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TechnoYaar is one of the leading technology blogs for designers, developers and tech enthusiasts on the web. The vast majority of our readers are college educated, well informed and earn high incomes. Not only this, they are early adopters and sophisticated shoppers par excellence. They are virtually netizens, buy lots of gadgets, challenge themselves to a variety of fun and unique online games, pay for online media and are environmentally and socially conscious. Our readers visit multiple times every day to find out about the best and latest gizmos and gadgets, allowing you to brand and market your products and services to a very receptive group of high-tech users and buyers.

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With an active and dedicated bunch of friends that we affectionately call ‘yaars’, TechnoYaar draws more than 10 thousand page views per month, despite being a comparatively new site and sends timely updates to its newsletter subscribers. Also, join the ‘yaars’ on TechnoYaar’s social media pages.

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