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We’re are always looking out for freelance and guest writers like you, who can share insights, views and content that are both well written, researched and technically sound. If you think you are a tech geek and have tips, hacks, reviews and insights to share with technology enthusiasts, TechnoYaar is the best platform to showcase the tech geek in you.

Latest technology news, gadget reviews, gaming reviews and tech insights from around the world—in a fair, unbiased way.

TechnoYaar accepts submissions in the following categories:

How to get published on TechnoYaar (Your own cheat sheet)

All submissions will go through an internal review process, and here are some of the points that we consider to determine, which posts will eventually get published.

What Gets Approved?

If you want to write for us:

  • Cite and provide link to credible sources to help substantiate your views and ideas.
  • Provide relevant examples to help readers relate to your viewpoint in a better way.
  • Know the target audience for whom your post is directed towards and write keeping them in mind.
  • Include images to support the content wherever possible.

Simple, isn’t it? But hold on, we often have to reject numerous posts because they don’t meet TechnoYaar’s publishing standards.

What Gets Rejected?

The submissions that don’t pass our publishing standards, include:

  • Post on topics that are irrelevant to the categories mentioned above, e.g. finance, fashion, literature, etc.
  • Posts that are too short (blurb-length) or too lengthy (novel-length).
  • Posts written in language other than English or written in a way that is not easy to understand by majority of readers. Please make sure to proofread your write-ups before submission.
  • Posts found to be plagiarized or copied from other source.
  • Posts containing explicit content to market or sell a tool, technology or service in collaboration with the writer.

We reserve the right to reject a submission if the post does not meet our publication standards.

Please make sure to run a format check

  • Submit posts in HTML, plaintext, or Word format
  • Include a relevant title
  • Upload images in JPG format
  • Images must include credit line that links the source page
  • Use only images that are free to use or have no copyright issues
  • Name image files in lowercase and use hyphen to separate two words. E.g., app-name.jpg
  • Zip all image files and create a folder named IMAGES
  • Upload good quality high resolution images so that your post looks appealing when published
  • Provide us with your author’s bio, which will appear along with your published post.

Submit your post

We receive numerous posts every day and it might not be possible for us to reply to every submission. If you do not receive any reply from our end within two weeks of your submission, it will be safe to assume that your article will not get published.