iPhone 14 New Camera Specs Leaked

We’ve been getting lots of leaks in the past few months of the most anticipated smartphone of the year. Considering that WWDC is around the corner and the design of the iPhone 14 was leaked before the launch event of the iPhone 13 series last year, these leaks have become the norm.

This time we’ve got information that the iPhone 14 will finally get a new and upgraded front camera module. Apart from the new notch-less or pill-shaped design, the 2022 iPhone will finally sport next-gen camera hardware.

iPhone 14 Front Camera Specs

According to the Tweet, the entire iPhone 14 lineup will have a new camera sensor and lens. 

The front camera will also get upgraded to support AutoFocus and have a larger aperture. 

The iPhone 13 had a fixed focus front camera with the same hardware as the 2019 iPhone 11. The current 12MP f2.2 camera module is fairly old considering we’re getting40MP front cameras sensors in flagship smartphones these days.  

All four iPhone 14 variants are expected to sport a front camera lens with a wider aperture of f1.9 (the iPhone 13 series’ front camera had an f2.2 aperture).

The wider aperture basically means the camera sensor will get more light and hence, a brighter picture with more details even in low light shooting conditions. The lower f-stop also means that the selfies will have a shallow depth-of-field. hence, better portraits.


Neeraj Bhateja
Neeraj Bhateja

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