3 Unmissable Black Friday Deals From OneOdio

OneOdio is a brand that we have used, relied on, and recommended for years now. Their products have consistently found a space in our backpacks, thanks to the excellent value for money, quality, and versatility. Well, Black Friday is right around the corner and we are very excited to present 3 OneOdio deals that you must seriously consider if you are out and about shopping for some audio gear this holiday season. A couple of these deals are from OpenRock, which is OneOdio’s sub-brand specializing in open-ear style earbuds.

OpenRock S 

Original Price: $99.99

Discounted Price: $79.99

The OpenRock S Black is hands down, one of the most balanced pairs of earphones you can get without breaking the bank. Right off the bat, they look really, really cool and it’s very easy to wear them, be it with a suit and tie on your way to work or with your tights before a workout! The OpenRock S have surprisingly good bass quality, thanks to their TubeBass bass enhancement technology. It is especially good for just a 16.2mm dynamic driver. 

Apart from that, what really set the OpenRock S apart for me was the excellent battery life and IPX5 rating. That makes it the perfect pair of earbuds to carry around with me everywhere without having to worry about charging it or babying it. At $79.99, that’s a steep 20% discount, which makes it a must-have deal from the house of OneOdio. 


Buy the OpenRock S here!

OpenRock Pro

Original Price: $129.99

Discounted Price: $103.99

The OpenRock Pro from OneOdio is an open-ear pair of earbuds that uses air conduction technology to deliver rich, versatile sound and extremely deep bass. The OpenRock Pro takes bass to the next step with its TubeBass technology that works in the background constantly to make the bass more profound and deep. It honestly feels like a league ahead of other open-ear earphones. 

Another great thing about the OpenRock Pro is that they have incredible noise cancellation for phone calls. It has a couple of microphones which form a beam around your voice and cut out all the chatter which makes the OpenRock Pro ideal for taking long calls in busy environments. At $103.99, you get a 20% discount on a product that was already very good value at the full retail price. 

Buy the OpenRock Pro here!

OneOdio A10

Original Price: $79.99

Discounted Price: $63.99

The OneOdio A10 is your classic pair of ANC headphones which I feel is the most reliable and consistent product from OneOdio’s stable. It features dual noise cancellation microphones which work really well to provide a level of active noise cancellation that is unrivaled in this price bracket. In addition to that, the core sound quality is incredibly rich with deep bass, wider dynamics, and just an immersive overall experience. 


I use these headphones for situations where I need to be actively listening to something for long hours because these are one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones I’ve ever tried. The 62-hour-long battery life certainly helps the cause. At $63.99, the OneOdio A10 is a no-brainer if you’re looking for a multi-purpose, one-size-fits-all pair of headphones for yourself.

Buy the OneOdio A10 here!

Rohan Bhateja
Rohan Bhateja

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