Apple’s $1000+ iPhone XS has a major fault!

Imagine a bright, sunny day. Your old but trusty iPhone has finally started to breath it’s last and the timing couldn’t have been better. Apple, your favourite company ever, has just announced the new iPhones and while the 4-digit price tag does hurt your wallet, you swallow it down as a premium paid for top notch quality.

You go to the Apple Store, you grab a shiny new iPhone XS and play with your new toy all evening, plugging it in before you sleep. You wake up, get ready for work. Of course your shiny new iPhone must be waiting for you, ready to go face the challenges of the day with a full charge of battery, right? Wrong.

Apple’s latest and greatest iPhone XS and XS Max have been facing a bizarre issue. The smartphones do not charge when they are just plugged in. Numerous users over the internet have complained that their iPhone XS and XS Max do not begin to charge immediately after they plug it in. They either have to tap on the screen to unlock it to start charging or in worse cases, unplug the phone, unlock it and then plug it in again to begin charging. Either way, you do not expect a silly blunder like this when you’re plonking down a huge wad of cash for the most expensive iPhone ever.

It is still a relief to the users that this issue can be fixed by a software update. Users on the beta program can update their phones to the latest iOS 12.1 Beta which has apparently fixed all these issues. If you’re not on the beta program or just don’t want to put pre-release buggy software on your phone, your only option is to wait until Apple pushes their iOS 12.1 update to fix this problem.

Also check out Lew’s video. He has summed up the issue perfectly.

Rohan Bhateja
Rohan Bhateja

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