the size of the video, trendy AI-generated effects, text and stickers, and so on. As far as advanced features like denoise and others are concerned, you won’t find that features in this TikTok editor for iPhone. Other TikTok video editing apps on this list are far better when it comes to offering game-changing features. However, the fact that it is free and helps you create engaging TikTok videos, it is a go-to app for editing TikTok videos for beginners. 

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4. VN Video Editor

Another top contender that can elevate the video quality you present to your followers on TikTok is the VN Video Editor app. It is one of the most sought free TikTok video editor apps for iPhone in 2023. Frankly, you’d find some difficulty while using it for the first time. But, once you get the hang of it, this iPad TikTok video editing app is fairly simple to use. You can easily select the videos’ aspect ratio, and resolution and even select from intriguing frames depending on which platform you intend to upload your video. It has all the necessary features that you’d want in one of the best TikTok editing apps for


iPhone. For example, it comes with video trimming, cutting, multilayer editing, and merging features. Also, you’d be glad to know that it is among a few TikTok video editor apps for iPhone without watermarks available on App Store. Other useful features offered in the VN Video Editor app are the ability to add music from your local files, use filters, and precisely edit a specific portion of the video by zooming it in. Did we mention that this app can horizontally or vertically flip the video or create mirrored videos to make them look more interesting? Of all the features we mentioned, we love the fact that you won’t get watermarks in any of the videos even if you export them in 4K quality.

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5. iMovie

iMovie is simple yet one of the handiest TikTok video editing apps for iPhones and iPads. This native iPhone video editing app allows you to come up with great edited videos even if you’ve little knowledge about editing skills. The app’s user interface is simple and has basic features that allow you to trim the videos, split them, and even change the speed of the videos, easily. To ensure you get hands-on with something so thrilling, Apple has added a new feature, Trailer templates, with Storyboard movies. For the uninitiated, let me tell you these features exactly shows you what kind of footage you should upload to create a compelling video using this free TikTok video editing app for iPad in 2023. In addition, there is a new tool within the app called Magic Movie which automatically trims clips and adds titles, background music, and transitions to your TikTok videos. Further, we think the ability to continue the same project on a desktop Mac in iMovie or Final Cut Pro from where you left off on your iPhone or iPad streamlines the process at times when you keep your device to charge. Moreover, it is a completely free TikTok video editor for iPhone that doesn’t bother you with any watermarks. 

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6. YouCut

If you have made up your mind to upload the first-ever TikTok video, we think starting with YouCut is an option for you. This app gives you enough features to try out initially before you start your journey with some of the best freemium video editors for TikTok on iPads and iPhones. The basic features like splitting a video, trimming it, or adding background tracks are always there, but the simple UI/UX this TikTok editor offers is simply awesome for beginners out there. If you are in search of a video editor for TikTok without watermarks, YouCut is perfect for you. In addition, it is among some of the top video editing apps for iPads without ads. We understand editing can be hectic, ads make them more cumbersome sometimes as they keep flashing on the screen. But, they won’t you with this free TikTok editor for iPhone. If you like adding music and tracks, you’d be glad to know that this app serves a huge library of royalty-free audio tracks to create a more compelling TikTok video. In short, this free TikTok video editor app for iPad and iPhone should be on your radar if you are beginning your journey on the world’s most popular social media platform.


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7. Splice

Splice is yet another powerful TikTok video editor for iPhone users out there. It is one of the best iPhone video editing apps with the slickest interface that lets you create something extraordinary every single time. You can easily edit any long-form or short-form videos. The major highlight of this freemium TikTok video editing app for iPad is its ability to create awesome transitions. You can use multiple transitions throughout the TikTok video, making it more compelling and engaging for your followers. Some popular transitions widely used by Splice users are crossfade, swipe across, blur, and more. In addition, this free iPhone app for TikTok editing comes with some exciting filters and test overlays that can be beneficial for creators. If you thought that’s enough, this app has more. You will be able to select background music for your TikTok videos from the wide audio library that includes 16 genres with 9-26 tracks in each one of them. On top of that, you can use several sound effects natively available in this TikTok video maker app for iPad. While the basic features are free to use, some tools within the app require a subscription which we don’t like, for obvious reasons. The only downside, we have come across with this app is that the free and paid version doesn’t let you directly share your videos to the TikTok. A big disappointment for a video editing app with 80 million downloads. 

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8. Zoomerang

First of all, don’t confuse the name of this popular TikTok video editor for iPhone with Boomerang (no pun intended). Zoomerang is one of the popular editing apps used for TikTok videos that cater to beginners. Why did we say this? It comes with step-by-step tutorials that showcase how to create viral TikTok videos and popular TikTok trends. This app allows you to watch viral TikTok videos and helps you learn to recreate them yourself. As far as features and tools are concerned, it serves many things similar to what we have mentioned earlier in this article. You will be greeted by video editing tools such as splitting, trimming, adding filters, effects, music, and more. Zoomerang is one step ahead of Splice since it allows you to connect your TikTok account to easily share videos right from the app. Like many of the free TikTok video editors for iPhone, Zoomeang also requires a subscription for an ad-free experience and to access advanced video editing tools. In short, if you are looking for a beginner-friendly TikTok editing app for iPad and iPhone, Zoomerang is an ideal option for you.


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9. Cyberlink PowerDirector

If you are looking for a TikTok video editing app for your iPhone without a watermark, we recommend going with Cyberlink Power Editor. That said, it is still one of the best apps for editing TikTok videos on iPhone for free. Video editing can be hectic at times, especially when you use PowerDirector for the first time. If you are a beginner, you might get overwhelmed by a lot of native editing tools within the app. When I first used this video editing app for TikTok, I felt the same. But, as you keep on using it for several days, you’ll get used to its functions and will find it extremely useful to edit TikTok videos. You can simply import the video, and start editing footage using trim and split tools within the app. If you make travel vlogs, there are chances that your shots might be shaky. But, the good news is that this app for editing TikTok videos on iPhone has a video stabilizer feature that fixes the shaky footage to give you a smooth video to upload. In addition, you can change backgrounds, add text overlays, adjust the video brightness, sharpness, colors, and more. If you’d ask me, I found the voice changer, voice recorder, and Anime feature (which turns videos into cartoons) quite intriguing. Cyberlink creator of the PowerDirector app claims that the app is updated monthly so that you can access new effects and creative elements within the app. Let’s not forget that you can export in up to 4K resolution using this video editing app for iPhone. So, if you are willing to create an engaging video, PowerDirector is among some of the best video editing apps for TikTok you should try. 

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10. Wondershare Filmora

You might have heard of or maybe used Filmora video editing software for PC or Mac. But, did you know there is also a mobile application that ranks as one of the top video editing apps for TikTok and Instagram reels? Like most TikTok editing apps for iPhones in the list, FilmoraGo is also a freemium software for iOS. It is among a few video editing apps that let you shoot videos natively. You can use a template or just upload pre-recorded video and start editing as well. What I like most is that this app does everything automatically for you to create a perfect TikTok video just by using a template, all you need is to select videos that you want to edit. It is worth mentioning that this TikTok video editor for iPhone comes with a clean UI. Therefore, if you are a beginner, video editing for TikTok will be a breeze. As far as editing tools are concerned, Filmora has a lot to offer. You can choose from loads of filters, effects, stickers, background music, and whatnot. If you want to add your voice to the video, there is a voice recorder within the app that lets you record and edit it seamlessly within the app. All that said, it is frustrating to see a huge ‘Filmora’ watermark that covers your video entirely in the free version. Moreover, the free version of this video editing app for TikTok limits your video to 720p resolution. So, if you are serious about making viral TikTok videos using this app, we recommend going with in-app purchase plans. 

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11. Kinemaster

Kinemaster is another top contender for being the best app for editing TikTok videos on iPhone. It comes with a bunch of video templates that let you create a stunning TikTok without putting much effort. You can simply select videos and start editing from scratch, it’s that easy. All basic feature that you’d expect in a TikTok video editing app for iPhone is packed all in one place. For instance, there are video editing tools that let you merge, split, trim, and even alter the speed of the video. There are a plethora of effects and filters that you can use to make your video sign on the world’s most popular social media app. Other than editing short videos, you can edit vlogs, create slideshows, and even edit with a green screen to create professional-grade videos so that they can grab the eyeballs of your followers. You can also upload edited videos directly to TikTok in high resolutions without much hassle. Having said that, there are some limitations if you opt for the free version. For example, you can’t remove the watermark in the free version. But, don’t worry, this TikTok editing app for iPad & iPhone allows you to export videos without a watermark in the paid version. You’ll also get access to premium filters, effects, a royalty-free sound library, and different transitions in the premium version of this video editing app for TikTok.


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12. BeeCut

BeeCut is yet another advanced TikTok video editing app for iPhone and iPad users that lets you edit videos quickly and in a hassle-free manner. This iPhone video editor app for TikTok can be used to trim and split to find the perfect moment that you want to showcase to your followers. It makes it easier for you to split videos to a shorter duration and merge different parts to make a longer video as you’d do in the InShot app. We also liked the multiple timeline feature in this free TikTok editor app for iPad. On top of that, you can always use background music for your videos, use text overlay, filter, and many crazy effects and animations. Besides that, the app lets you alter the speed of the video, and flip the clips that you want to edit. This iPhone video editing app for TikTok gives you the option to create picture-in-picture videos and add masks for highlighting a selected section of the video. This editing tool comes in handy for influencers who are creating TikTok video tutorials. Moreover, it supports editing TikTok videos with 4:3, 16:9, 1:1, 9:16, and 3:4 aspect ratios. So, even if you are new to this, you can create some amazing TikTok videos in minutes. As far as price is concerned, it’s a completely free TikTok video editor for iOS users. However, the app is fairly new so it could be buggy. 

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13. Kapwing (One of the best online TikTok video editing apps for iPhone)

If you are looking to create some seriously engaging content for your TikTok followers, Kapwing can be one of the options to check out for. This free TikTok online video editor for iPhone has been out there for years and has a lot going on inside the app, honestly. I was a huge fan of this app until I came across InShot and PowerDirector. If you have a remote team that manages your content, this iPad video editing browser app for TikTok makes collaborating way too easy. You, including multiple members of your content team, can edit the same video simultaneously. Let’s not forget, it is among some video editing apps for iPad that support team collaboration features, just like Canva. If editing needs some changes, there’s an option to comment about those changes so that your team can work on it. The best thing about this TikTok online editing app for iPhone is that you can access several AI tools even in the free plan. Again, it is among some top freemium video editors for iPad and iPhone you can download from the App Store without paying anything. Though, we didn’t like the fact that you’ll be able to edit and create videos up to 7 minutes long with 720p quality. Again, that’s enough for a TikTok video, but if you are a YouTuber, you should look for some alternate online video editing apps for your iPhone.

Note: It is a browser-based online platform such as Canva, etc.  

Open Kapwing Online Video Editor

14. Funimate

Another top contender for being the best iPhone video editor for TikTok videos is the Funimate app. To give you a sense of its popularity, there are over a million users who have downloaded this app from the App Store. This free iPad TikTok video editor app gives you access to several editing tools and effects that can spice up your videos and make them TikTok-worthy. The app comes with basic as well as advanced video editing tools, as you get the hang of it, you can easily use the advanced tools with ease. Talking of features, this TikTok video editing app for iPhone has over 100 video effects that help make your dance video unique. In the element gallery, you’ll find tons of emojis, stickers, and texts that are customizable and playful. Besides, you can access all the basic features that include cropping, trimming, splitting, merging, etc, within this TikTok video editing app for iPhone. That’s not all, similar to InShot and other top video editing apps for TikTok, you can also add background music to your videos on this one as well. Let’s not forget, it comes with in-app purchase options to access selected locked features that can’t be used in the free version of this app. All in all, it is one of the best video editing apps for TikTok, especially for dance and lifestyle influencers.


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15. Magisto

Magisto is among some of the top free TikTok video editing apps for iPhone that were designed with the idea to simplify the editing process. The app itself is easy-to-use for beginners, so you don’t have to look around YouTube for tutorials. With the help of AI, this app lets you merge clips seamlessly to bring out some awesome results. All the basic features that you’d generally find in an online TikTok video editor app for iOS are there in Magisto. If you are an aspiring or an experienced TikToker, this free iPad video editor for TikTok is an ideal choice for you to create some amazing content. You can insert captions, and background music, and choose from some amazing video filters and animations. That’s not all, there are several premium editing styles and much more. Besides using this TikTok editor on your iPad, you can also use it on your Mac to create short films or edit YouTube vlogs. Frankly speaking, it is just another TikTok video editor for iPhone that gives you full capability of creating engaging video content to put out there for your followers. 

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That’s all for now in this roundup where we discussed some best TikTok video editing apps for iPhone and iPad that can be downloaded in 2023. If you are looking for the best app to download on your Mac, please read our roundup of the


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