Alienware’s 500Hz Gaming Monitor announced at CES 2023: Here’s everything you should know

If you are into hardcore gaming and looking for a monitor that offers an ultra-smooth gameplay experience, then there’s good news for you. Recently, Alienware announced its first 500Hz gaming monitor to the world at CES 2023 which you can buy down the line. To remind you, Asus has also announced a new ROG Swift monitor with a 540 Hz refresh rate at the same event. 

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Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor Specs & Features

The Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor features a 24.5-inch Full HD (FHD) IPS display with a resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels. Named the “AQ2524H,” this gaming monitor offers you a buttery gameplay experience, all thanks to the native 480Hz refresh rate which overclocks to 500Hz. At present, the fastest gaming monitor available to purchase is capped at around 360 Hz refresh rate. While we are more focused on the refresh rate, we shouldn’t forget that the Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor also comes with a sub-GtG response time of 0.5 ms. The impressive response time should curb the blur and ghosting effect while offering ultra-low latency so that gamers can have a competitive advantage in the virtual battle. However, the main challenge is running a game at 500fps as compared to truly experiencing a 500Hz display. 

Further, the Alienware 500Hz gaming monitor comes with NVIDIA G-Sync certification which ensures smooth and tear-free gameplay, given you have a supported graphics card. Alienware also says that there’s a Reflex Analyzer from NVIDIA as a standard to help you gain a better understanding of your system latency as well as its performance.


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Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor Design

This gaming monitor sports a hexagonal base which is designed to take up minimal space on your desk. It will also allow you to position the keyboard and mouse as per your liking. You’ll also find a retractable headset hanger and customizable AlienFX backlighting in this 500Hz gaming monitor to give you that true gaming vibe. 

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Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor comes with sRGB and VESA DisplayHDR400

As far as color technology is concerned, Alienware backs this 500Hz gaming monitor with 99% sRGB color coverage and VESA DisplayHDR400. For those who are unaware, both combined deliver accurate colors and vibrant visuals at wider viewing angles giving you an immersive gameplay experience. The company also mentioned that its 500Hz gaming monitor also comes with a TUV-certified ComfortView Plus feature. It is likely to help display true like-like colors while mitigating the effect of blue light.  


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Alienware 500Hz Gaming Monitor Price and Availability

Like many other brands, Alienware hasn’t announced the price of its 500Hz gaming monitor. But we do know that it will be shipping this monitor from March 21st in North America. Well, the time frame leaves you with a decision to choose from the best GPUs in the market that can actually support a 500Hz refresh rate.

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