Samsung’s new Bespoke Refrigerator can control your smart devices with a 32-inch Touch Display

Samsung showcased an interesting lineup of Bespoke Home lineup at IFA 2022. We saw refrigerators, dryers, ovens, and other home appliances that make a great addition to modern kitchens and smart homes. Now, right ahead of CES 2023, Samsung has unveiled its Bespoke Family Hub Plus Refrigerator with a larger 32-inch touchscreen display. This a major upgrade over the 21.5-inch screen found on the previous models. This giant 32-inch display gives you a big canvas to, display pictures from Google Photos, control SmartThings-compatible smart home devices, make digital shopping lists, watch recipe videos, and much more. This latest smart fridge by Samsung rocks a stylish 4-door design with a built-in SmartThings hub and Samsung TV Plus support. 

Here’s everything revealed about the 2023 Samsung Smart Fridge. 

Samsung Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus Features

The Samsung Bespoke Family Hub Plus Refrigerator has a built-in SmartThings hub. Therefore, you can control SmartThings-compatible smart devices directly from the refrigerator display without having to buy a separate IoT hub. It supports six SmartThing services, including SmartThings Energy, Home Care, Air Care, Cooking, Clothing Care, and Pet Care. Right now, we don’t have any clue if this smart fridge will be Matter-compatible or not. Next, the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Plus also includes a complimentary Samsung TV Plus service. Users can watch 190 TV channels in the US or around 80 channels in South Korea via the Samsung TV Plus app. Moreover, the portrait-oriented display is also optimized for watching social media content like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube Shorts. The display also supports Picture-in-Picture mode, making it easier to interact with the rest of the screen while watching videos. 

Until now, Samsung Family Hub smart refrigerator lineup only had OneDrive integration. With the latest model, Samsung also added support for Google Photos cloud, allowing users to share content created on the Family Hub to any mobile device. Additionally, you can also download and display Google Photos images on the Family Hub Plus. You can also display paintings and artwork via Samsung’s Bespoke Atelier app. Moving on, Samsung also added Amazon Your Essentials integration the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub Plus. It gives users the ease to order groceries and other essential products through a widget on its touchscreen display.

Price & Availability

The Korean-tech giant did not disclose the resolution, refresh rate, or any other specifications regarding the touchscreen display. Also, there’s no update on the pricing or the release date. The Samsung Bespoke Family Hub Plus Refrigerator will be showcased at Samsung’s CES 2023 booth in Las Vegas, USA. We will see more details during the event. 

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