Best 13-inch M1/M2 MacBook Pro Sleeves to buy in 2023

Having a laptop sleeve is always beneficial for carrying your MacBook anywhere you go. It acts as a simple bag that can hold your laptop and other necessary accessories. Not only do these sleeves protect your MacBook from damage at times, but it gives a fashionable look. MacBook Pro, being one of the best and most powerful laptops designed by Apple, requires additional safety to keep it long-lasting. That’s where laptop sleeves come to the rescue. 

We at TechieTechTech understand that buying a compatible accessory is always challenging, especially when you’re not aware of new products in the market. Don’t worry, in this roundup, we will walk you through some of the top sleeves that you can get for your 13-inch MacBook Pro right now in 2023. Whether you need the best slim, leather, or hard shell sleeve for your M1 and M2-powered MacBook Pro 13-inch, we’ve covered everything in this roundup. So, without wasting any time, let’s dig right into it. 


Please note that the mentioned sleeves will go with any 13-inch M1/M2 MacBook Pro, including the Intel as well as M1-powered models.

Note: We update our article from time to time to cover the latest products available in the market.

Our Top Picks of the Best 13-inch MacBook Pro M1/M2 Sleeves in 2023

1. ProCase M1 13-inch MacBook Pro Sleeve Bag

ProCase Sleeve Case for MacBook Pro

The ProCase laptop sleeve is another popular (above 28,000 reviews) sleeve case for M2 MacBook Pro. This beautifully crafted M1 MacBook Pro sleeve offers better protection for your device. Here we have listed some notable features that we think you should know. 

  • This case is simply looking and has a slim and lightweight design to it.
  • All thanks to the sleek design, you can take your M1/M2 MacBook Pro anywhere keeping it inside this sleeve. Remember, the slim design lets you fit it inside the backpack or briefcase too.
  • It is made from soft and eco-friendly material to protect your sleeve against dust, dirt, scratches, as well as bumps/shocks. 
  •  There’s an extra pocket in front of the sleeve to keep all the essentials in one place.
  • This sleeve bag opens at a straight angle to access your MacBook without any hassle.

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2. Voova M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch Waterproof Sleeve
Voova MacBook Pro 13” Waterproof Laptop Sleeve

If you are looking for a sleeve case to carry enough gadgets with you during travel, we recommend you choose this 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro sleeve. It comes with two additional compartments to keep other items secure. 


  • This ultra-slim and portable sleeve case are easy to carry anywhere without any hassle.
  • There’s a stretchable handle to carry the MacBook Pro easily. 
  • Polyester foam padding on the sleeve offers multiple layers of protection and prevents your device from getting damaged due to heavy shocks. 
  • Reinforced stitching across the sleeve ensures that your MacBook Pro doesn’t fall off due to tearing up the sleeve.
  • Voova also offers this case in nine different colors, make sure to choose one that suits your style. 
  • Overall, this sleeve can grab extra points for its aesthetically pleasing look and is worth buying. 

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3. ONE LIFE Waterproof Sleeve for M1 13-inch MacBook Pro

ONE LIFE Waterproof Laptop Sleeve Case

Looking for the best waterproof sleeve for your 13-inch M1 MacBook Pro? The ONE LIFE sleeve case is simply your thing. The sleeve offers triple-layer protection with its spill-resistance neoprene surface, shockproof sponge, and internal plush cushioning. 

  • The envelope-style design allows taking out your MacBook Pro easily.
  • The form-fitted and sleek design can grab points for a stylish and flawless look.
  • All thanks to the neoprene material, the MacBook Pro remains safe from water splashes or rain when it is inside the sleeve.        
  • The padding layer and sponge used in this case are enough to offer good protection against accidental damages involving major shocks.
  • It is lightweight in design and remains one of the best and most cost-effective options for people looking for a sleeve case for their 13-inch M2/M1 MacBook Pro.

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4. Inateck Protective Sleeve for 13” MacBook Pro

Inateck Protective Sleeve for 13” MacBook Pro

Last but not least, we have for you the M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve from Inateck. This ultra-slim MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve case is made from polyester material and has a cotton-padded cushion to protect your device. 


  • There is a protective strip beneath the zipper to prevent it from scratching your MacBook Pro 13”.
  • You will find a zipped bag on the front to store small accessories like mouse, cables, HDMI adapters, etc.
  • Made from some of the finest polyester fiber, you can count on the durability of this sleeve. 
  • The minimalist look of this case fits for people in institutional setup.
  • All thanks to the thick soft flannel inside the sleeve, it is shock-proof, dust-proof, and scratch-proof. 

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5. Manuel Dreesmann Leather Sleeve for 13” Macbook Pro M1

Manuel Dreesmann Leather Sleeve for 13 inch Macbook Pro

While your MacBook is a high-end, premium machine, it is simply not something that grabs attention because we see so many of them around us. To add a splash of exclusivity and luxury to your MacBook Pro, our sleeve of choice would be the Manuel Dreesmann Leather Sleeve for the 13” M1 MacBook Pro. 

  • Extremely high-quality leather is used for constructing this sleeve. It is the highest grade, vegetable-tanned leather which will develop an elegant patina as it ages with use. Designed and made in Spain. 
  • This sleeve doubles to act as a style statement in addition to protecting your laptop. The finish and luster of the leather along with the immaculate stitch quality combine to make a product that screams luxury.
  • Thick leather will provide protection in case you drop your laptop
  • Hand-made end to end, which ensures impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail

We believe that the Manuel Dreesmann is the sleeve to get if you’re looking for an extremely high-quality sleeve for your MacBook Pro which serves as both a luxury quotient and decent protection. 

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6. TOMTOC Recycled Sleeve for 13” MacBook Pro M2

TOMTOC Recycled Sleeve for 13” MacBook Pro

Are you looking for a M2 MacBook Pro sleeve case with military-grade protection? If yes, here we have one from TOMTOC. This formal-looking MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve case is one of the best options for all office-goers. 


  • TOMTOC has designed this sleeve case from recycled fabrics to promote sustainability. No doubt, if you buy this sleeve, you are doing much for your ecosystem indirectly. 
  • The convenient storage design of this sleeve case allows you to keep all your essentials like USB-C adapters, mouse, cables with the 13” M1 MacBook Pro.
  • The thick plush lining and padding present in this sleeve offer all-around protection to your MacBook Pro.
  • Let’s not forget, it comes with a Military-grade corner that can resist any kind of shocks and drops to protect the device inside. 
  • The TOMTOC sleeve case is available in ten attractive designs and colors.
  • Moreover, the sleek profile of this laptop sleeve ensures maximum portability. 

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7. MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag for M2 MacBook Pro 13″ (Best Value for Money)

MOSISO Laptop Sleeve Bag

The MOSISO laptop sleeve bag is one of the best and most selling MacBook Pro sleeves in the market. All thanks to the beautiful design and neoprene foam build, the Mosiso sleeve is effective in offering protection to the 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro.

  • This slim and lightweight M1 MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve adds more to the portability. By this we mean, you can carry your MacBook Pro easily without any bulky feeling. 
  • There’s fluffy fleece fabric in this case to protect your 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 bumps and shock absorption effectively.
  • It’s a stylish sleeve for the 13-inch MacBook Pro and comes with a small pouch that can be used to store small items like a wireless mouse, USB cables, and more. 
  • The minimalist design of this sleeve bag allows you to fit it in any backpack or briefcase. 
  • The universal compatibility of this allows carrying laptops across different brands.
  • If you are fond of colors, Mosiso is offering this sleeve bag with over thirty color options. 

Overall, it is one of the finest sleeves for the M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch that is offered to you at a very affordable price. 

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8. Allinside 13-inch M2 MacBook Pro Sleeve

Allinside 13" MacBook Pro Sleeve

If you are looking for a fancy office sleeve bag for your M2 MacBook Pro, this one from Allinside is just the right one for your needs. Below we have mentioned some of the highlighted features of this MacBook Pro leather sleeve.


  • This sleeve bag for M1 and M2 MacBook Pro is built around water-resistant PU leather that safeguards the device from annoying scratches and liquid damage. Therefore, if you ever spill your coffee on this bag, your wallet won’t get any harm.  
  • The slim and lightweight design of this MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve allows you to carry it in your hand, on your way to the office. If you happen to take it while you’re traveling across places, you can easily fit it inside a briefcase, or a suitcase, without any extra weight. 
  • There is a magnetic closure on the opening flap attached on the other side to ensure that it prevents your MacBook from slipping out. Though, we want you to stay cautious while handling it like avoiding throwing it around the table and bed. 
  • Moreover, it is compatible with M1 as well as M2 models of MacBook Pro. 

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9. Vandel Puffy MacBook Pro Sleeve Bag

Vandel Puffy MacBook Pro Sleeve Bag

If you are looking for a cute yet premium sleeve bag to keep your M2 MacBook Pro, this puffy chained sleeve is a suitable option for you. We have talked about its some notable features below, make sure to go through it. 

  • This M2 MacBook Pro sleeve bag comes in a padded design ensuring that your laptop inside this sleeve bag stays without any dents even if you accidentally drop it.
  • Though it looks bulky, it’s not, the bulky look only comes from the puffy design that you are likely to see on cozy winter jackets. You can always compress this MacBook Pro sleeve to fit it inside a travel bag when you are traveling.
  • The bag has a lot of storage space inside, meaning you can store a wireless mouse or charger, and even fit in compact Apple accessories without any hassle. 
  • Of all that, the best part is that it comes in various color options that give you the freedom of customizing it with your attire too. 
  • Moreover, it is offered in lovely pattern designs which can be handy for everyone.

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10. Lacdo Protective Sleeve for MacBook Pro 13-inch M1/M2

Lacdo Protective Sleeve for MacBook Pro

If you’re looking for a sleeve bag for your 13” M2 MacBook Pro with a handle, we recommend choosing this one from Lacdo. This sleek sleeve for MacBook looks aesthetically pleasing and has all the features to keep the device safe. 

  • The Lacdo sleeve case comes in a slim and lightweight design that allows you to carry it anywhere without any hassle.
  • The slim profile helps you to keep it in any briefcase or simple backpack when you’re traveling a long distance. 
  • The smooth zipper present on this sleeve case perfectly locks both sides to keep your MacBook Pro safe from falling off.
  • There’s enough space in this sleeve to keep adjusting your 13-inch MacBook Pro and other small peripheral devices.
  • This shockproof M1 MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve is effective in protecting the device against drops, bumps, or fumbles.
  • All thanks to the waterproof canvas fabric, your M2 MacBook Pro remains safe from water splashes or rain.
  • There are six different colors for you to choose from.

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11. CCPK 13-inch Sleeve for MacBook Pro M2

CCPK 13 inch Sleeve Cover for MacBook Pro

Here’s another M2 MacBook Pro 13″ sleeve cover for all those who like to keep simple and sweet. This simple-looking sleeve from CCPK for your MacBook Pro can get easily blended with your formal look.


  • This sleek sleeve cover offers a decent amount of protection to your MacBook Pro and other laptops across various brands.
  • There is a heavy-duty zipper to keep your accessories and laptops safe and secure inside the sleeve. 
  • All thanks to the special stretch shell, your device is safe from both water and stains. 
  • If you don’t like any bulk at all, this slim protective sleeve case is the perfect option for you. 
  • Moreover, it is way more affordable than other 13″ MacBook Pro M2 sleeves out there in the market.

It is worth mentioning that the CCPK slim case comes in three beautiful colors to match your style. 

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12. HYZUO 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 Sleeve 

HYZUO MacBook Pro Sleeve

Here we bring to you my personal favorite HYZUO leather sleeve case for M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch. This sleeve is made from durable suede leather that comes with water resistance and anti-scratch features. 

  • The HYZUO leather sleeve is for all those who like to keep their style simple and unique. 
  • The minimalist design of this case allows carrying it in your hand without any sense of any bulk. 
  • There is a magnetic closure on the flap of this leather sleeve to keep all your belongings safe inside. 
  • You will also get a stylish pouch to keep small accessories of your MacBook Pro securely.
  • Additionally, it can be used to carry any type of 13-inch laptop, iPads, and tablet across different brands. 

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13. Smatree Hard shell Sleeve for MacBook Pro M1 13-inch

Smatree Hardshell Sleeve Bag

If you’re looking for the best M1 MacBook Pro 13-inch hard shell sleeve, get yourself the Smatree case. This sleeve has its own unique design and identity that separates it from traditional sleeves for MacBook Pro.

  •  It is made from 600d EVA Nylon known for its durability and waterproof properties. 
  • The Smatree hard shell sleeve bag comes in a slim and lightweight design ensuring maximum portability.
  • The internal compartment sports a soft cushion to offer protection when it encounters any impact. 
  • The outer hard shell is tough and durable enough to keep your MacBook safe and secure from any kind of accidental damage. 
  • You can also buy this case for other 13” Apple laptops that you own.

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14. Comfyable Slim Protective M2 MacBook Pro 13” Sleeve

Comfyable Slim Protective MacBook Pro 13” Sleeve

This M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch sleeve is made from PU leather that snugly fits your device giving it a stylish look and design. It is one of the best protective sleeves that is offered for under $25. Here we have mentioned some of the features that will let you decide whether or not to buy this one. 


  • This 13-inch MacBook Pro M1 sleeve features a minimalist, and sleek design is a trendsetter for all the corporate geeks out there. 
  • Talking about the protection, there’s superior EPE foam padding to provide good protection from decent shocks and bumps, but it doesn’t guarantee droop-proof protection. If you’re looking to keep your device safe from drops, we recommend you to pair this one of the best cases for MacBook Pro.
  • Additionally, the soft microfiber lining & additional inner cover inside this sleeve offers reliable protection to the MacBook Pro from getting scratched. 
  • The durable exterior PU leather design offers waterproof protection to keep your device safe and secure.
  • Moreover, there are a few color options available for this sleeve from Comfyable, please make sure to check them out to match your vibe. 

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15. JETech 13″ M1 MacBook Pro Sleeve

JETech 13 MacBook Pro Sleeve

Here we bring to you one of the best and most-rated MacBook Pro sleeves on Amazon. It offers decent protection to your device and at the same time offers a stylish look to it. 

  • This durable sleeve for the M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch features inner foam cushions that offer good protection to the device from dust, scratches, bumps, and shocks. 
  • As far as design is concerned, this one from JETech features a lightweight and slim design that lets you carry your MacBook Pro around a college campus or office premises without any hassle. The slim design is also handy to slide your MacBook Pro inside your suitcase or backpack whenever you’re traveling. 
  • For more usability, you will find an extra front pocket to keep pens, iPhones, chargers, power banks, etc. 
  • The splash-proof exterior design lets you clean it neatly to keep the beautiful look intact for a long time. 
  • Best of all, you will get to choose this sleeve case from eleven beautiful colors and it is way more affordable than other brands out there. Please check it out.

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16. Londo Genuine Leather Sleeve Bag for M1/M2 MacBook Pro 13-inch

Londo Genuine Leather Sleeve Bag for MacBook Pro 13”

If you love aesthetic looks and casual designs, this M1 MacBook Pro sleeve bag from Londo is suitable for all your needs. 

  • This leather sleeve features a lightweight and sleek design whereas it is stitched well to offer durability and a crisp finish.
  • The sleek design lets you carry it standalone or within a suitcase or backpack for extra portability when you’re traveling. 
  • You can also store small items such as chargers, wires, etc. for extra utility. 
  • If you want to match your style with various designs, Londo is offering this 13” MacBook Pro sleeve in seven eye-catch designs and colors.
  • Having all that said, it is quite more expensive than most of the MacBook Pro sleeves listed here, but it surely is investment-worthy. 

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Well, we have come to the end of this roundup on some of the top and best sleeves that you can get right now for the MacBook Pro 13-inch in 2023. Also, make sure to check our roundup on


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