Sony announces two new colors for PS5 DualSense Controllers

Sony has refreshed its DualSense Controllers lineup with two new colors inspired by space, Midnight Black and Cosmic Red. The Midnight Black model features two subtly different shades of black with grey detailing, and the Cosmic Red variant sports a striking black and red design. These new models have the same features as the original DualSense Controller that debuted last year, with the PlayStation 5. DualSense Controllers are packed with impressive features like haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, integrated speakers, motion sensors, and more so that you can get the best possible experience according to your gameplay. Not to forget, you can also play PS5 on your iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV 4K, or any Android smartphone with the DualSense Controller.

Talking about the PS5, it’s a high-end gaming console that sports up to 8K@60Hz and 4K@120Hz resolutions to deliver crisp visuals and realistic sound for immersive gameplay. You can easily hook your console to a 4K or even 8K display and play your favorite action-packed, adventurous, and other exciting


PS5 games. For this, make sure you’ve got a suitable HDMI cable that’s compatible with the PS5. 

The Midnight Black color scheme is priced at $69.99 (approx INR 5,112), the same as the original Black & White DualSense Controller. Whereas, the Cosmic Red variant is priced slightly higher and will cost $74.99 (approx INR 5,477). 

There isn’t an exact date for when these new DualSense Controllers will be available. Sony has mentioned that the new lineup of colors will hit the shelves starting next month (June 2021). The exact date will vary by location and individual retailers. Right now, these new color schemes are available for preorder on Amazon and a few other platforms. 

Preorder Midnight Black PS DualSense Controller

Preorder Cosmic Red PS DualSense Controller

TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team