Here’s why the iPhone X notch actually helps Apple

The iPhone X has been flying off shelves since it went on sale a few weeks ago. The reactions have been mostly positive although people have complained about some quirks, major of which is the notch on the top of the phone.

According to Apple the notch on the phone is essential to store all the sophisticated technology that is used to implement FaceID, but we know that couldn’t be the only reason. They could’ve gone for a more elegant and symmetric design like the Galaxy S8 and the LG G6 if it was just that. They didn’t, because the notch serves an entirely different purpose.

Back in the day, when iPhones had not gotten so extremely popular, the home button was always a distinctive design feature which helped separate the iPhone’s looks from the sea of other smartphones available. Of course the home button has been around for 10 years and so the exclusivity gradually faded away.

Screen Shot 2017-11-30 at 10.50.28 AM
Note how the iPhone 8,7 and 6S feature exactly the same thumbnail while the iPhone X’s is different.

And thus came the notch and went the home button. One of the essential purposes of the notch is to lend the iPhone an exclusive look, one that can be unmistakably recognised from a distance. It’s true that people love to flaunt their new iPhone, no wonder some pay extra just to get it early, and Apple has nailed that audience’s requirements perfectly. The notch lends the iPhone that distinctive look that absolutely no other smartphone dons and this is exactly what the people want. We are pretty sure that the notch is a feature that will continue to be present on future generations of the iPhone.

Image Credits:- Digital Trends