WhatsApp’s Companion Mode lets you use multiple devices including Tablets & more

The Meta-owned end-to-end encrypted messaging platform has come a long way. Earlier, you could link your existing WhatsApp account from your smartphone to the web and use it from your computer as long as your phone was connected to the internet. However, that’s a thing of the past now. WhatsApp is rolling out a new multi-device feature better known as Companion Mode that allows you to use your existing WhatsApp account on multiple devices. Yes, you can use the same WhatsApp account on up to four Android devices at a time. It’s worth mentioning the WhatsApp Companion mode is only available in the latest beta version of WhatsApp (version and it’s currently rolled out to some users only. So, even if you’ve installed the latest version of WhatsApp Beta on your Android phone, you might not see it. That said, we’re expecting a wider and full release soon. Sadly, iOS users cannot try out WhatsApp’s latest Companion mode. It is available only for Android users for now.

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The Companion mode was first tested in the previous version of WhatsApp Beta. However, at that time, this feature was only available for Android tablets. Now, you can link and use your current WhatsApp account on multiple Android smartphones at well. It’s surely a welcome and handy addition for users who juggle multiple devices. You can sync your WhatsApp account across multiple devices that you use on an everyday basis. For example, you can sync your WhatsApp account to your primary and secondary smartphones. In case the primary smartphone goes out of charge or coverage area, you can still send & receive messages and access all your shared files via your existing WhatsApp account without those annoying log-ins and log-outs. 

We’ve tried the Companion Mode on our Android smartphones and tablets, and it worked just fine without any issues. While this feature is available to some users in Beta, in our our testing was able to access it without beta access. We just updated the app.

We’re badly waiting for WhatsApp to release this extremely handy feature for iOS users as well, We’ll keep you posted with the latest updates. 

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