Best Anker Chargers for iPhone 12 in 2021

Apple unveiled the iPhone 12 series in October 2020. It included four brilliant iPhones: iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12, and the “Pro” series which include the iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. All these iPhones have some powerful hardware under the hood and an all new design. However, the iPhone 12 series only ships USB-C to the lightning cable in the box. That means you’re not getting an AC power adapter to charge your iPhone 12. We understand it’s frustrating for you as a new smartphone owner to sacrifice such an important iPhone 12 accessory and it’s more annoying when it’s your first iOS device. 

But, there’s always an option with plenty of amazing third-party chargers that can make it up for you. Also, when we think of a reliable third-party charger; Anker is the brand that pops up in our head. That’s why I decided to come up with this roundup on the best Anker chargers for iPhone 12. Now, let’s start the proceedings without wasting further time. 

Please note: All chargers listed in this article are compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 Mini, iPhone 12 Pro, and iPhone 12 Pro Max. 


List of 10 Best Anker iPhone 12 Chargers 

1. Anker 20W Nano Charger (Best Overall)

Anker 20W Nano Charger

If you are looking for an ultra-compact USB-C charger for your iPhone 12, the Anker 20W nano charger is best suited for you. Here are  some of the notable highlights of this charger from Anker. 

  • The 20W power output ensures optimum charging for your iPhone 12.
  • It features an ultra-compact design that fits even in small spaces ensuring maximum portability.
  • This charger is universally compatible, which means it can be used to charge other smartphones too.
  • A 6ft USB-C to lightning cable is included in the pack
  • The Anker Nano charger is backed by an 18-months of hassle-free warranty.

Given the features and specifications, the price of the Anker Nano USB-C charger is on the higher side than the other alternatives but you do get a charging cable.

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2. Anker 30W Fast Charger (Best Multiport iPhone 12 Charger)

Anker 30W iPhone 12 Fast Charger

Here’s another fast charger from Anker that should charge your iPhone at a power of 18W. Even though the maximum charging speed of this charger is 30W, the power is distributed between two different ports for efficient charging of two devices. Here are some highlights:

  • Efficient 18W charging for your iPhone 12
  • There are two charging ports (1 x USB-C Power Delivery Port, 1 x USB-A IQ Port) for charging multiple devices simultaneously.
  • It comes with an ultra-compact design and is pocket-friendly. This way you can travel freely anywhere. 
  • As with the other Anker chargers, it is also used for charging other devices other than the iPhone 12.
  • Best of all, this fast charger is backed by an 18-month worry-free warranty.
  • Also, it is available in two different colors: Black and White.

Given its size, this is the right fast charger for your iPhone 12 if you carry other smart devices like Apple Watch or wireless earbuds. 

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3. Anker PowerPort Atom III (Slimmest iPhone 12 Charger)

Anker PowerPort Atom III (Slimmest iPhone 12 Charger)

If you’re willing to buy a slim charger for iPhone 12, get yourself the Anker PowerPort III. Its unique design and fold plugs allow it to fit in a small space. 

  • It is possibly the slimmest charger from Anker for the iPhone 12.
  • The universal compatibility allows it to charge various devices across different brands
  • It is powered by GaN technology known for efficient thermal performance and fast charging
  • Backed with a worry-free 18-month after-sales warranty.

It should be noted that the charging cable is not included with the pack. Also, this fast charger is relatively more expensive than other alternatives available in the market. 


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4. Anker 2-Port 40W Fast Charger for iPhone 12

Anker 2-Port 40W Fast Charger for iPhone 12

If you’ve got a “Work Phone” and a “Personal Phone”, then this is the right fast charger for your iPhone 12 Pro. This multi-port charger from Anker comes with cumulative 40W charging output. The Anker charger features two PIQ 3.0 ports. Here’re some highlights of this multi-port  charger. 

  • Anger claims that the dual-port charger charges the iPhone 12 in mere 25 minutes.
  • It flawlessly charges different mobile devices across various smartphone brands.
  • The compact design and the foldable plugs ensure maximum portability, allowing you to take it anywhere.
  • This multi-port Anker charger comes with Multi protect safety technology ensuring better protection against overcurrent, overcharging, and iPhone 12 overheating problems. 

Apart from the absence of the charging cable, we couldn’t find any flaw associated with this charger. Overall, it is a good option to fast charge multiple iPhones.

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Anker also offers a beefier version of this charger with 65W power delivery, two USB Type-C ports and one USB-A port. 


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5. Anker PowerWave Pad (Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 12)

Anker PowerWave Pad (Best Wireless Charger for iPhone 12)

Anker has been a leading charging accessories brand for a long time now. And, the Anker PowerWave wireless charger does justice to its legacy in the market. Here we have highlighted some top features of this iPhone 12 wireless charger:

  • It offers 7.5W power to charge your iPhone 12. Yes, it is slower than the MagSafe charger speed, but believe me, it’s best when it comes to the iPhone’s battery health.
  • There’s a blue LED to indicate the charging status of the iPhone.
  • This wireless charging pad supports through-case charging for cases with a thickness of up to 5mm. So, most of your iPhone 12 cases will work fine.
  • It is backed by an 18-months of worry-free warranty.
  • Best of all, it is available in three different colors and is budget-friendly too. 

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Just in case you’re searching for a stand wireless charger, you can go with the Anker PowerWave Stand. Most of its features resemble the pad charger discussed above. However, you can charge your iPhone 12 with the stand charger both ways (vertically or horizontally). Although, there’s no fan for better heat dissipation. I’d recommend that you avoid using this in hot environments. 

6. Anker 63W Multi-Port Charger (Recommended for Desk use)

Anker 63W Multi-Port iPhone 12 Fast Charger

If you are looking to charge multiple devices along with your iPhone, get yourself a 63W four-port charger from Anker. Here’s why: 

  • The ultra-slim design allows it to carry anywhere at your convenience.
  • GaN technology ensures optimum charging speeds with efficient thermal performance.
  • There are four different ports (2 x USB-C and 3 USB-A) available in the charger, allowing multiple devices to charge at one go.
  • You can also charge your laptops including MacBooks, Dell XPS & other Type-C PD supported devices.
  • It will fast charge other smartphones as well like the Galaxy S20 Plus
  • 18-months of hassle-free warranty.

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7. Anker 10000 mAh Portable Wireless Charger for iPhone 12

Anker 10000 mAh Portable Wireless Charger for iPhone 12

Are you looking for a portable wireless charger for iPhone 12? If yes, get this one from Anker. If you travel a lot then this is a must have for you.

  • This wireless portable charger for iPhone 12 comes with a cumulative 12W power from all the ports. However, the power will be shared if you charge multiple devices simultaneously.
  • There are LED lights on the side of this charger indicating the amount of charge left.
  • You can charge your device and the power bank simultaneously.
  • You will get USB-A to USB-C cable and an18-months after-sales warranty.
  • Works with smart devices like AirPods, Galaxy Buds as well.

It should be noted that you should get a USB-C to lightning cable from the market as it is not included in the pack. 

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8. Anker USB-C Car Charger for iPhone 12 series

Anker USB-C Car Charger for iPhone 12

If you’re looking for a car charger for iPhone 12, grab the 36W USB-C charger from Anker. Here’s why:

  • It works smoothly with all the USB-C devices including smartphones, tablets, etc. 
  • Anker’s Power IQ 3.0 technology ensures high-speed charging for your iPhone 12.
  • The ultra-compact black look goes well with most car interiors.
  • This USB-C Anker charger is lashed with Multi Protect Safety technology that prevents overcurrent and iPhone 12 overheating problems while charging
  • As with most of the car chargers for iPhone 12, this one is also backed with an 18-month post-purchase warranty.

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9. Anker Wireless Charging Station

Anker Wireless Charging Station

If you’re looking to charge your Apple Watch and iPhone 12 in one go, you should go for the multi-device wireless charging station

  • If you’ve invested in Apple products, buying this charger is probably the best thing you can do. You can use the Anker wireless charging station to charge your Apple Watch, iPhone 12 series, AirPods Pro, etc. 
  • The universal compatibility allows it to charge various smartphones and accessories of various brands. 
  • 18-months warranty.
  • Supports 5mm case through charging.
  • You’ll need to use the original Apple Watch charger and insert it into this station. 
  • Also, you’ll need a QC 2.0 or 3.0 power adapter for this to work flawlessly. 

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10. Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger

Anker Magnetic Wireless Charger

This is a MagSafe charger by Anker for the iPhone 12 series. It looks good and is also budget friendly but it charges your iPhone at a maximum speed of 7.5W only. 

  • It features a compact and lightweight design that eases carrying it anywhere when you’re traveling. 
  • Also, you’ll get a 5ft. USB-C cable with this pack. 
  • Don’t forget the hassle-free post-purchase warranty offered by Anker.
  • Not to forget, if you are using the MagSafe case; this charger is a perfect option for you. 
  • You’ll need to use a 20W power adapter for this to work without any hiccups. 

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With that all being said, Anker offers some best fast chargers for Galaxy S21 series as well. 
If you’re looking for more 3rd party chargers, make sure to check our roundup on the best fast chargers for iPhone 12.

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