Xiaomi Might Team-up with Hasselblad, Nikon or Canon

To be able to take a good photograph on a phone is one of the most important qualities that we look for when buying a new phone. Xiaomi seems to be coming back in the game by planning to collaborate with one of the leading camera brands. 

In the past, a leading smartphone Chinese brand, Huawei, has partnered with Leica which was a huge success. Even companies like Motorola, Nokia, and Samsung have partnered with brands to improve their camera quality.

Following the footsteps, Xiaomi Vice President, Chang Cheng posted a poll on Weibo, a Chinese microblogging website. He asked his followers through a poll about which brand should Xiaomi collaborate with, with the options of Nikon, Hasselblad, Canon or no need. 


The poll was answered by more than 4250 people. The first position was acquired by Hasselblad with 1930 votes and this comes as no surprise as Hasselblad is considered as one of the leading camera brands. The second position was acquired by Canon with more than 1059 votes, the third position by ‘no need’ with around 1000 votes and last by Nikon with only around 269 votes. 

However, this poll doesn’t confirm the collaboration between the two companies. But it definitely shows the interest of Xiaomi to provide an improved version of the camera quality to its customers by affiliating with any of the leading camera brands. It is a much-needed step as the competition keeps on increasing. 

Moreover, it is not hard to believe that the two brands might come together in the future as Hasselblad had earlier collaborated with Motorola as well. The affiliation with Hasselblad will be beneficial to Xiaomi as it’ll help target the exponentially growing photographers’ community. 


Therefore, it will be interesting to see if this bare conjecture will become a reality in the future or not as this will definitely help Xiaomi to make a much needed come back.