Dell will soon let you interact with your iPhone Apps on your laptop

Dell released its Mobile Connect app in 2018, and it lets you connect your Dell laptop with your phone. The app provides seamless wireless integration between PCs and smartphones. Therefore, you can respond to phone calls, texts, get notifications from the apps directly on your computer. 

While you are working or playing a game on your laptop, the Mobile Connect app provides you a helping hand to stay focused. You can select the specific apps from which you would like to receive notifications on your laptop. So, you would never miss important calls, or text messages, while you’re busy doing some work on your laptop. Also, the bigger screen, larger keyboard, and speakers will offer you a better and more enjoyable experience.

Dell Mobile Connect allows you to directly access your smartphone apps on your laptop through advanced mirroring function. Just scroll through and interact with the app on your laptop, and you would feel as if you’re using the app itself.  You can securely drag and drop photos, videos, documents, and music between your phone and laptop, without any cables or cloud storage problems.


Earlier, the Mobile Connect app was available only on Android phones, but from Spring 2020, it would be available for iOS devices as well. So, you would be able to wirelessly transfer photos, videos, and interact with your iOS apps directly from your laptop. But, if you want to transfer files other than photos or videos, you would have to use iCloud Drive or Google Drive. Dell Mobile Connect for iOS is already available but without the new features. So, you can start using the app to get notifications on your laptop.

For iOS devices, the app works on XPS, Inspiron, Vostro, Alienware PCs with Bluetooth, purchased in January 2018 or later.

TechieTechTech Team
TechieTechTech Team