Apple Ditched These iPhones After the Launch of iPhone 14

Apple launched the iPhone 14 series at September 7’s Far Out event. Following the event, they also discontinued some of their old ones. This Apple tradition has been followed every year to make room for their new phones. The new lineup consists of iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus (replacing the iPhone 13 mini), iPhone 14 Pro, and iPhone 14 Pro Max. Along with the iPhone 14 series, the tech giant also launched 3 new Apple Watches and the 2nd Gen AirPods Pro.

Discontinuing an iPhone does not mean that you cannot buy that phone ever- it simply translates as Apple will stop manufacturing new units for the US market. You can still easily buy an iPhone 13 Pro Max from any third-party seller like- Amazon or Best Buy (until the stocks last) and you will also get at least 5 years of security and software updates for that iPhone. Well, the good news is the older phones will most likely be available at a discount. So, if you’re planning on buying an early Holiday gift this might be a good opportunity.

Following the tradition, Apple discontinued the last year’s Pro models as well as some older phones. The phones being discontinued after the launch of the iPhone 14 series are-

As a result, the new lineup of iPhones in 2022 is as follows-

2021 iPhone Lineup after iPhone 13 Launch

2021 Lineup of iPhones 2021 Prices
iPhone 13 $799
iPhone 13 Mini $699
iPhone 13 Pro $999
iPhone 13 Pro Max $1099
iPhone 12 $699
iPhone 12 Mini $599
iPhone 11 $499
iPhone SE  $429

2022 iPhone Lineup after iPhone 14 Launch

2022 Lineup of iPhones 2022 Prices
iPhone 14 $799
iPhone 14 Plus $899
iPhone 14 Pro $999
iPhone 14 Pro Max $1,099
iPhone 13 $699
iPhone 13 Mini $599
iPhone 12 $599
iPhone SE  $429

One interesting thing about the new iPhone lineup is that all devices support 5G and Wi-Fi 6.

The Pre Orders for iPhone 14 series will start from September 9 and will hit the stores on September 16th, except iPhone 14 Plus which will start shipping on October 23. 


Let us know in the comments which phones you are planning to buy!

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TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team