Google Pixel 7 Pro Specs Continue to Leak

After the Google Pixel 6 series, it’s time for the Google Pixel 7 series. Google announced the launch of Pixel 7 Pro along with Pixel 7 and Pixel Watch at Google I/O 2022. The date is not yet finalized, but people can expect it in the autumn. Before the launch of Google Pixel 7 Pro, lots of information about its specs and even prototype images are being leaked by many sources. A Telegram channel named Google News is one of them. These leaks confirm that the new upcoming Pixel 7 Pro will be significantly better than its predecessor. So let’s dive deep into the leaked information about the 2022 flagship Pixel smartphone. 

Pixel 7 Pro Display Specs Leaks & more

This week, a Telegram channel named Google News posted info about the Pixel 7 Pro. The information revealed is pulled from a user with a prototype Pixel 7 Pro, which Google bricked. It was revealed that the new upcoming device might have a different Samsung display than the Pixel 6 Pro. As reported by


Mishaal Rahman, if the Pixel 7 Pro has Samsung’s S6E3HC4 display panel, users can enjoy the benefit of a brighter display as compared to the Pixel 6 Pro. Furthermore, the Pixel 7 Pro will be able to provide 600 nits of sustained brightness (vs 500 nits in Pixel 6 Pro) and 1000 nits in High Brightness Mode (vs 800 nits in Pixel 6 Pro).

Not only this, the Russian version of the same Telegram channel has published hands-on images of this bricked prototype Pixel 7 Pro device, which highlights the following changes:

  • New Haptic Chip: The new device will have a new haptics chip with the industry’s leading self-contained haptic driver: Cirrus Logic CS40L26, which is different from the Pixel 6 Pro’s Cirrus Logic CS40L25. This will enhance the user’s gaming, music, and video experience. 
  • New NFC hardware: Unlike the previous phone that had STMicroelectronics’ ST54K NFC  chip with UWB connectivity, the new phone will have ST21NFC that does not have UWB. But this does not mean that it will not have UWB at all; it will be there with another component. 

Along with this information, rumors are lining up about the camera of Pixel 7 Pro and Google Pixel Tablet; let’s see what all camera feature we will get to use. 


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Updated Camera Specs of Pixel 7 Pro

As it is obvious that Google will bring some or the other kind of improvement in its flagship smartphone’s camera, it seems that it will be quite better than the previous ones. Sources suggest that the Pixel 7 Pro can be an ideal choice for content creators, as it might have a new front-facing camera sensor to help users record better 4K videos. 

There is also quite limited information available about the Pixel tablet, which will be launched in 2023. One such piece of information is that this device will have only a single rear camera as it is mostly meant for casual use. 


Sources also suggest that this Android tablet will not have many of the features that the Pixel smartphones have, for example, 4K@60fps recording, Audio Zoom, Action Pan photos, or slow-motion recording. 

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Stay tuned to get more updates and leaks about the Google Pixel 7 series.

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TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team