iPhone 2017: What to Expect

September is upon us and with the arrival of September comes the unveiling of brand new iPhones. Apple has been regularly holding events in early September where it unveils the next generation of the best selling smartphone around the world. People have huge expectations from Apple this year partly because something radical needs to be done in iPhone design to counter the Galaxy S8 and because this is the 10th year anniversary of the iPhone.

This is my personal list of what I expect and what I want the newer iPhone to be-


  1. An All New Design: Apple has famously updates the iPhone design every couple of years. All new iPhone designs have lasted 2 years before being replaced by a fresher, newer design. That was true when the iPhone 4 was replaced by the 5 and the iPhone 5 by the 6. However going from the iPhone 6 to iPhone 7 was not nearly as big as a jump in terms of design. Moreover with bezel less displays being the new norm in the industry, we can expect Apple to join in the game and present an all new design.
  2. Dropping the ‘S’ Moniker: When the iPhone 7 was unveiled in September last year, a lot of us thought is was like an S variant of the iPhone 6S. An iPhone 6SS, if you may. With competition like the Galaxy S8 and the Essential Phone presenting exciting new design and technology to the market, Apple needs more than just a spec bump and minor design refresh like it had done for the previous S models. And with such a big change we might as well see the new iPhone being called the iPhone 8 instead of the iPhone 7S.
  3. Better Cameras: There used to be ancient times when iPhones had the best cameras on the market only to be beaten by the next generation of iPhone that came the subsequent year. This trend was totally destroyed this year by competition like the Pixel, S8 and the U11 having much, much better cameras. The iPhone 7 can still hold its own but with the 7s, Apple needs to rework the cameras to regain the throne of the best smartphone camera.
  4. Better Battery Life: This is more of a personal wish list item than an expectation. The smaller iPhones have always had strictly average battery life while the Plus models have been brilliant in the endurance department. While I do prefer the size of the smaller iPhones, I can’t make do with the bad battery life and thus have to use a 7 Plus. This year I hope Apple improves that and brings better battery life to the smaller iPhone as well.
  5. New TouchID: With a bezel less display Apple would have to rethink TouchID since there would be no bottom bezel to put the sensor on. While it can be moved to the back, that might not be an elegant solution as we have seen with the terrible fingerprint sensor on the S8. The only elegant solution would be to implement TouchID under the screen, and you can expect Apple to execute that.
  6. Wireless Charging: This is one of those features that almost every other manufacturer has included in their phones. You may or may not like it but wireless charging is here to stay and that Apple will put it in the new iPhone, is probable.
  7. No Aux Port: Many including me hated Apple’s decision to remove the Aux port last year. But Apple is a stubborn company and although Apple products announced prior to the iPhone 7(MacBooks, iPad Pros) had an Aux port, we can be sure that it won’t return to the iPhone in the foreseeable future.


So, this was my list of what I expect from the next iPhone. What is yours? Be sure to share it in the comments section below!


Rohan Bhateja
Rohan Bhateja

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