Galaxy Z Fold 4: Specs, Leaks, Release date, & more (May 2022)

The internet is buzzed with rumoured specs, leaks, and expectations around the Galaxy Z Fold 4. If we look at Samsung’s pattern of unveiling its Fold and Flip series, the 2022 foldable smartphone is likely to make its debut alongside the Galaxy Z Flip 4 anytime in August or September 2022. Also, there are some strong rumours that Samsung is planning to add a host of improvements & additions to its Galaxy Z Fold 4. We’ve summed up all the major rumours, leaks, and tips around the Galaxy Z Fold 4 so that you get an idea of what Samsung can unfold on the table pun intended with its upcoming foldable smartphone. Also, we’ve wrapped up this article with a brief note on what we expect from the Galaxy Z Fold 4. 


Here’s what we know so far about the Galaxy Z Fold 4.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Latest News

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Design 

Galaxy Z Fold 4 Aspect Ratio.jpg

Talking about the design and overall look of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, several leaks, rumours, and tips are already flowing around on the internet. A reliable tipster, Ice Universe has tweeted a lot of information about the Galaxy’s upcoming foldable smartphone, and the most attention grasping information is the new aspect ratio. The Galaxy Z Fold 3 has an internet screen ratio of 5:4 with the external screen ratio being 24.5:9. And now, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is rumoured to have an internal and external screen ratio of 6:5 and 23:9. This could give a more squared-off look to the new foldable smartphone. Also, the main panel is slightly wider on the Galaxy Z Fold 4. 


Galaxy Z Fold 4: Waterproof and Dustproof?

Next, there are rumours that Samsung is working on ways to reduce the phone’s weight and make it more dustproof & waterproof. Additionally, Samsung might launch the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in Black, Beige, and Grey colour options. Well, we would really appreciate it if Samsung continues to offer those amazing and elegant colour options (Phantom Silver, Green, and more) that beautifully define its premium smartphone range. 

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Galaxy Z Fold 4: Will it have S-Pen support?

Moving further, Galaxy Z Fold 3 was the first foldable smartphone with S-Pen support but it’s compatible only with the main display and not the secondary one. With the Galaxy Z Fold 4, we’re expecting Samsung to extend the S-Pen support to the secondary display and could also include a dedicated S-Pen slot like in the Galaxy S22 Ultra. However, there are a lot of leaks and tips on the fact that the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 4 would not have an S-Pen slot. This is quite a disappointment. Having said that, we’ve also come across


a blog on the Elec (a Korean Publication) that Samsung will offer built-in storage for S-Pen. This would chop down the hassle of carrying the S-Pen in a separate case. Again, we’ll have to wait till the launch date to see what Samsung has actually planned. 

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Battery life

One of the major rumours around the Galaxy Z Fold 4 is that Samsung won’t offer any battery upgrade on its newest foldable smartphone. It means the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will have the same 4,400mAh battery and 25W charging speeds as the Galaxy Z Fold 3. Since foldable smartphones have to bigger an additional display, it becomes more than important to have a good battery capacity. However, if the Galaxy Z Fold 4 rumours and leaks turn out to be true, we might have to deal with the same, smaller battery. Moreover, there won’t be any charger in the box either. Although, that is something that we’ve become used to now. You’ll have to get a


fast charger for the Fold 4 separately.

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Galaxy Z Fold 4 Camera Specs

Talking about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 cameras specs, some rumours are suggesting that the new foldable will be equipped with the same camera systems as the Galaxy S22 or S22 Plus. If this is legit, we could witness a significantly improved camera system with powerful main snappers and optical zoom capabilities on the foldable smartphone. Even better, we could also see the 108MP main camera from the Galaxy S22 Ultra. Frankly speaking, it’s hard to believe the Galaxy Z Fold 4 with the 108MP main camera rumour but if the news turns out to be true, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 could easily outrank its competing foldables. 


Galaxy Z Fold 4 Processor

Lastly, we might also see a performance upgrade with the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Plus chipset on the 2022 Galaxy Z Fold 4 from the Snapdragon 888 on the Z Fold 3 with Wi-Fi 6E Support

Galaxy Z Fold 4: Release Date and Price 

Now, coming to the release date of the Galaxy Z Fold 4, the newest foldable smartphone is expected to be announced in late August or September 2022. Also, since the Galaxy Z Fold 2 arrived in September and the Fold 3 was launched in August, we’re expecting Fold 4 to make its debut in that window. If we talk about the Galaxy Z Fold 4 price, there’s welcome news that Samsung might launch Fold 4 at a cheaper price. For reference, Galaxy Z Fold 2 was launched at $1,999 in 2022, and the Fold 3 cost around $1,799. Therefore, there are fair chances that Samsung will squeeze the price this time too.


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What we would like to see in Galaxy Z Fold 4?

Although the Galaxy Z Fold 3 marked an impressive improvement over the previous versions of Samsung foldable phones, there are a few additions & improvements that we want to see in Galaxy Z Fold 4. First is the price. Frankly speaking, foldable smartphones are anything but cheap. Interestingly, the Galaxy Z Fold 3 was priced a bit lower than the Z Fold 2, but even then the Galaxy Z Fold range is too expensive for many people.  We really want to see foldable smartphones at a bit of decent price points, but we might have to wait for some years for this. 

Next, we all know that foldable smartphones tend to struggle with battery capacity and battery life. Despite having two screens, Galaxy Z Fold 3 packed a 4,400mAh battery, which is very common in non-foldable smartphones today. Also, as per leaks and rumours, Galaxy Z Fold 4 isn’t getting any battery upgrade, we might have to deal with the same 4,400mAh battery. However, we want to see a bigger battery that can serve us for a long time. 

Moving further, it’s hard to digest the fact that a high-end foldable phone like the Galaxy Z Fold 3 packs a mere 12 MP main camera and 2x optical zoom (triple camera setup). Whereas, other Galaxy series like the


latest S22 lineup are equipped with brilliant camera setups with a 108MP main snapper. Since the Galaxy Z Fold range is supposed to be the innovative cousins of the Galaxy S series, they could definitely use some serious upgrades in the camera department. 

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What are your expectations from the Galaxy Z Fold 4? Do share your views in the comments section below. 

Image Credits: Ice Universe

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