Specifications of Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Plus Leaked

Samsung is coming up with a new version of its wireless earbuds, Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus. Specifications about the same were leaked by Evans Blass on his Twitter account. 

It is rumored that the Galaxy Buds Plus will officially be revealed at Samsung’s Unpacked event which will take place in San Francisco on February 11th. Apps that support the all-new wireless earbuds were made available on the Apple Store which confirms the existence of the same. 

The newer version will be compatible with iPhone 7 and devices running on iOS 10 or higher. However, Samsung hasn’t yet confirmed that Galaxy Buds Plus will have an active noise cancellation feature. This can be considered as one of the major drawbacks since Apple has already introduced the feature in AirPods Pro.  


The battery life of Galaxy Buds Plus will be double as compared to the current version. The Buds Plus will have an 85mAh battery as compared to the current version which features a 58mAh battery. It is said that Buds Plus will have a running time of 11 hours after a single charge which is almost double compared to the older Galaxy Buds whose running time was 6 hours.

Even though both the versions of the earbuds share the same dimensions, the Buds Plus will be a tad bit heavier than the older version (6.3g as compared to the earlier version which weighed 56g). It is believed that the earbuds will be available in black, blue, red and white variants. Moreover, Buds Plus will have the exact same look as that of the older version.

Samsung has upped their game by improving the voice call quality of the buds. Instead of one outer and one inner microphone, Samsung has introduced two outer and one inner microphone in the newer version. 


Buds Plus will also be able to pair up with multiple Bluetooth devices at a given point in time. The touchpad can now also be used to directly open Spotify on the phone which confirms the current partnership between the two companies. 

The Galaxy Buds Plus is rumored to be priced at $149 apiece as compared to the older version which is priced at $129.