Sony QD-OLED TV Prices announced

Sony recently announced the price and availability of its QD-OLED TV which debuted in January 2022. The latest Sony Bravia XR range includes the world’s first QD-OLED TV (Quantum-dot OLED), 4K & 8K Mini LED TVs, as well as the regular 4K LED and OLED models. The top-of-the-line models are packed with the powerful Cognitive Processor XR which claims to deliver the best possible picture quality in Sony TVs. 

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Sony Bravia XR 2022 lineup Prices and Availability

The most expensive model in the Sony Bravia XR 2022 TV lineup is the 85-inch Sony Bravia XR Master Z9K 8K Mini LED TV which is priced at $10,000 (approx Rs 7, 72,500). This model will be available US and Canada with preorders starting in the summer. The company has also revealed the prices of its other 4K TVs, OLEDs, and LEDs, and this is how they stack up. 

Size Series  Technology Price  Availability
85-inch Z9K Mini LED $10,000  Summer
75-inch Z9K Mini LED $7,000 Summer 
65-inch A95K  QD-OLED $4,000 June 
55-inch A95K  QD-OLED $3,000 June
85-inch X95K  Mini LED $5,500 Now
75-inch X95K  Mini LED $3,800 Now
65-inch X95K  Mini LED $2,800 Now
48-inch A90K OLED $1,500 June
42-inch A90K OLED  $1,400 July
77-inch A80K OLED  $3,800 May
65-inch A80K OLED  $2,500 May
55-inch A80K OLED  $2,000 June
85-inch X90K LED $4,000 May 
75-inch X90K LED $2,600 June
65-inch X90K LED $2,000 May
55-inch X90K LED $1,700 May

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Sony 2022 TV lineup features

In addition to amazing picture quality, Sony has added some niceties to its 2022 TV lineup. It’s worth mentioning that the highest-end TVs come with a remote finder function. Sony’s new clicker will beep if you lose the remote under your pillow or blanket.


The Remote Finder feature is available in Sony Z9K, A95K, and A90K series. 

Additionally, there’s a new camera called the Bravia Cam, that can help you make video calls, adjust the picture and sound according to your seating, room conditions and viewing distance, enable power saving when you’re not around, and the Cam even responds to your gestures. If you want privacy, you can always close the camera cover. The Bravia Cam is bundled in Sony Z9K and A95K series, and you can there’s an option to add the cam in other models. 

Finally, the Sony 2022 TV lineup will ship with Variable Refresh Rates. Therefore, you don’t have to wait for software updates to add this feature to your TV.  Moving further, there’s a nice add-on called Auto HDR Tone Mapping that allows a PS5 to automatically detect the model of the Sony TV it’s connected to and then choose the best HDR settings for an immersive gaming experience. Lastly, with the Auto genre picture mode, the PS5 console can tell the TV whether it’s playing a game or streaming a TV show or movie. As a result, the TV’s game mode will be turned ON/OFF automatically. 

These latest Sony TV models will be available on Amazon, Best Buy, and other authorised retailers in US and Canada.

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