Samsung Lineup of Products Announced at IFA 2022

Samsung showcased an interesting lineup of products at IFA 2022, Europe’s biggest tech show. The South Korean tech giant focused a lot on home appliances, showing a wide range of devices that successfully captivated the attention of the visitors. Samsung’s new lineup of products was completely aligned with the company’s strong plans to expand its business in the European markets. The prime highlight was the new Bespoke Home lineup that has various offerings under its name. The company also showcased some of its displays, SSDs, and other products that were launched earlier this year. In addition, Samsung displayed a full lineup of its smartphones and wearables. The visitors were free to try out all the latest products that were unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked August 2022 event. The list includes Galaxy Z Fold 4, Z Flip 4, Buds 2, Watch 5, Watch 5 Pro, and more.

The Korean tech giant also revealed that by the end of 2023, all of its home appliances will ship with Wi-Fi and SmartThings support. Also, Samsung is all set to switch all TV remotes to solar power. 


Samsung Announcements at IFA 2022

Samsung Bespoke Home lineup

One of the most exciting announcements by Samsung was its Bespoke Home lineup which includes refrigerators, dryers, dishwashers, induction cooking, and ovens. This series offers everything you need for a modern kitchen and smart home. Moreover, with various materials and color options, you can easily customize your kitchen’s interior design as per your preferences. The new Bespoke home appliances will be available later this year in Europe and the US. 

Let’s have a look at the products announced under Samsung’s Bespoke Home lineup. 

Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer 

Samsung showcased its new Bespoke AI Washer and Dryer that offers sustainable laundry solutions. These home appliances have been developed in partnership with the activewear brand Patagonia. The AI Washer and Dryer are equipped with groundbreaking eco-conscious technologies and special filters that reduce the release of microplastics from clothing by up to 54%, which could’ve otherwise added to the plastic pollution in water bodies. 


The latest Bespoke Washer is claimed to be the number one energy-efficient washer available in the market. It deploys Samsung’s AI Ecobubble technology and can clean clothes without warm water. In addition, with the SmartThings’ Energy AI mode, consumers can save up to 70% of energy. Furthermore, there are AI Wash sensors that accurately measure the load and soiling levels so that there’s no wastage of water, detergents, and energy. Samsung also added that the SpaceMax technology helped the machines to utilize a larger drum with up to 11kg load capacity in the same footprint. The Bespoke AI Washer has a nice, front-flat design and comes in various color options so it can seamlessly fit into any laundry space. 

Bespoke AI Oven 

The Bespoke AI Oven is loaded with some intelligent features that make your cooking experience more healthy and wholesome. So basically, this oven is designed to help you prepare food that gives you taste as well as nutrition. The Samsung Bespoke Oven comes with various steam cooking functions for different dishes. The Natural Steam feature is ideal for baking and makes your dishes feel crisp on the outside and moist inside. Next, there’s a Full Steam feature to steam vegetables and fish perfectly while preserving their natural flavor and nutrients. The oven also comes with a Dual Cook Steam feature that helps you save time and energy by cooking food using natural steam from top and bottom. 

That’s not all. Throwing to the mix is a camera and SmartThings Cooking service. The built-in camera lets you monitor your food from over-cooking and also share your timelapse videos on


social media. The SmartThings Cooking services are combined with Samsung Health to help you track your calorie goals. 

Besides its smart and healthy cooking features, the AI Oven also shines on the aesthetics front. It sports a minimal and contemporary look with a handleless design and a touch-sensitive button. So, it can easily blend in with most kitchen interiors. Also, you get to choose from an array of modern colors and finishes, including Clean White, Clean Navy, and Satin Beige.

Bespoke Infinite Line

Samsung also proudly announced its new Bespoke Infinite Line which exemplifies class and high-end functionality to deliver a dream kitchen experience. The lineup has customizable home appliances with exquisite materials and finishing that adds a timeless look to your kitchen. All the appliances under the Bespoke Infinite Line are made using durable aluminum, so they are scratch-resistant, dent-resistant, and easy to clean. Also, there’s a Tunnel Lighting on the frame that lightens up each corner so you can see more clearly. 

Samsung’s Infinite Line will make its global debut in Europe and the US with the launch of a 1 Door Refrigerator that combines a fridge, freezer, and wine fridge. With the Auto Open Door feature, the door will be opened automatically when you touch it. Also, the pitcher will be filled with water when you place it below the dispenser. You can even use the built-in infuser to add fruits or herbs to enjoy flavored beverages. The Refrigerator keeps your leftover food fresh by adjusting its temperature based on the type of food you’ve stored.


Other Samsung Products announced at IFA 2022

Bespoke Samsung Odyssey Ark 

Samsung also grabbed the eyeballs of visitors with its Odyssey Ark, an impressive gaming screen that was initially announced at CES 2022. It’s a gorgeous Mini LED,  55” 4K display that’s designed to take gaming and productivity to a whole new level. The 1000R curvature wraps around your field of vision to ensure an absolutely immersive gaming experience. In addition to the distinctive looks and lifelike visuals, this ultra-premium gaming monitor delivers ultra-smooth action. It boasts a super-smooth 165Hz refresh rate and a lightning-fast 1ms response time


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Samsung SSD 990 Pro

The visitors were also shown the Samsung SSD 990 Pro, an ultra-fast and high-performance NVMe SSD based on PCle 4.0. This powerful and highly efficient SSD is designed for graphically-demanding games, 4K video editing, 3D rendering, and other storage-intensive tasks. With ultra-fast read and write speeds of up to an eye-popping 7,450 MB/s and 6,900 MB/s, respectively, the SSD 990 Pro cut the load times and takes the game responsiveness to a whole new level. Additionally, the advanced thermal solutions keep the drive at an optimal temperature for uninterrupted play and loads. The Samsung SSD 990 Pro claims to deliver up to a 55% boost in random performance than the previous 980 Pro, which makes sit an undisputed companion for gamers, creatives, and power users.


Samsung also gave visitors a chance to try out Freestyle, a portable screen and entertainment devices that were launched in April 2022. The Freestyle is a fusion of a projector, a smart speaker, and an ambient light that’s packed into a portable and lightweight device. It basically targets users who need the freedom to watch video and audio content anywhere without having to carry a lot of devices. Freestyle can easily turn any space into a screen. Yes, you don’t need a separate screen to watch any content. When you’ve got this device, you can instantly turn any space into a screen (up to 100-inches).

The Freestyle can freely rotate 180 degrees so you can literally watch movies on your dining table, desk, walls, and even the ceilings. Also, with the auto keystone and leveling features, the device automatically adjusts to any surface and any angle to deliver a proportional and crystal-clear image.


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Neo QLED 8K and Micro LED 

There were large booths displaying the Neo QLED 8K and Micro LED TVs which Samsung unveiled ahead of CES this year. Neo QLED 8K claims to deliver the best resolution and most stunning picture quality in the industry. It’s a treat for entertainment lovers and also be doubled as a great gaming TV with its specially optimized gaming functions

Micro LED is Samsung’s state-of-the-art display that packs 25 million mm-sized LEDs that individually produce color & light for industry-leading picture quality. Besides being known for its hardware innovations, the 2022 Micro LED TV is also lauded for some high-end specifications and features. It supports 20-bit greyscale depth to express detail in every scene for a true HDR experience. Also, it covers 100% DCI and Adobe RGB color spaces for true-to-life colors. You’ll also get to experience a premium sound experience, thanks to the side, top, and bottom channel speakers with Dolby Atmos support.


That was all Samsung announced at IFA 2022. What do you think of these latest home appliances? Are you excitedly waiting for these products? We’ll love to hear from you in the comments below. 

Image Credits: Samsung

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