Apple’s Most Affordable iPad to Finally Get a USB-C Port 

We all recognize Apple as a premium brand that delivers a great user experience and maximum customer satisfaction. It has brought many new changes in its product lines like the upcoming macOS Ventura’s secure USB-C feature, the upcoming new camera autofocus feature in iPhone 14, and the M2-powered MacBook Air. At the same time, Apple is also late to the party to implement some advanced features that make us unhappy. One such change that users have been waiting for is the decade-old Lightning port in the entry-level iPad. 

Well, that is about to change because the tech giant is now working on providing USB-C connectivity for the upcoming 10th Gen iPad. So, let’s find out why Apple is taking this step and what it means for you.


Why is Apple making a switch from the Lighting port to USB-C?

9to5Mac reports that the upcoming 10th Gen iPad (codenamed J272) will come with USB-C connectivity rather than the ancient Lightning port.

Apple introduced the lightning port in September 2012 to replace the 30-pin dock connecter. This port upgrade was implemented throughout the Apple product lineup, including the iPhone, iPod, and iPad, to connect them with various other gadgets like cameras. 

In 2022, many users think that there are more disadvantages of having a Lightning port as compared to the benefits of having it. One and the foremost drawback is its lack of compatibility with other non-Apple devices. If you ever think of transferring your photos from an Android device, you will not be able to transfer them directly to your iPad as the Apple ecosystem doesn’t allow other devices to connect natively. 


But now, things are going to change as Apple is planning to launch a USB-C entry-level iPad. 

Another major reason why Apple is making the shift to USB-C is that the EU has mandated all small and medium-sized electronics to have USB-C. As a result, even the upcoming iPhones will also have USB-C ports

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Benefits of USB-C for iPad

Once you get a USB-C port on an iPad, you can enjoy the following benefits:

  1. USB-C will allow your iPad to connect to other accessories to transfer data. 
  2. Besides significantly faster data transfer speeds, fast charging is another benefit of USB-C. 
  3. Furthermore, without any issues, you will be able to connect your iPad to external monitors, speakers, microphones, and other USB-C accessories. 

Along with the USB-C upgrade, the 2023 entry-level iPad will sport a slightly larger display similar to the iPad Air. Furthermore, it will have Apple’s A14 Bionic chip from the 4th Gen iPad Air with 5G support.

If all this information is really true, then the 9th Gen iPad model will be the last device to have a lightning port in this series, as iPad Air and iPad Pro already have USB-C connectivity. 

It is great news for all Apple device users as USB-C will bring various benefits along with it. Since it is months away from launch, you can learn more about USB-C adapters for your existing devices



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TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team