The “Nothing” event: Here’s what you need to know

“Tech businesses aren’t on the consumer’s side anymore, and no one is innovating,” said Carl Pei, who took the stage to unveil what’s new from his ‘Nothing’ startup. 

He then proceeded to show off a skinned version of Android, LSD-fueled hieroglyphics, and a $10 million USD (approximately $12.5 million CAD) request to the community. To begin, Pei shared a few interesting facts regarding the Nothing Ear (1)s and the Nothing corporation in general. In just over a year, the wireless earbuds have sold nearly half a million pairs, and Nothing now employs over 300 people.

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Nothing Phone(1)

He further highlighted that, despite a huge IT company’s attempt to stop them, the company’s supply chain is ready. Regardless, Pei claims that the business has enlisted the aid of major partners such as Google, Samsung, and Qualcomm to help launch the first Nothing phone this summer.


The corporation even halted the presentation short in order to show us a trailer of this symbol. Pei then began talking about the phone by painting an image of Nothing as the only true alternative to Apple and the contained fortress known as the Apple ecosystem in his cyclone of ententhusiasm

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By contrast, the Nothing ecosystem will be open and built to operate with a wide range of digital goods, like AirPods and Tesla vehicles. However, he never really went into detail about what this could signify. To me, it appears that Pei is simply trying to do a better job of marketing Android’s openness than Google does. Although no date has been specified for the launch, the phone is all set to come out in Summer.


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Nothing Launcher

The Android version of the Nothing Launcher will be released in April. The launcher should have few animations and a high level of brand consistency. To complement Nothing’s logo, this appears to be a pixel filter on the app icons and a lot of dot matrix design components. Carl Pei originally teased the phone, but now he’s talking about Nothing OS. It’s an Android skin over the stock design, showcasing the finest of the operating system. It features the design language and minimalism of Nothing. The clock widget, for example, is displayed in the same location in the AOD, lock screen, and residential screen. The dot-matrix font is used throughout the operating system, and there are several interesting sounds.

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Nothing OS: Software Update

There are also three years of security updates and four years of security fixes. Nothing OS is at the heart of Nothing’s new ecosystem, which includes AirPods and other devices. The launcher for Nothing OS will be available later this year.


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Image credits: Concept render by Ben Geskin

TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team