Wi-Fi 7 Routers to offer 33 Gbps speeds!

Today, when Wi-Fi 6 technology is only a couple of years old and Wi-Fi 6e is still in its early years of adoption, the latest Wi-Fi 7 is all set to amaze us with its blazingly-fast speeds. MediaTek has already showcased that the next-generation wireless protocol is capable enough to deliver higher frame rates, improved latency, and more channel bandwidth than the current Wi-Fi technology. Frankly speaking, Wi-Fi 6 technology is still not widely adopted, and now we’re a few steps away from experiencing the 33 Gbps wireless speeds on Wi-Fi 7. Qualcomm has already confirmed that its Network Pro Series Gen 3 platform will support up to 33Gbps speeds.

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Wi-Fi 7 speeds over Wi-Fi 6 

Wi-Fi 6 and Wi-Fi 6e can deliver about 10Gbps speeds, whereas the upcoming Wi-Fi 7 routers can deliver up to 33 Gbps wireless speeds. It means Wi-Fi 7 is capable enough to deliver at least three times faster wireless speeds than the Wi-Fi 6 technology. Apart from speed, Wi-Fi 7 offers an array of advantages over the Wi-Fi 6 standard. First, Wi-Fi 7 offers double channel bandwidth as compared to Wi-Fi 6. Therefore, the upcoming Wi-Fi 7 devices will support more users than the current wireless technology. Qualcomm has said that more than 500 users can access a single Wi-Fi 7 channel. This means you can expand your smart home compatible devices without worrying about overcrowding your Wi-Fi.

Next, Wi-Fi 7 offers low latency transmission, and this would make the protocol, an ideal option for gaming, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Smart Home devices, and other network-intensive applications like home media servers & more. Additionally, Wi-Fi 7 will deliver higher data rates, higher power efficiency, better connectivity, and improved user experience over the Wi-Fi 6 standard. 


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Qualcomm Networking Pro Series Gen 3 Platforms

Qualcomm Networking Pro Series Platforms
Credits: Qualcomm

Chip giant, Qualcomm recently showcased their scalable Wi-Fi 7 networking solutions, the Qualcomm Networking Pro Series Gen 3. The platforms (1620, 1220, 820, 620) are the first set of networking chips to bring Wi-Fi 7 features like 320MHz, up to 33 Gbps wireless speeds, and 10Gbps peak throughput. With a massive capacity, extremely high throughput, low latency, and modular architecture, Wi-Fi 7 Qualcomm Networking Pro Series platforms are the world’s most advanced and scalable network platforms. 

It’s worth mentioning that the Networking Pro 1620 platform is the top-of-the-line offering by Qualcomm that’s blended with High Band Simultaneous Multi-Link and Multi-User Traffic Management. It makes the Networking Pro 1620 platform, a superb companion for large public spaces, enterprises, small to medium businesses, and home solutions and applications.

When will Wi-Fi 7 Routers hit the markets?

Although the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is unlikely to certify the final draft of next-generation Wi-Fi until 2024, Qualcomm is all set to introduce Wi-Fi 7 routers by 2023. The company has strong plans to blend Wi-Fi 7 wireless speeds with their product platform architecture to deliver an impressive lineup ranging from routers & mesh Wi-Fi systems for homes and gateways & Enterprise access points for large public spaces. Additionally, Qualcomm has already given early access to the Wi-Fi 7 chipsets to its hardware customers and the commercial devices will hit the markets in 2023.


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Are you excited to experience the 33 Gbps wireless speeds on Wi-Fi 7? Would you upgrade to Wi-Fi 7 once it hits the market? Do share your thoughts in the comments section below. 

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