Displace TV is the world’s first completely wireless TV that can stick to your walls & windows

Wireless TVs are all the rage at CES 2023. But, the one that wins for uniqueness is the Displace TV. It’s a 55-inch wireless OLED TV offering from a startup project. The standout feature of this truly wireless TV is that it fastens to a wall or a glass window without the need for a TV stand or a wall mount. The Displace TV would make a great option for anyone who doesn’t want to drill holes into the walls of a room. Also, this wireless TV can be easily moved from one place to another. Right from a wall to a glass window, a Displace TV can literally stick to any even surface. 

Already excited? Let’s have a look at the revealed specifications and prices. 

Displace TV Specifications

Displace TV is the world’s first truly wireless TV that features a 55-inch 4K OLED TV with minimal bezels. One of the prime highlights of this wireless TV is the way it sticks to your wall. Unlike other TV that needs a stand or wall mount bracket, the Displace TV doesn’t require fiddling around with any mounting options. Instead, it uses active-loop vacuum technology and really big suction cups to stick to a wall, glass window, or any other even surface. The Television weighs around 20 pounds so it’s pretty easy to lift and should stick firmly to the wall without falling off. 

Since the TV is wireless, you don’t power it the usual way by plugging it into the wall. Instead, the TV runs on four hot-swappable batteries that should keep the picture going for a month, if you’re watching the TV six hours a day. Right now, the company did not share any details on battery size. Moving on, this wireless TV also has a 4K camera at the top that can be pushed back into the slot to protect your privacy when you’re not using it. Therefore, you can make high-res Zoom calls over the TV. Another unique and worth-mentioning feature of Displace TV is that it doesn’t come with a remote. Rather, you can use hand gestures to control the TV. For example, you can use two palms to zoom in on a feed. Well, these gestures are reminiscent of Tony Stark working in his lab. 

In addition to the display, the system comes with a base station into which you can plug all your devices. The TV doesn’t have any wires or ports. All the connections go into the base station. The signal will travel from the base station to the television wirelessly. In fact, you can use the box to line up multiple TVs and create a bigger canvas. Technically, you can put two Displace TVs side by side for a 110-inch 8K TV or up to four for a 220-inch 16K monitor. In short, you can create a perfect display for your space.

Displace TV Price & Availability 

The wireless Displace TV is anything but cheap. You can reserve a Displace TV for $3000 which will start shipping in December 2023. The deposit is fully refundable and you can cancel your booking anytime. According to the company’s website, only 100 units will be available for sale. So, if you’re planning to get this wireless TV, make sure to reserve it, before the stock goes out. 

Typically, a high-end 55-inch wired OLED TV like LG C2 will cost you almost half as much as the Displace TV. Also, LG and Samsung recently revealed their 2023 OLED TV lineups with some noteworthy upgrades. Well, it would be exciting to see how this brand-new TV competes with the top names in the OLED space.