Sony’s 100MP Camera Sensor Will Join the Megapixel Race With Samsung

Since Samsung started the trend of next-generation, ultra-high-resolution cameras in 2019 with its 108MP image sensor, other companies like Sony are preparing to compete in this Megapixel race. 10 months ago, Samsung released its first 200MP camera sensor, and now they are planning to release its second 200MP sensor, the “ISOCELL HP3” as well. On the other side, a big player that already holds a strong stand in the tech industry: Sony is working on bringing its first-generation 100MP smartphone camera sensor in the market.

Which 100MP camera sensor is Sony bringing?

As Sony wants to take this megapixel race to triple digits, it is planning to bring a 100MP sensor as a part of Sony’s IMX8 series (speculation). The Japanese tech giant is expected to use it in mid and high-range smartphones. However, there is not much information available regarding Sony’s upcoming sensor’s specifications.


On the flip side Samsung’s recently launched camera sensor the “ISOCELL HP1”, hasn’t been used in any smartphone yet. But rumors say that a 200MP camera sensor will be used in Galaxy S23 Ultra. Furthermore, we’re getting the Moto Edge 30 Ultra in July which will sport Samsung’s new 200MP sensor, the “ISOCELL HP1”.

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Can Sony give a tough competition to Samsung?

Even though Samsung has been ahead in the triple-digit megapixel camera sensor race, Sony can compete with Samsung as it has been a camera sensor supplier to many big brands in the market like Apple and OnePlus. Furthermore, there are rumors that other brands like Xiaomi, might switch from using Samsung’s camera sensor to Sony’s camera sensor once it is launched in the market. 

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TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team