Best Screen Protectors for Galaxy S22 in 2022

Samsung is back with its latest flagship lineup namely the Galaxy S22 series. It includes three different smartphones: the Galaxy S22, S22 Plus, and S22 Ultra. As far as this roundup is concerned, we will stay focused on the base model of the latest flagship family, the Galaxy S22 5G. The Samsung Galaxy S22 features a 6.1″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X display with 120Hz, and HDR10+ certification. The Galaxy S22 5G packs the in-house  Exynos 2200 or Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 chipset based on where you live. Let’s not forget that this compact Samsung flagship is shipped with 5G connectivity and Wi-Fi 6 support. 

Despite the Galaxy S22 coming with the Corning Gorilla Glass Victus+ protection, the display remains prone to damage or scratches. So, it would be a wise choice to grab from some of the best screen protectors for Galaxy S22 that we have mentioned in this roundup. We also recommend combining these screen protectors with the best cases for Galaxy S22 for the best possible protection of the compact flagship smartphone from any kind of accidental damages such as drops, shocks, bumps, etc. 

Note: We update our article from time to time to cover the latest products available in the market.  

List of Best Galaxy S22 Screen Protectors to Buy Now

1. amFilm Hybrid Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 5G

amFilm Hybrid Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 5G First, we have one of the best glass screen protectors for Galaxy S22 from amFilm that you can grab to offer the best protection for the flat AMOLED display of the 2022 flagship phone. This hybrid S22 screen protector comes with a mere 0.2 mm thickness, which offers almost 100% transparency to ensure obstruction-free viewing experience. Also, the ultra-thin design ensures a smooth touch response which can be handy for unlocking your device using the ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. Thanks to the 7H hardness property, this Galaxy S22 screen protector offers respectable protection from scratches and mitigates the impacts of drops that may crack the screen altogether. Moreover, you’ll get an alignment tool for the proper installation of the amFilm screen protector for Samsung S22 5G. 

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2. Supershieldz Galaxy S22 5G Screen Protector Glass

Supershieldz Galaxy S22 5G Screen Protector Glass

If you’re looking for the best budget-friendly screen protector for Galaxy S22 5G, bring home the Supershieldz tempered glass; without thinking much. As far as the previous flagship series is concerned, it was one of the best-rated screen protectors on several online market spaces. Talking about the design, this Galaxy S22 screen guard is made from tempered glass combined with 9H hardness property which ensures solid protection against any kind of scratch and scuffs that can degrade the beauty of the Samsung’s 2022 flagship. The rounded edges around the corners of this protective glass make it easier to install different types of Galaxy S22 cases available in the market. Besides, the ultra-thin design offers real touch sensitivity for flawless response time and quick fingerprint unlock by preserving the clear crystal clear transparency. Plus, the Supershield S22 screen glass protector is shipped with an oleophobic and hydrophobic coating that prevents dust particles and fingerprint smudges, giving the display a clean look. The best part is that you get three pieces of screen protectors for under $8. 

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3. Mr.Shield Screen Protector Glass Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Mr.Shield Screen Protector Glass Samsung Galaxy S22 Plus

Here we have another affordable option from Mr.Shield for anyone looking to grab the best screen protector for S22 5G. It is made from a mixture of tempered glass and Ballistic glass to add strength and durability. The 9H hardness features ensure that this screen protector glass for Galaxy S22 withstands the heaviest of drops and scratches that might compromise with the overall flagship look of the phone. The Mr.Shield screen protector uses Silicone adhesives for crystal clear transparency and a hassle-free installation/removal. The adequate thickness of this Galaxy S22 screen protector gives the freedom to use the 6.1” flat AMOLED display the way you want. Moreover, this Galaxy S22 screen protector is backed by a limited lifetime replacement policy. 

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4. Milomdoi Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Screen Guard

Milomdoi Samsung Galaxy S22 5G Screen Guard

Next, we bring the Milomdoi screen protector for Galaxy S22 5G that is shipped with a couple of camera lens protectors. This screen protector glass is made from superior 9H hardness glass that will protect the 6.1″ display of the latest Samsung Galaxy phone from scratches, drops, scuffs, and more. The Milomdoi screen protector glass comes with a mere 0.18mm thickness ensuring responsive touchscreen sensitivity. Besides, the 99.99% transparency allows you to watch movies and videos on your device without compromising the viewing angles and clarity. All thanks to the Nano electrostatic auto-absorption technology, this Galaxy S22 screen protector ensures strong adsorption force, solid adhesion, and bubble-free installation. The curve-edged design delivers edge-to-edge protection and is case-friendly. On top of that, you’ll get a guide frame for hassle-free screen protector installation on your Galaxy S22 5G. 

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5. Jeywiry Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 (Camera lens protector included)

Jeywiry Tempered Glass Screen Protector for Galaxy S22 (Camera lens protector included)

If you’re looking for a screen and camera lens protector combo for the Galaxy S22 5G, grab this one from Jeywiry. This screen protector for S22 5G is shipped with an adequate thickness (0.23mm) for high clarity, and 99.99% transparency for the best viewing experience. The ultra-thin design also ensures smooth touch response and flawless use of the ultrasonic fingerprint unlock. The curved edges design fits well with the round-cornered display of the Galaxy S22 and allows installing the available S22 cases and covers without any disruption. The brand claims that this 9H hardness screen protector for Galaxy S22 can withstand up to 110lb of force to protect your screen from heavy impact and damage. Further, you’ll also get three camera lens protectors alongside these screen protectors, all under $11 (additional discount with coupon).

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6. AACL Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

AACL Galaxy S22 Screen Protector

Finally, we have AACL screen protector for Samsung Galaxy S22 5G on our list. It features an ultra-thin and crystal clear design which comes in handy for using fingerprint unlock and enjoying the best viewing experience. As far as safety is concerned, the 9H hardness property of this S22 screen protector glass suggests extreme durability and strength that can withstand heavy damages and scratches that may damage or compromise the beautiful look of the latest Samsung flagship. You’ll also get an alignment tool that can be helpful for anyone who finds screen protector installation a daunting task. Given the price and protection it offers, the AACL is a useful screen protection accessory that you’d consider getting right now.

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With that, we have come to the end of this roundup on the best screen protectors for Galaxy S22 to buy now. Remember, we will be updating this article soon as new products hit the market. So, you can either bookmark this article or check in a few more days to find out more exciting accessories for your Galaxy S22. Also, make sure to check our dedicated roundup for the best Galaxy S22 Ultra screen protectors.