OneOdio Monitor 60 Headphones Review

Striking the perfect balance between quality affordability is crucial for every product and brand. OneOdio has successfully accomplished this with their budget-friendly yet capable range of headphones. No wonder, their products are all best sellers on Amazon. 

The OneOdio Monitor 60 is a “professional studio headphone meant for audiophiles”, the latest addition in their successful lineup. At $80, the Monitor 60 is priced very well and yet finds itself fighting in a very competitive price bracket. We have been using it everyday for the past few weeks and have a lot to share with you!

What’s in the box?

The OneOdio Monitor 60 come in a sleek, black box. Once you unbox it, you get a plethora of different items-


  • 1.2m 3.5mm TRS to 3.5mm TRRS jack cable with a built-in microphone. The button supports call answering and rejection.
  • 3m coiled cable with 3.5mm plug on one end and a 6.35mm plug on the other end
  • 3m cable with 3.5mm plugs on both ends. 
  • String carry bag
  • Detachable stand for headphones
  • Product Manual

Design, Build Quality and User Experience


From the first look, the OneOdio Monitor 60 does not look like a budget product. It looks like a pair of pricier studio headphones. There’s a fine mesh behind the ear cups with the OneOdio logo underneath. The whole grill-like design language of the headphones give it a very professional and to-the-point vibe. It really adds to the overall feel of the headphones. However, the grill does make it looks like the Monitor 60 is an open back pair of headphones while it is actually closed back. 

The Monitor 60 are very travel friendly, with both ear cups being easily foldable and rotatable up to 180 degrees, both vertically and horizontally. The earcups can also flip outwards too, which can prove handy if you intend to use them for DJ monitoring. 

The left ear cup on the Monitor 60 sports a 6.5mm jack while the right ear cup has a standard 3.5mm jack. The Monitor 60 features OneOdio’a SharePort technology, which allows you to share what you’re listening with another pair of headphones simply by plugging it into the spare port of the OneOdio Monitor 60.


When it comes to headphones, comfort is a very crucial factor since we often end up wearing them for long, long hours. The ear cups on the OneOdio Monitor 60 have a soft protein padding covered with faux leather. They feel quite soft to the touch and are adequately comfortable. Even though they’re also very breathable in their segment, there will still be some sweat build up in hot and humid environments. The sound isolation and leakage is not perfect but adequate for this price segment. 

User Experience and Comfort

Monitor 60 Studio Headphones by OneOdio

The OneOdio Monitor 60 is majorly constructed out of plastic save the headband, which comprises a solid metal frame padded with faux leather. The metallic headband moves in steps and acts as a stronghold, which actually relieves the pressure off the ears, making it comfortable for longer usage scenarios. 

If we talk about durability, the Monitor 60 simply gets the job done. It is not built like a tank and there will be some creaking from the plastic parts if you press them too hard. However, the hinges are very solid and confidence inspiring. The OneOdio Monitor 60 is definitely one of the more durable products in the segment it’s in. The plastic might creak but it also helps keep the headphones lighter, which adds on to comfort. 


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The technical specifications of the OneOdio Monitor 60 are quite impressive. For starters, the Monitor 60 has equipped 50mm Neodymium drivers which is a significant step up from the 40-45mm drivers in the competition. There’s 38 Ohm impedance and 110+3dB/mW sensitivity which means that these headphones will work with smartphones, headphone amplifiers and other devices without any compatibility issues. 

When it comes to the listening experience, the Monitor 60 has a neutral sound signature- it reproduces sound just how it is in the original source file. The soundstage of the Monitor 60 is fairly wide. It is complemented by good imaging capabilities that let you know exactly where the sound is coming from! The bass offers ample depth and provides adequate levels although it might not be sufficient if you’re a basshead. The mids might get crowded and muffled when there’s a lot going on. The highs are very smooth and offer a pleasant listening experience. The vocals are crystal clear and well reproduced which makes the OneOdio Monitor 60 ideal for watching movies, YouTube videos or anything with a lot of vocal content in it. 

Video/Audio Editing Test

We tested the OneOdio Monitor 60 during our routine voiceover and video editing in Audacity and Davinci Resolve. The overall listening experience was pretty good, especially when editing vocals. The sound quality was adequately detailed for us to detect and work with the most minute details in the audio.


Movies and Music

One of my favorite aspects about the OneOdio Monitor 60 is that the lows are emphasized without overpowering the vocals. That makes for a crisp, clear movie watching experience, especially during action scenes, where a lot of competing headphones prove inadequate. The OneOdio Monitor 60 provides a more than decent studio monitoring headphone experience, especially when you factor in the price point. The music experience is excellent overall, especially if your library consists of more treble-heavy content. EDM and bass lovers might find the bass levels inadequate. 


The headphones are mostly made of plastic, with the ear cushions very easy to remove and install. This gives us confidence that repairs would be simple and inexpensive if an internal component breaks down! 


Oneodio Monitor 60 professional studio headphones

The OneOdio Monitor 60 offers an audiophile headphone experience in terms of detail and sound signature. The light weight and ergonomic build makes it ideal for long usage sessions without causing any discomfort. Overall, we think that the OneOdio Monitor 60 is a well-priced, value for money product that is ideal for consumers looking to get a pair of decent studio headphones! 


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