Best Apps for iPhone 13 in 2022

The iPhone 13 series has been selling like hotcakes almost everywhere since its launch. In fact, it is still not in stock in some places. Thanks to the improved chipset and the updated displays, the iPhone 13 series is a gaming & productivity powerhouse. Pair that with the millions of apps offered by the App Store and impeccable software support, and you have the perfect smartphone.

The world of apps is huge. From ebook readers, and games to apps that can help you track your workouts there is something for everyone in this world. But, then again, it is endless. There are so many categories, so many reviews, and so many options and choices that you are bound to get confused and quite possibly, settle for something that isn’t even good enough. Since we believe that you only deserve the best, we are providing you with a list of some of the best apps for iPhone 13 in 2022. Excited? Let’s begin!

Note: We update our article from time to time to cover the latest products available in the market.

Best Camera Apps for iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. Halide Mark II (for Photos)

This is a game-changing camera app for thoughtful and intentional photography. Halide is your go-to camera when you want to shoot a well-planned photo rather than a quick snapshot, thanks to high-end features and a gorgeous interface built from the ground up for the latest iPhones and inspired by the controls of professional cameras. With a swipe, modify exposure and manual focus, or switch from Halide’s strong automatic mode to manual shooting. With XDR (Extended Dynamic Range) 14-bit RAW with waveform monitor, color zebras, focus assistance including focus peaking and loupe, histograms, an adaptive level grid, and adjustable depth chopping, Halide’s professional tools are the most powerful ones in the world of camera apps. Don’t worry if all of these new features, options, and modes seem overwhelming. A built-in 10-day course is included with the app to not only demonstrate the features of the Halide Mark II but also to educate a number of photography principles through examples. Halide Mark II continues to revamp its status as one of the best camera apps for iPhone 13 Pro Max, so hop on to the bandwagon and get this app for a fantastic still shooting experience.

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2. FiLMiC Pro (For Videos)

FiLMiC Pro has been a fan favorite for a long time. FiLMiC Pro is the most advanced mobile cinema video camera ever with cutting-edge capabilities. Filmmakers, newscasters, professors, vloggers, and artists may now shoot in a real LOG gamma curve with FiLMiC Pro (included in the CineKit optional in-app purchase). By improving dynamic range and putting the iPhone’s capabilities on par with traditional camera systems costing thousands more, LOG V2/V3 offers greater tonal range and flexibility in post-production. FiLMiC Pro also includes a set of the cinematic film looks (available as an extra in-app purchase) that may be applied in-camera at the time of capture to create a fully cinematic look without the need for post-production grading. To top it off FiLMiC Pro has also brought ProRes Capture to iPhone 13 Pro & Pro Max, which truly affirms its spot as one of the best video camera apps for iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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3. Obscura 2

Obscura gives your iPhone the kind of controls you’d find on a professional camera. It gets out of your way, with straightforward controls, an ergonomic design, and gorgeous filters. There are a lot of features you can gain from Obscura, mainly its Control wheel which allows for seamless scrolling between different camera options. The library in Obscura allows you to view your entire photo library as well as explore individual albums. You can not only browse your photos, but also edit, favorite, remove, and see image metadata. Obscura 2’s interface is modeled after a physical camera, having mode wheels that can all be manipulated with one hand. The app promises quality despite simplicity which truly makes it one of the best camera apps for iPhone 13 users.

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Best Productivity Apps for iPhone 13 series

Collabio Spaces

We’re all used to online collaboration tools like Google Docs, & MS Word for managing in-house and client projects. But, they’re all online and require an active internet connection and all your data is stored on 3rd party servers. What if we told you, this iPhone 13 productivity app lets you and your team work together on the same documents without an active internet connection and the documents will be safely kept on your device, alleviating all privacy concerns.

Collabio is a cloudless office document management and editing app which offers multiple features like document scanning, management, text recognition, PPT, PDF viewing, annotation and more. 

This iPhone 13 project management app works locally and does not require internet for your team to co-edit and collaborate on individual documents. It works on the same principle as that of AirDrop and AirPlay, you can read more about how it works. To collaborate on documents, all users must use the Collabio app and be on the same local network- it could be a Wi-Fi Hotspot or a local area network with or without internet access. 

Collabio is a subscription-based app that works on macOS, iOS and iPadOS. If your team works on the go and requires a secure connection to collaborate on Word documents and spreadsheets without an internet connection, then Collabio is one of the best document management apps available on iOS and macOS. 

Other exciting features include support for audio comments, a wide variety of formats including DOCX, ODT, XLSX, ODS, XLS, CSV, JPG, GIF and TIFF. More features keep getting added regularly with upcoming support for remote serverless collaboration. This means your team can collaborate on the same document from anywhere in the world and the files won’t leave your device.

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Best To-do List Apps for iPhone 13 Mini

1. OmniFocus 3

Being productive can be an extremely tiring and chaotic task, but OmniFocus makes it easier for you to be productive through its truistic and simple approach. OmniFocus functions as a second brain, capturing and organizing all of your activities in a powerful and simple-to-use system. Additionally, projects, tags, and due dates let you plan your week efficiently for optimum productivity, Forecast lets you know what’s coming up next, so you can stop worrying and focus on what matters right now. Moreover, its deep integration with iOS & macOS ensures that you never miss out on any notifications which keeps your deadlines intact. OmniFocus believes that when you take things one step at a time, you can accomplish a lot which is evident from their user-friendly interface that provides for efficiency and productivity giving it the status of one of the best apps for productivity for iPhone 13, too!

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2. is a to-do list app that is available on almost every platform. It’s been around for a long time in the task-management industry, evolving and developing with the times in order to cement its reputation as one of the best task management apps for iPhone 13 Pro to amp up your productivity. offers a straightforward setup. You make lists with tasks on them. Subtasks can be found within tasks. If you work with colleagues, tasks can additionally include notes, attachments, labels, a due date, and an assignee. As you begin to use the app, it will give you recommendations on how to get the most out of it. By touching or clicking the alerts button, you can access the tips at any moment. includes certain unique features, such as the Moment and Focus Mode. Early on, the Moment was the app’s trademark feature, and it’s still a fan favorite. This tool allows you to review all of the tasks that have been given to you today and determine whether you will do them now or defer them until later. When it’s time, plays an audio tone and asks you to make a judgment regarding each task on your to-do list one by one. You have the option to set an alarm for the assignment if you decide to keep it for today. If you postpone it, you get to choose when you want it to happen: tomorrow, two days from now, next week, and so on. Reviewing your daily chores is an effective way to stay focused and productive. Such features are what has motivated us to put on this list for the best apps for iPhone 13 in 2022. In terms of productivity and holding yourself accountable, is a viable option!

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3. Todoist

Todoist is very commonly known as one of the best apps for task management and to-dos for the iPhone 13 series. The Todoist app essentially includes everything you’d expect from a task manager, plus a lot more. It’s great for keeping track of weekly tasks and allowing you to customize your to-do list. Constant software updates enable better communication, productivity, and project structure. If you use Google Mail, you’ll like the Todoist Gmail integration. You may quickly convert your emails into tasks with this tool. It gives you task flexibility because you may add them from anywhere and at any time moreover you can easily add articles or website URLs to your task list. If you like, you can create, refine, and share a daily tasks checklist. The templates can also be used for new feature launches, blog entries, new employee onboarding, and more. Some of the library options in the template are for keeping track of your team’s workload. You can use the goal tracker to keep track of your year’s intentions and progress. Other templates include campaign trackers and content calendars as well. You can very easily create tasks, subtasks, and sections. Todoist is the greatest to-do app with smart calendaring software, according to the company. And rightfully so! You may detect any saved repeating due dates using Todoist’s recurring task feature. You can also set a due date based on the last time you completed a project. You can avail all this and a lot more with the Todoist app, so if your productivity is taking a hit, get Todoist!

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Best Calendar Apps for iPhone 13 

1. Fantastical

If you’re looking for one of the best Calendar apps for iPhone 13 with impressive accolades, look no further. Fantastical won the Mac App of the Year award in 2019, and for good reason. When you open up your app on iPhone 13, you’ll notice there are eight different viewpoints available. There are two varieties of them: list and full screen. You can also customize the appearance of the Fantastical app in both light and dark modes. You have the option of going completely light, completely dark, or a mix of the two. Another unique feature is the automated transfer between calendars depending on where you are. As soon as you arrive at the workplace, the work set will be opened. When you depart, it will revert to personal mode. These are just some of the features, if you use the Fantastical app, you’ll see a plethora of features that really are designed to make your life a lot easier. In essence, Fantastical is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that helps you keep up with your schedule with ease.

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2. Busycal

Another app on our list of the best apps for iPhone 13 Pro in the calendar category is Busycal. BusyCal is the most feature-rich, adaptable, and dependable calendar app for iOS. It comes with a slew of time-saving features and works with all major cloud services, including Reminders, iCloud, Google, Exchange, and more. The Month View, which provides a scrolling view that can be modified to show any period from 2-8 weeks at a time by pinching, is one of BusyCal’s most unique features. Apart from this, you can also make use of the list and week view. To-dos are also deeply entrenched into the calendar display which can be sorted by Due Date, Priority, Title, Calendar, Tag, or Manually. This flow of features along with other informative and reliable additions make this app a viable contender for the best app for iPhone 13 in 2022.

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3. Timepage

Timepage has been created by Moleskin, the same company that creates Moleskine notebooks. This app’s style is similar to the elegance and simplicity of the books. The app is grounded by a black background, and you get to choose the accent color. You can switch between year, month, and day-by-day views by swiping left and right. While some iOS calendar apps are crowded and fast-paced, TimePage is serene and gives you a sense of calm whilst viewing which makes it a perfect fit for the best apps for iPhone 13.

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Best Games for iPhone 13 series

1. Gear.Club- True Racing

You can’t possibly talk about the best apps for iPhone 13 in terms of gaming and skip out Gear. Club- True Racing. Gear.Club is more than just a brief adrenaline boost; it’s a genuine automotive universe. Engines, powertrains, suspensions, and aerodynamics are all fully recreated for a realistic driving and racing experience so you can enjoy the feel of a real race track with this game. You will be able to explore magnificent surroundings and compete live with your online friends and opponents in infinite races, championships, and events in this ultimate racing game for iPhone 13. 

Often known as one of the best apps for iPhone 13, this game gives the user an immersive experience into the world of cars where racers can upgrade, collect, and customize some of the rarest finds in full HD and if you’re someone who likes spending time at the garage, you’ve found yourself a gem! Users have often applauded the app for its gorgeous graphics, sound effects, and gameplay which makes it accessible for different kinds of players.

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2. Asphalt 9: Legends

‘Good players win races. Great ones break records. Legends change the game.’ If this doesn’t convince you that this is one of the best racing apps for the iPhone 13, we really don’t know what will. This has been touted as the best game app for iPhone very frequently. Real hypercars from notable manufacturers such as Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, and W Motors are included in Asphalt 9: Legends. You can choose your dream vehicle and race across breathtaking landscapes all over the world. Set your boundaries aside and become a “Legend of the Track!” in this game with stunning graphics. From accessible controls to unbeatable sound effects, this game has been a fan favorite! If this isn’t convincing enough, Asphalt 9: Legends has several accolades to its name including the 2019’s Design Award by Apple itself. Download the app and take on new adventures with this racing app!

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3. Real Racing 3

Real Racing 3 is part of the award-winning Real Racing franchise, which has set a new bar for mobile racing games. From multiple choices to real tracks and real people this game has everything you have been looking for. This game has been touted as the best realistic gaming app for iOS since times immemorial. Real Racing 3 is the most realistic racing game available for touch-screen devices. Everything is realistic in this game, be it your car shapes and texturing or the lifelike dynamics. You may steer by tilting your tablet or utilizing an on-screen steering wheel, among other possibilities. This is what makes Real Racing 3 one of the best apps for iPhone 13 in 2022.

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Best Arcade Games for iPhone 13

1. Ludo Star 2

Ludo Star 2 has been a fan favorite when it comes to the best arcade games for iPhone 13. Not only does it help you resist your childhood memories but it also lets you play alone or in the company of friends and family. The app has a good performance with an easy-to-use interface for first-timers and seasoned individuals, alike. Users have consistently given the app good reviews for its performance and easiness when it comes to playing. The multiplayer mode takes the game experience to a whole new level. 

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2. Assemble with care

From the studio that brought you Monument of Valley comes the story of Maria, an antique restorer who travels the world and happens to come across the town of Bellariva unaware of how broken it truly is. She wants nothing more than to assist the town’s residents save their prized things, but when it comes to their personal life, she’ll have to find a way to hold them together one spare screw at a time. This game has it all, from handcrafted visuals to the nostalgia of its songs and the quirkiness of its characters, this game is simply unbeatable and unmatched when it comes to quality and an intriguing plotline. No wonder users have always called it one of the best arcade games when it comes to gaming on an iPhone 13. Be warned that by no means is this game short or something that ends overnight, install it, and get ready to live the world through the eyes of Maria!

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3. Card of Darkness

Card of Darkness is a full-featured adventure built around a simple and accessible card game. Here, simply by choosing up the proper cards, you can cast powerful spells, defeat incredible monsters, uncover ancient truths, and save the planet. Sounds like something that you might be interested in, right? If you are thinking that this game will be a cakewalk then you are sorely mistaken, users have often commented on how tough the game can be and how you get addicted to getting everything right to the point where the game is all you can think about. Card of Darkness is a good game in general. Its simple yet engrossing gameplay, stunning aesthetics, and inventive battles exceed the game’s apparent difficulty. Try it! There is a reason why so many users have touted it as one of the best arcade iOS games.

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Best Multiplayer Games for iPhone 13 Pro

1. Lego Star Wars Battles

The familiar feel of Lego Star Wars characters, places, and vehicles is combined with real-time one-on-one multiplayer fights in Lego Star Wars Battles. Players will be able to mix and combine characters throughout the Star Wars universe in battle. Both the Imperial and Rebel armies will have distinct play styles, so you’ll want to master both to get the most out of the game. Two players, one representing the Dark Side and the other the Light Side, compete to secure towers and gain awards in LEGO Star Wars Battle. Players must either have more medals than the other player before the timer runs out or destroy the opposing player’s main base to win a match. Players get more health and attack as they level up, and they can level up their cards to make them more powerful. As players battle and develop their way to victory, the game boils down to knowing the strengths and weaknesses of units and managing resources. You are purely rewarded based on your skills and abilities which is what makes this game unique from the others. Pick a side and discover the world of one of the best multiplayer games for the iPhone 13 series!

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2. Among Us

The pandemic brought about a lot of difficulties but it also brought the world closer as is evident from this game. This game has quickly become a fan favorite and has been ranked as one of the best iPhone 13 Pro multiplayer games since then. Due to a variety of circumstances, Among Us has seen rapid growth in popularity. It’s a one-of-a-kind game with an intriguing asymmetrical multiplayer mode, and it’s simple to pick up thanks to a straightforward premise that takes you straight to the point. It’s simple– you are a part of a group and you need to find the imposter. Sharpen up your deductive reasoning and Sherlockian skills in this game of wits. Try it and you might just end up being addicted like several other users!

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3. Dead by Daylight

Games are better with friends, right? Well, play this game and you’ll discover why. In this 4v1 multiplayer game, one player assumes the role of the ruthless killer, while the other four act as Survivors, attempting to flee the Killer and avoid being apprehended, tortured, and killed. Dead by Daylight is an intricate game that encourages cooperation and distinct teamwork amongst the members. This multiplayer iOS game puts you and your friends to this test in this survival world, get the game and have the experience of a lifetime within this ruthless and competitive world.

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4. PUBG Mobile

Nothing says gaming like PUBG Mobile, with over one billion players worldwide, there’s no denying that PUBG is a favorite for many. From its amazing gameplay to its interesting features and highly entertaining graphics, PUBG has a lot to offer. The game has a variety of interesting features like Battle Royale and the All-Talent Championship. You can try new outfits, weapons and can also compete for the coveted leaderboard ranks. Try it, we are sure you’ll love it!

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Best Puzzle Games for iPhone 13

1. Wurdweb

Wurdweb is currently one of the best apps you can get for your iPhone 13 when it comes to Puzzles. The goal of Wurdweb is to take words from a list and cross them with words already on the board. The game will present unlimited puzzles thanks to an intelligent algorithm, so you’ll always be able to discover something new. The goal is to create a connected path or “web” that goes to the finish tile by taking pre-determined words from a list and laying them out on the board in an interconnected form similar to Scrabble. You can either use the bare minimum of words to make that path, or you can go all out and use a lot more words to create a web that also hits bonus tiles. The best thing about this iPhone 13 Mini game is that all the puzzles are procedurally generated which means that you will have infinite puzzles to play with no risk of repetition. 

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2. Tiny Crossword 

You can’t talk about the best apps in Puzzles without mentioning Tiny Crossword. Fanatics of crosswords will agree that it is one of the most effective methods to keep your mind engaged and alert. Daily Crossword aims to take the greatest aspects of crossword puzzles and make them even more enjoyable! There’s a free puzzle for every level of player – beginner, moderate, or expert – with a variety of sizes to choose from. You’ll have access to thousands of problems in this unique crossword game, ranging from movies to sports, history to science! With an average rating of 4.5/5, it is noticeable to see the app’s beloved status in the Puzzle community. You’ll have access to tens of thousands of puzzles on topics ranging from movies to sports to history to science and if you enjoy testing your knowledge, these crossword puzzles are sure to make you think while also providing a fun way to pass the time. Look no further if you’re seeking a quick pick-me-up that will also give your brain a workout. 

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3. Grindstone

To cut your way through the swarms of ravenous Creeps that inhabit Grindstone’s dungeons, you’ll need strong puzzle skills and an even sharper sword. Battle bosses, collect resources, and uncover long-lost blueprints for strong gear while cleaving the guts from your deadly opponents! Commonly known as Puzzle Perfection by many users, Grindstone gets every aspect of Puzzles right which truly makes it worthy of being one of the best puzzle games you can download for iPhone 13, Pro Max. Follow Jorg and his volatile journey to the top in this charming, colorful game which is bound to leave you speechless as you explore one of best the puzzle games for iPhone 13.

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Best Focus Apps for iPhone 13

1. Forest 

The Forest app is inarguably one of the best apps when it comes to Focus. The app is named Forest because the app involves planting a virtual tree that takes ten minutes to grow, and if you can stay off your phone long enough, the tree will finish growing and be added to your on-screen forest for today, but if you get back on your phone too quickly, the tree dies. Forest also has audio to listen to while you’re concentrating, which is a useful function. It features a rainforest sounds loop, which is appropriate for the Forest app, and as you plant more trees, you can gain access to additional ambient sounds like a cafè all the way over in Paris. If you’re looking for motivation and something to hold yourself accountable, the Forest app can prove to be a phenomenal app for your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

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2. Engross

Engross includes all of the tools you’ll need to optimize your job and academic life. They will increase your efficiency and management at the same time if you use them together. To meet your time management demands, there’s a fully configurable timer inspired by the Pomodoro Technique as well as a more flexible Stopwatch. You can also maintain a daily calendar to keep your job and school life running smoothly. The best thing about Engross is how you can keep track of your work hours and progress and to gain a better understanding, use labels. If you’re looking for an app that can provide you with a detailed report of your daily productivity & performance. Engross is the best app!

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3. Due

Due takes care of everything so you don’t have to. Setting reminders is lightning fast, and it’s so persistent that you won’t forget anything. In fact, With 12 fully customizable buttons, you can quickly set your reminder to the next 12 p.m. or 10 a.m. with a single tap. You can even deduct or add time from the current date, which is particularly useful for snoozing reminders or fine-tuning due dates. It’s simple to finish reminders or defer them to a later date if you can’t act on them right away. You don’t even need to open the app to get started. Simply postpone the reminder from the moment it is notified. It even syncs your reminders across all your devices like MacBooks or iPads which ensures that your due dates are taken care of. If you’re looking for an app that will make sure that you’re focused and adhering to all your deadlines, Due is the best app for that!

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Best Project Management Apps for iPhone 13

1. Trello

If you’re looking for the best app for iPhone 13 in the Project Management category, Trello is an obvious choice. Trello is the most user-friendly project management solution if you’re a fan of simplicity. Its drag-and-drop Kanban-style task management interface makes it easy for everyone on the team to see how tasks are progressing. Trello allows participants to interact with each other in real-time while working on a project or assignment. Task assignments, an activity log, and email notifications keep everyone in the loop. Members may quickly be added to a board, where they can vote on the cards’ concepts. These features including the fact that it is flexible and collaborative make it a very good option for small and large project management tasks.

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2. has a lot of project management options. In one structured, central area, you can create and assign tasks, establish and monitor deadlines, manage project progress, communicate with team members, and share files. Color-coded boards in the solution allow users to immediately see which projects are in progress, which tasks have been completed, and where team members are stuck. These bulletin boards are also set up in a way that communicates due dates and assignment relationships. The board can be viewed by selecting Status, Text, Person, Timeline, or Date from the drop-down menu. This makes it simple for project managers to identify users who are overworked or underworked and balance workloads. Users have complimented for its robust functioning and templates which makes it an exceptional choice for your iOS device.

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3. Asana

If you’re a Pro user then Asana is probably the best project management app for iPhone 13 Pro series. It is a cloud-based project management tool that gives users a virtual workspace where they may collaborate on projects. It allows a project manager to create tasks as part of a larger project, assign them to specific team members, and set a deadline for them. Teams can work together on tasks by leaving comments for quick communication and adding files for document sharing. Users receive reminders about approaching deadlines and the status of their assigned assignments in their emails. With the opportunity to archive finished projects for future use, Asana is excellent for both long-term and short-term initiatives. The project and job management software is appropriate for both onshore and remote teams. Asana has been a user favorite for a long time as long as project management is concerned which makes it very efficient and useful to get this app for your iPhone 13!

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Best Email Apps for iPhone 13 Mini

1. Outlook

Outlook has consistently ranked as one of the best email apps for iPhone. Outlook allows you to manage your inbox in a seamless manner, allowing you to stay connected when on the go. Outlook provides Office, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneDrive connectors to help you store and share files, as well as seamless connections to Teams, Zoom, and other video conferencing services. Outlook is a fantastic iPhone email application. It’s free, works with all of your major email service providers like Gmail, and has a lot of useful features which make its user experience easy and uncomplicated. There are a lot of additional features which are provided by Microsoft Outlook which truly makes it one of a kind and the best email app for iPhone 13, for instance, you can customize your emails and calendars so you know what you’re dealing with at a given day in advance additionally, you can also respond to invitations directly from your mailbox, along with a personalized note. Bing calendars allow you to import schedules from Facebook or your favorite sports and TV shows. The possibilities with Outlook and its organized structure are truly endless!

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2. Gmail

When one thinks of mail, Gmail is at the forefront. Backed by fantastic user reviews and a stellar reputation in the world of emails, Gmail is one of the best apps for iPhone 13 that you can get in 2022. With rigorous security, real-time notifications, multiple account support, and search that works across all your mail, the official Gmail app offers the best of Gmail to your iPhone 13 Mini. There are many advantages to using Gmail. It is free, requires no maintenance, and stores data “in the cloud,” which means that your email, documents, and events are always accessible from any computer with a web browser. That’s awesome, right? From an excellent search filter to a clever and clean organizational structure, Gmail has it covered. So, what are you waiting for? Install Gmail on your iOS device and take in the simplicity and ease of one of the best email apps for iPhone 13!

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3. Spark

While this one may be lesser known than the other two, we assure you that Spark is pretty much unbeatable when it comes to Smart inbox. Smart inbox is easily one of their most distinguishable and prominent features which is why Spark has an ever-growing fan base that has helped it gain popularity. The Spark Mail app is one of the few email clients on the market today that does a good job at implementing a “smart inbox”. Your emails are automatically sorted and grouped into predefined categories using the Smart Inbox feature of the Spark Mail app, making it easier for you to focus on all of your important personal emails. Not only this, but Spark Mail also does a great job at reminding you about Follow-up emails, upcoming events as well. Additionally, Spark is built to work in groups and teams of people which means you can share all of the above features with your team while also taking advantage of all of the app’s exclusive team-focused features, such as the ability to draft an email together using Shared Drafts, the ability to Share & Discuss Email with your team by leaving internal comments on an email, and many other features, too!

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Best Messaging Apps for iPhone 13 Pro

1. WhatsApp

When you think of messaging, WhatsApp stands out like a champ. The reason why WhatsApp is the best messaging app for iPhone 13  is that it doesn’t take a genius to figure out how it works. It’s extremely simple, easy, and accessible which makes it one of the best apps for people from all age groups. WhatsApp users can send photographs, short audio messages, videos, GIFs, and other media assets in addition to text messages and smileys. It’s also possible to send spreadsheets, PDFs, presentations, and other materials (up to 100 MB) by email. Today, sharing digital files is an important component of social interaction, especially when using real-time chat apps. The major achievement for an app like WhatsApp is privacy, in essence, Whatsapp redefined secure cross-platform messaging. Did you know as of 2022, WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users? WhatsApp achieved all of this and much more through its simple yet effective interface which totally makes it something that needs to be installed on your iPhone right now!

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2. Messenger by Facebook

This mobile chat app includes video calling, stickers, hidden messages, and payments, among other features. The first thing you’ll notice about Messenger for iOS is that there are only two tabs left: Chats and People. While the first tab allows you to return to previous discussions, it also allows you to create new texts or browse the top panel for news. The second tab, People, is broken into two sub-tabs and is the only relic of Messenger’s original muddle. The first tab displays stories shared by your contacts in the last 24 hours, while the second tab displays a list of your friends who are now online. The reason why Messenger still stays relevant is that it provides a complete messaging experience without the extraneous fluff or unnecessary jargon. Given that the majority of the world’s population already uses Facebook, it’s an ideal mobile chat app.

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3. Viber

Viber for iPhone is a simple app that allows you to make free voice and video calls via WiFi or cellular connection. You may talk to friends and relatives one-on-one as well as engage in conference calls. Viber also keeps you socially up to date with photo-based instant messaging, profile status updates, and more. One of the major reasons why Viber is the best instant messaging app for iPhone 13 is because the user interface is so similar to the conventional iOS phone contact interface, you should have no trouble getting used to it. Viber has consistently been ranked as an efficient and easy-to-use Messaging app which makes it one of the best apps you can opt for in terms of messaging and chatting with your friends and family members.

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Best Fitness and lifestyle Apps for iPhone 13 

1. 75 Hard

This is not a game for the faint of heart. It’s a “mental toughness” fitness app that aims to improve your way of thinking and acting. 75 Hard is a fitness app for iOS  that promises to change your life if you follow its strict rules. It is based on the infamously gruelling 75-day programme of the same name. The challenge, which was created by motivational speaker Andy Frisella, is a 75-day regimen involving a few simple, flexible rules: you must stick to a diet, drink a gallon of water per day, do two 45-minute workouts per day, and read 10 pages of nonfiction per day. And – as you’ve probably seen on Instagram and TikTok, where #75HardChallenge hashtags abound – take a daily progress picture. Cue 75 Hard for iOS is a game that aims to help users track their progress while also adding a layer of motivation. 75 Hard provides a pre-populated list of reminders for each of these rules when you download and install the app. Users can check off each item on each of their 75 days. As you progress toward your goal, 75 Hard keeps track of your current day to ensure that accountability is tracked. If you tend to forget stuff or you’re a road warrior then this fitness app for iPhone 13 will keep you in shape.

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2. AutoSleep Track (Requires Apple Watch)

AutoSleep, as the name implies, tracks your sleep without requiring you to start or stop it. This is a feature that most sleep-tracking apps now have, but it wasn’t always the case. If you want to be more precise with your tracking, you can use the Lights Off feature, which allows you to tell the app when you’re going to sleep. This app follows the Apple Watch activity tracker’s “close your rings” model. You can check how close you came to closing your sleep rings by opening AutoSleep on your watch or iPhone 13 Pro Max after a night’s sleep. Sleep Duration, Deep Sleep, Heart Rate, and Sleep Quality are the four rings you get. AutoSleep is a feature rich iPhone 13 app which can change your sleep duration goals, it compares your sleeping heart rate to your non-active waking heart rate and looks for beneficial trends, and it provides a wealth of information to help you understand the data and charts. You must purchase AutoSleep for $4.99 USD in order to use it. What’s more, you get an ad-free app that doesn’t waste space attempting to persuade you to upgrade.

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3. Headspace 

Making mental health a priority is a challenge this year as we continue to deal with the stressors that come with a global pandemic. However, meditation, a set of techniques that originated as an Eastern religious and spiritual tradition around 1500 BCE, has been shown to reduce anxiety and improve overall well-being. It’s now easier than ever to get started thanks to the digital age. Headspace is a beginner-friendly meditation app available for iOS and Android. The must-have iPhone 13 app has something for everyone, including guided meditations, mindful workouts, and sleep techniques. So, get your hands on this app as soon as you can for some much needed peace of mind!

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4. Calm

Calm is quite literally one of the best fitness and lifestyle apps for iPhone 13 you could download today. It is useful for people who want to learn how to deal with stress and anxiety on a daily basis. Calm is a mindfulness app based on science that can be used by both beginners and experts. Calm is worth a try if you want to find more peace in your daily life or simply add new tools to your mental health toolkit. The more you use the app and its many features, the more positive mental health benefits you may notice. To get acclimated to the practice, newcomers can start with courses like “How to Meditate.” Experts can test their skills in the Less Guidance section, which includes a meditation timer, lightly guided meditations, and open-ended meditations. Calm is an excellent one-stop shop for anyone interested in improving their mental health. The iOS meditation app teaches users how to cope with anxiety and stress, improve their sleep, and monitor their emotions. Calm is absolutely the best lifestyle app for every iPhone. Don’t take our word for it, check out the 1.2 Million user ratings on the App Store and meditate better.

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5. Cosm

From listening to music to journaling to keeping track of our health, our iPhones have quickly become one of the most important tools in our lives. Cosm is a free app that combines all three, allowing you to create your own soothing soundscapes to help with anxiety and stress. When you first open the app, you’ll be prompted to move through a series of sounds, each with a soothing name like “sutra” or “hatha,” before using your finger to tap and drag on your device’s screen to activate layers of sounds. Select from the available sounds, change their pitch or scale, and layer them on top of each other. As you add more layers, the app will prompt you to consider how the sounds are making you feel. After you’ve completed your session, you can save it, where you’ll be asked to name the soundscape and add notes about how you reacted to the sounds of the day. Then, the next time you need something specific – say, to help you feel calm, focused, or happy – you can quickly find something you’ve previously created and activate it.

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Best Music Apps for iPhone 13 Mini

1. Spotify

Spotify, arguably the most well-known music streaming app, is a massive force in the streaming industry, with over 365 million subscribers and access to 70 million tracks from almost any artist you can imagine. The famous iOS music  app has the same features as the desktop version, including the ability to stream single tracks or entire albums and Spotify’s ability to provide accurate music selection for users based on past listening experience. A free account only allows you to listen to Shuffle Play, playlists, and podcasts; if you want to play any song, listen offline, and avoid ads, you’ll have to pay $10 per month for the Premium version. There’s also a Student subscription that includes Hulu access and a Family subscription that saves you money.

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2. SoundCloud 

Soundcloud is a large community of musicians, bands, podcasters, and other creators. The app has all of the features of the website, including the ability to find new artists to follow, listen to songs in your feed, and even record and post your own audio. There are two types of premium subscriptions: the Pro subscription, which starts at $12 per month and is for music creators. It provides additional storage space as well as statistics for tracks that have been uploaded. SoundCloud Go is a two-tiered service aimed at listeners. Soundcloud Go is a $5 monthly subscription that includes ad-free listening and the ability to download tracks. For $10 a month, Go+ gives you high-quality audio and full access to SoundCloud’s entire catalogue, with no previews.

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3. Pandora 

Pandora is a well-known streaming service. The app’s For You feature, which is essentially a personalised radio service, creates an endless playlist of new music and podcasts just for you based on your likes and dislikes as you listen. Simply start the app and leave it alone. Pandora Plus, which costs $5 per month and includes unlimited skips, offline radio, and the ability to listen to individual tracks (after listening to an ad), is available. The Premium subscription costs $10 (with discounts for family, student, and military plans) and primarily allows you to create and share playlists. You won’t even have to listen to an advertisement before playing a single song.

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4. YouTube Music

YouTube Music used to be a bit of a stray, but with Google Play Music’s acquisition, it’s no longer the odd man out. However, you have to wonder why it’s taken so long. YouTube Music gives you access to all of the music on YouTube, which is one of the world’s largest music repositories and the most used music streaming service globally. It’s free to use with ads, but if you want ad-free music, background listening (while the screen is locked), and offline downloads, you’ll need to download YouTube Music and pay $10 per month for a Premium subscription. Otherwise, if you already pay $12 per month for YouTube Premium (which includes ad-free videos), YouTube Music Premium is included in that subscription as well. The related song algorithm isn’t as good as Spotify but its integration with Google’s ecosystem and price (if you use YouTube Premium), makes it one of the best apps for iPhone 13 series in 2022.

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Best Social Networking Apps for iPhone 13

1. TikTok

We’d be lying to you and ourselves if we didn’t include TikTok on our list of best apps for iPhone 13 in 2022. TikTok is a mobile app that allows you to quickly access and create media to share with others. Users can quickly lose track of time by watching countless videos on whatever topic they choose. These short videos can be amusing, informative, or simply lip-sync to popular songs.TikTok is a simple platform that opens up a world of interactivity, and you get what you give, just like any other social media behemoth like Instagram, WhatsApp, or Facebook. Unlike its other counterparts, it is fairly easy and intuitive to use! 

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2. Instagram

Instagram, owned by Facebook, is quite literally at the forefront of social networking sites. Instagram makes it simple to stay in touch with family, friends, and relatives. One can easily and rapidly share their stuff, including images, videos, thoughts, and opinions, into their profile. Connecting with people all across the world is also simple and convenient through this app. You can share reels, stories, posts, and spice up your feed every day which truly makes Instagram one of the best social media apps for iPhone 13 in 2022.

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3. Twitter 

Tweets, hashtags, and trends– Twitter is all about the moment. From recent news articles to the funniest things on the internet, Twitter has a place for anyone and everyone on its platform. Users have consistently stated that Twitter is a fantastic social media network for getting real-time updates: whether you want news, financial warnings, bargains from your favorite brands, or musings from the world’s most powerful people, this is the place to be. Whether on the desktop or in the app, the user interface is excellent.

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Best Photo Editing Apps for iPhone 13 Pro Max

1. Snapseed

Snapseed is a simple-to-use photo editing app that comes with a variety of image-altering tools and presets. The app has Google’s endorsement, which is an advantage in terms of engaging user interface and excellent performance. You can tweak and fine-tune elements like brightness, saturation, contrast, curves, shadows, and much more with the app, giving you a surprising lot of control over how your images turn out in the end. The reason why it is consistently rated as one of the best photo editing apps for iPhone 13 Pro Max in terms of photo editing is because of the variety of its high-end features which makes it easier for non-professionals to tweak their photos like they were done by a professional. In fact, this app also has a great reputation amongst professionals as one of the best apps for editing JPGs and RAW files alike. Grab this app for your iPhone 13 and get ready to spice up your photos and Instagram feed!

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You can’t possibly talk about photo editing without mentioning VSCO. VSCO has been in the game for a long time and for good reason. ​​VSCO offers photo editing tools and filters, as well as the ability to share photos with other VSCO users. Users have the option of using the app for free or paying for the premium version. The free version provides users with basic editing tools and a limited number of filters, while the premium version provides access to more advanced editing tools, additional filters, and photography tutorials and advice. However, the best part of VSCO is its community. VSCO limits social contact wherein users can’t like or comment on posts, and the number of followers isn’t displayed publicly. Users are notified privately if someone ‘ favorites’ or contributes their photograph to a ‘Collection.’ Not only does this discharge the pressure of getting a certain amount of likes on a photo but it also gives way to creativity. From being the Editor’s choice to curating feeds and discovering new filters and inspiration, it is no wonder that VSCO has always been regarded as one of the best apps that one can equip themselves with on iPhone 13 Pro Max with its best-in-class camera setup.

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3. Adobe Lightroom

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is a free, feature-rich photo editing and camera app that lets you shoot and edit gorgeous photos. Lightroom includes simple editing tools such as sliders for retouching images and transformative presets for swiftly applying unique tweaks that bring your photo to life no matter where you are. Many users have submitted their rave reviews and experiences of using Adobe Lightroom on their iPhone 13 Pro Max. Compared to Photoshop or any other similar app Lightroom is unquestionably superior in terms of workflow. You can create image collections, keyword images, post photographs directly to social media, batch processes, and more with Lightroom, it also allows you to organize your photo library as well as edit them. This is one of the best apps that you can invest in when it comes to photo editing for professionals as well as beginners. The best thing about Adobe Lightroom is its simplicity– Importing, organizing, editing, and sharing are the only four processes involved. So, if you are looking for a no-nonsense photo editing app for iPhone 13 that can provide you with an outstanding user experience right from shooting in RAW to exporting full resolution JPGs & Cloud Sync.

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So, there you have it! These are some of the best apps for your iPhone 13 in 2022 you can install right now! Also, if you are looking to download some apps for your Apple TV, check out our article on the Best Apps for Apple TV 4K in 2022 (Top 35)