Google Assistant to be powered by ChatGPT & Bard-like tech

Google is reportedly working towards giving its Assistant app a powerful AI revamp. A leaked internal email obtained by Axios reveals the two top executives talking about the “huge opportunity” presented by a “supercharged” Google Assistant. The email also confirms that the revamped Google Assistant will be “powered by the latest LLM technology.” For the uninitiated, LLM stands for Large Language Model. They power tools like ChatGPT and Google Bard. 

The memo sent by Peeyush Ranjan, Google VP, and Director of Products, Duke Dukellis, also noted that a small portion of the Google Assistant team is already working on overhauling its mobile version with the help of AI. The memo further mentioned details about several organizational changes including some layoffs. It is worth noting that the e-mail ended with a promise to stay committed to revamping the Assistant and a message about its bright future.  

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Back in May, at Google I/O, we witnessed the company’s top execs showcase Google Bard’s new abilities, but Google Assistant was barely mentioned at the event. Even while unveiling the


new Pixel tablet with a dock, the Google Assistant barely saw any screen time. 

Amazon is already making plans to boost Alexa with its large language models (LLM). More leaks suggest Apple is also working aggressively on its AI chatbot technology that will eventually power Siri. However, there have been reports that the work has been reportedly hampered due to some disagreement among the Siri team. Therefore, it is safe to assume that all the things mentioned in the leaked in-house email could be true. 

But, the biggest question is when are we going to see Google Assistant powered by Bard/ChatGPT LLMs? With the ongoing advancement in AI development, it is safe to assume that the company might give us some glimpses of the revamped Assistant at Google I/O 2024. 

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TechieTech.Tech Team
TechieTech.Tech Team