Apple AirPods – Magic Q-Tips Which Emit Sound

When Apple announced the launch of its 7th generation of iPhone, iPhone lovers started saving money within book leaves, old earthen pots & piggy banks, and kitchen cupboards. It was genuine excitement. Almost a year after iPhone 6’s launch, iPhone 7 guaranteed to make waves! And it did.

Book pages were ruffled, earthen pots & piggy banks were broken, and cupboards were emptied!

iPhone 7 was released!

The most embellished feature of this iPhone generation was its water-resistant technology and LIGHTNING EARPODS!

The fact that they looked like elongated Q-tips sticking out of your ears is one thing. When you already have standard Apple EarPods, then why would you go for AirPods?

Weigh your priorities before parting with $159 from your hard earned income.

  • For the money Apple is charging, these so-called wireless AirPods have similar sound quality and experience as that of iPhone’s pack-in EarPods.

So why the hype, Tim?
Well, here’s your answer:

  • Apple has always maintained its design philosophy of making things thinner, simpler, rounder, and whiter over the time. And AirPods are exactly that!
  • The AirPods have no attached cable, neither for left nor right, but a Tic-Tac-Box-like portable charger pod with a battery life of 24 hours. It can last for a day, or two, or even three, considering you always replace them in the pod.
  • The mini toothbrush-like AirPods are Apple’s first wireless Bluetooth headset and can be paired with multiple other devices easily (smartphones, tablets and other smartphone devices).
  • While you are using them, ensure that you don’t lose one. Because if you do, you will just be able to make and receive phone calls and no music. Although, the Airpods work seamlessly if you share them, by putting one in your ear and the other one is someone else’s, courtesy: proximity sensors.

I admit one thing though, they look ridiculously funny while they are on. It’s almost as if you have a white outgrowth in front of your earlobe. But a piece of advice:

If you are an early adopter, go ahead and shell out the greens!
If you are not, wait for Apple to release the next-gen version and/or drop the price.
Till then! Keep following for more technology updates!

Rohan Bhateja
Rohan Bhateja

Vagabond who loves technology, ranting and brooding.