Apple testing M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips in new Macs before WWDC 2023

Apple is gearing up for its 2023 Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) next week, and it looks like the tech giant has some more exciting new hardware announcements up its sleeve. According to Bloomberg, Apple is testing a pair of new high-end Macs that will be powered by the new M2 Max and M2 Ultra chips.

These Macs are labeled internally as Mac 14,13 and Mac 14,14. The former is running the M2 Mac chip which was announced back in January 2023 with the new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros.

M2 Max chip is basically a souped-up version of the M2 chip that was announced back in 2022 with the M2 MacBook Air. It has up to 8 CPU cores, 10 GPU cores, and faster Neural Engine cores. If leaks are accurate, the M2 Ultra chip is even more powerful, with up to  24 CPU cores, 76 GPU cores, 48 Neural Engine cores, and up to a whopping 192GB of unified memory. 

Here’s a quick look at the M2 Ultra and M2 Max specs sheet:

Internal Name Chip Name CPU Cores GPU Cores Memory
Mac 14,13  M2 Max 12 (8P + 4E) 38 96GB 
Mac 14,14 M2 Ultra 24 (16P + 8E) (Rumoured) 60, and 76 (Rumoured) 64GB, 128GB, 192GB (Rumoured)

These new chips are expected to deliver significant performance improvements over the previous generation of Mac chips. This will make the new Macs ideal for super-demanding tasks like real-time 3D rendering, scientific computing, and even gaming.


In addition to the new chips, Apple is also reportedly testing a new Mac Pro desktop computer. This machine is expected to succeed the current Mac Pro (yes, the trash-can one). Apple still sells it for over $5,000.

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Apple is expected to officially announce the new Macs, iOS 17, and a new mixed reality headset at WWDC on June 6. We can’t wait to see what the Cupertino giant has in store! Check back to see our coverage on the one of the biggest software events.

Image by Apple

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