Samsung’s 2022 TV lineup will include NFT’s and much more

At CES 2021, Samsung unveiled its first TVs with Micro LED technology, and they turned out to be among the greatest the display tech giant ever made — despite the high price tag. As a result, Samsung is taking a different strategy this year, focusing on software refinement and new features rather than making major hardware breakthroughs.

Samsung’s 2022 TVs will continue to use the Tizen operating system, but will have a fully redesigned home screen that the company describes as “a monument to our vision for the future of televisions”. The multimedia display is the first aspect of the new user experience, according to Samsung. The display giant promises that this will “put all the content on your streaming service in one easy-to-navigate spot,” with a constant monitoring section that aggregates content “from any provider.” Of course, there will be individualised recommendations. But, you won’t have to browse different apps to see different offerings from streaming services. All offerings from subscribed service providers will be available to browse in a single screen. 

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Other software enhancements planned for 2022 include:

Watch Together: Samsung is expanding its multi-view functionality to offer what it calls “the world’s first television-based platform for discovering live and streaming entertainment with friends and family” through the internet. To video chat with folks you’re watching, you can utilise a


USB video camera or even a smartphone or tablet camera.

NFT Aggregation: Yes, NFTs are making their way into your living room. Samsung is the first major television manufacturer to depend heavily on NFTs. “A breakthrough platform that will allow you to browse, buy, and display your favourite art, all in one spot,” the business claims.

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Apart from this, Samsung is releasing new MicroLED display versions that are “bezel-less,” according to the company  MicroLED TVs in sizes of 99 and 110 inches are also available pre-built from Samsung. This selection will be expanded in 2022 with the addition of an 89-inch MicroLED TV. There is currently no pricing information available, but MicroLED will continue to be substantially more expensive than even the best and largest OLEDs on the market. 

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Because this will be Samsung’s second year offering 8K and 4K Mini LED TVs as part of its “Neo QLED” series, the company will not make any significant hardware changes. For the 2022 models, Samsung has implemented 14-bit HDR mapping and claims it has “raised the luminance scale from a 12-bit backlight to 14-bit, offering significantly more exact brightness.” Some models in Samsung’s 2022 TV portfolio will be capable of changing refresh rates up to 144Hz – up from 120Hz – and will be among the first TVs to offer AMD’s FreeSync Premium Pro, according to the company. On high-end TVs, all


HDMI ports will be in 2.1 format and support 4K 120Hz. More crucially, as part of the software upgrades, the company will include a new, more feature rich Gaming Hub in this year’s TVs.

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