WhatsApp Might Allow You to Edit Sent Text Messages

WhatsApp is continuously working on bringing new features on board for a smooth user experience. From increasing the file size of the media to the text message, WhatsApp is improvising it all.  

WhatsApp has been working for 5 years on the “edit button” feature that all the users wished for, but the plan was scrapped along the way due to some reason. The earliest indication of an edit function was unfurled in WhatsApp beta version 2.17.26 for Android; however, it was never made available to end customers. Later on, the Meta-owned messenger app continued to work on the “edit button.” 

Edit Whatsapp message after sending
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Use of the Edit Button in WhatsApp

The new feature will help the fast and clumsy typers fix their mistakes even after they’ve sent the text message. Users will be able to fix any type of typing error in their chat. According to a fresh rumour from WABetaInfo, this editing feature may come to beta versions of the app shortly.

As of now, users have only two options if they have sent the wrong text by mistake. One option is to delete the message for everyone or the other option is to re-send the correct text. But from now on, no individual will have to feel embarrassed after sending the wrong text as they will have the option to edit it and correct their mistakes. 


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How will users be able to edit the message?

The process will be pretty simple and will be the same as given in the other apps. Android users will be required to long-press the sent message and then select the three-dot menu to choose the edit button. Clicking on the edit button will allow users to make any changes necessary to the original message before resending it. 

On an iOS device, users will have to long-press the text and choose the edit option from the choices that pop in front of them. 

Reports have also revealed that this feature will initially be released on a Desktop beta build and iOS devices, and later on Android devices. You can sign up for the


Whatsapp beta program here.

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Will the other person know about edited text?

This feature is what users want, but they also want a larger picture. Users wish that there shouldn’t be any clue given to the individual on the other side about the edited text sent to them. 

For this, WAbetainfo has reported that “ the option of edit history to check the earlier text sent is not available, but plans can change as the feature is under development. Unexpected turns to this feature can take place depending on further research. 

But currently, the positive part is that the edited message will look like the original one. 

With this feature, many users will get a sigh of relief from their typing errors. So stay excited for this new feature to be rolled out soon for the end-users. 


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TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team