Google Pixel Fold and Pixel 7a Specs, Availability & Pricing Tipped in New Leaks

We have been hearing a lot about Google’s first-ever foldable, rumored to be named Pixel NotePad. And now, new leaks have tipped the official release date and price of the device. In addition, we have also come across the first look of the mid-range Pixel 7a. Without wasting further time, let’s dig into the details. 

Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel 7a Rumored Specs and Camera Details 

Early renders suggest that the Pixel 7a flaunts an identical design to its big brother Pixel 7. It will feature a flat display up front. Whereas it will flaunt a matte silver frame, the same glossy back, and a two-camera setup on the rear. The camera-bar design on the rear will be the same that you saw on the Pixel 7, meaning, the Pixel 7a will come with a matte aluminum bump instead of glass. Reportedly, the Pixel 7a has nearly the exact design as its predecessor,


Pixel 6a. If we go into the details, the Pixel 7a is 0.2mm taller, 1.1mm wider, and 0.1mm thicker than the Pixel 6a. As far as camera specs are concerned, the Pixel 7a is reported to feature a new 64 MP main camera alongside a 13 MP ultrawide sensor. Whereas the performance will be taken care of by Google own Tensor G2 SoC, a screen with a 90 Hz refresh rate, and support for wireless charging. 

Just like before, the leaked images available online suggest that Google will continue to offer the chunky bezels that we saw last year.  

Some lucky users have already gotten their hands-on on the upcoming Pixel 7a, the image has been taken from the Vietnamese blog


Zing News:

Pixel 7a hands-on
Image credit: Zing News

By the looks of it and the fact that Google has remotely locked the device (shown above), we can assume that it could be the original Pixel 7a that is set to arrive in May. It also means the initial rumors and leaks reported by major news agencies are possibly true. 

Now let’s talk about the Pixel Fold.

According to new leaks that surfaced online, we learned that the upcoming Google foldable will feature an outer 5.8” screen, while the inner display will measure 7.6 inches (when opened). In addition, the Pixel Fold reportedly weighs about 10 ounces (283 grams) and has a bigger battery than the Galaxy Z Fold 4. Also, it is heavier than Samsung’s flagship foldable phone. It is said to last for about 24 hours and up to 72 hours on a single charge. Further, we got to know that it will be also powered by a Tensor G2 chipset. It is worth mentioning that according to the ‘internal documents and images,’ Google is likely to claim that the Pixel Fold has “the most durable hinge on a foldable.”


Google Pixel Fold and Google Pixel 7a Release Date and Price

As per the new leaks, both Pixel devices will be unveiled together at Google I/O, the company’s annual developer conference, scheduled for 10th May 2023. As far as price is concerned, the Pixel 7a will be reportedly available for $499 and will be available in four colors: Charcoal, Snow, Sea, and Coral (exclusive if bought from Google Store). Whereas, the Pixel Fold will be available for a rumored price of $1,799. Even though the announcement date of both devices remains the same, the official release date will be different. The Pixel Fold will be available later down the line, presumably from June 27. Let’s not forget that pre-order benefits will include a free Pixel Watch

That’s all for now in this news piece, we will update this article by the time these devices are officially released. You can bookmark our blog, follow our Instagram, and subscribe to our YouTube channel to get the latest tech news. 

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