Sonos Roam speaker to launch in three new colours

If you closely follow Sonos leaks and rumours or you’re a part of the Sonos smart speakers ecosystem, you should be surprised to know that the upcoming Sonos Ray soundbar was listed on a Colombian online store named KTronix. While we wait for confirmation about the pricing of Sonos Ray, it’s now time to add another rumour to the list. 

Exclusive email to subscribers suggests Sonos Roam’s new colours 

A screengrab of a poster sent to subscribers for exclusive product sale with a countdown was circulated on Reddit. If claims made by the user who posted this are believed, Sonos Roam’s new colours are on the way. Affirming this claim, some users pointed out that potential colour options have been leaked by a Chilean reseller. We will finally have new colours apart from the standard black and white colours.

The posters sent to subscribers via email state “something colourful” is on the way with a countdown beneath. All the doubts were turned down once the users noticed the URL in the email included “roamcolors_teaser_owners.” 


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Chilean retailer advertises new colours of Sonos Roam speaker

The banner used in this news piece was taken from the Chilean reseller website Music World (now deleted). Earlier Music World was advertising the Sonos Roam speakers in new colours: olive, light blue, and red.

Now that we have a few more colours on the plate, it would be interesting to see when customers from countries other than Chile are going to grab the Sonos Roam speakers in new colours other than the traditional black and white.

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TechieTech.Tech Team
TechieTech.Tech Team