Exclusive: iPhone 14 Battery Capacity Revealed: The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Apple meticulously reveals almost everything at their iPhone launch events except for the battery capacities. The event highlights everything except for how big the batteries are in commonly used units i.e. mAh. The usual process is to wait for the phone to start shipping and further wait for teardown videos. So, strap in, this time we’ve got the official battery capacity numbers from Apple. 

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The Good

Well, the good news is that we have the official battery capacity numbers of the iPhone 14 series from Apple’s updated filing of their document of devices to the U.S. Chemical Transportation Center. The most recent update includes the iPhone 14 devices. Although, the document might appear a bit incomplete in terms of model numbers and exact model names. This is because the battery units are mentioned in watt-hour units in the filed document.


Thanks to back-of-the-envelope calculations, our team at TechieTechTech figured out models of the iPhone 14 series and approximate battery capacity respectively in mAh units.

Here’s what the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 series looks like:

Model Wh Rating from Official Filing Battery Capacity in mAh (Approx.)
iPhone 14 12.38Whr 3,258mAh
iPhone 14 Plus 16.68Whr 4,389mAh
iPhone 14 Pro 12.68Whr 3,336mAh
iPhone 14 Pro Max 16.68Whr 4,389mAh

The Bad

Moving on to the bad, when compared to the iPhone 13 series’ battery capacities, the changes look like nothing more but a formality.

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13: Battery Capacity Comparison

Model Battery Capacity (approx.) Model Battery Capacity Change in Battery Capacity from iPhone 13 Series (mAh)
iPhone 14 3,258mAh iPhone 13 3,227mAh 0.96% Increase
iPhone 14 Plus 4,389mAh
iPhone 14 Pro 3,336mAh iPhone 13 Pro 3,095mAh 7.7% Increase
iPhone Pro Max 4,389mAh iPhone 13 Pro Max 4,352mAh 0.8% Increase

The document does not officially state the battery capacities of the iPhone 14 series. The filing only mentions the Wh rating of the new iPhones where 1W basically means one watt (1 W) of power expended for one hour (1 h) of time. This is not useful for most of the public as they are more used to understanding the battery capacities of devices in mAh units. 

Using the conversion formulas and data from iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 battery capacities, we managed to get the battery capacity of the entire iPhone 14 lineup. Here’s a quick recap of the iPhone 13 series predicted battery capacities alonside the official numbers. 


Model Whr Rating from Official Filing Battery Capacity in mAh (Approx.) Battery Capacity in mAh (Official)
iPhone 13 12.41Whr 3,265mAh 3,227mAh
iPhone 13 Mini 9.34Whr 2,500mAh 2,406mAh
iPhone 13 Pro 11.97Whr 3,150mAh 3,095mAh
iPhone 13 Pro Max 16.75Whr 4,400mAh 4,352mAh

Based on our calculations with the iPhone 13 series, the 2022 iPhones will have similar battery capacities, except for the iPhone 14 Pro. It will receive a noticeable battery increase than the 13 Pro.

  • According to the filing, the regular iPhone 14 will now be powered by a 12.38 watt-hour battery. For reference, the iPhone 13 had a 12.41 watt-hour battery. That’s a 0.2% decrease in iPhone 14’s battery size when compared to iPhone 13. Practically, that’s not even 1%. Therefore, it’s safe to say the battery capacity of the iPhone 14 is the same as the iPhone 13.
  • The iPhone 14 Pro will feature is 12.68 watt-hour battery. In comparison to the iPhone 13 Pro’s 11.97 Wh battery, that’s an increase of 5.5%. In short, the iPhone 14 Pro’s battery capacity has increased by 5% in comparison to last year’s iPhone 13 Pro.
  • The largest and pricest of them all, the iPhone 14 Pro Max sports a 16.68 watt-hour battery. In comparison to last year, the iPhone 14 Pro Max has a 0.4% smaller battery.  Just like with the iPhone 14, there’s practically no change in the battery size of the iPhone 14 Pro Max in comparison to iPhone 13 Pro Max.  
  • The newest member of the iPhone lineup, the iPhone 14 Plus, will be powered by a 16.68 watt-hour battery. That’s the same figure as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. We can expect the iPhone 14 Plus’s battery to last the longest in the entire lineup as it does not have a ProMotion 120Hz display and a feature-rich camera to power.  

The Ugly

This is where things get, well you guessed it, ugly. According to the figures above the iPhone 14 and iPhone 13 practically have the same battery. Furthermore, Apple’s own comparison page shows the iPhone 14 can last longer than the iPhone 13 by one hour even with an extra GPU core. 

iPhone 14 vs iPhone 13 Battery Comparison

Here’s where batteries hit the fan. According to the official filing numbers, the iPhone 14 Plus has the same battery capacity as the iPhone 14 Pro Max. In fact, it does not have to power a 120Hz and a brighter display so it should last longer than the 14 Pro Max, right?


Well, check this out:

iPhone 14 Pro Max vs iPhone 14 Plus Battery Comparison
Apple being Apple

The iPhone 14 Plus has the same battery capacity as iPhone 14 Pro Max and lasts only for 26 hours as compared to 29 hours of the Pro Max. 

Well, to wrap this up, we know all these could be circumstantial. Nonetheless, these findings are derived from official information by Apple. Only one way to find out is to wait for iPhones to hit the shelves next week.
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